“Blessings” or “Best Wishes” – which one gives better sense & strength!

Two terms “Blessings” and “Best Wishes” are used by us very frequently; but, very few might have realized real difference between these, though both are positive expressions of good thoughts from one person to another! If we can learn this difference, it can make a hell of a difference in our approach and attitude, in our ability to create impact and influence!

Blessings present inequality

Blessings are indicative of level difference between “seeker or receiver” and “giver”. Giver of blessings is recognized as more powerful, knowledgeable, respectable or elder, whereas seeker or receiver is believed not to have reached that level.

Seeking blessings shows humbleness of seeker. On the other hand, thought of giving blessing in mind of a giver boosts his/her ego. This is true except for God, though very difficult for giver to admit it. It is not easy for giver to resist temptation to have feeling of superiority and that kills the very spirit or strength of blessings!

Best Wishes represents equality

Best wishes signify and symbolize selflessness, harmony, empathy, understanding, and level play. It does not create any sense of superiority or inferiority.

Another very significant difference is that best wishes are not sought or solicited; these can only be given by giver!

Other key differences between Blessings and Best Wishes

  • Blessings prompt Give and Take; whereas Best Wishes promote only Giving!
  • There is always motive/s (physical attributes like longer or healthier life, alleviation from sufferings, more prosperity or power etc.) attached to Blessings; whereas only thing linked to latter is Goodness or Good feelings.
  • Contents of Blessings would vary from giver to giver; whereas Best Wishes uniformly crave for the best of things!

Key derivative

Blessings should be only prerogative of God (and may be of Elders, not for their power, popularity or position but for reasons for their age)! More meaningful are Best Wishes!!

By and large, we are bugged by our biases and therefore, it is rare that we offer best wishes to others from bottom of our heart. These come more from top of our lips and that is why we don’t experience their true value and strength.

Offer your sincere thoughts and feelings to others by your heart; you would witness phenomenal change in your happiness, motivation and confidence levels. Your hatred or hiccups for others would dissolve into sheer love and understanding!


6 responses to ““Blessings” or “Best Wishes” – which one gives better sense & strength!”

  1. Priya Avatar

    Wow !!!! truly awesome only you can make us understand this things 🙂
    Thank you for sharing 🙂 so henceforth i will give all my best wishes to everybody even my children also 😀

    1. Murli Avatar

      Your views are very adorable. What you are going wish everybody the Best, is bound to bring you the Best!

      It shows your great inner-self!!

  2. Martina Scholtzova Avatar

    This is a very interesting and new concept for me. I hadn´t been aware that over using “blessings” could have such impact. In my country, we wish “blessings” very rarely, mostly around Christmas and Easter, when we send messages or visit each other. Otherwise we say “All the best” or something similar 🙂 On the other hand, spiritually awaken people do send “blessings” in their prayers and meditations and think in “blessing intentions” about situations and people who they feel as in need for healing.

    My thought on this: Blessing comes from deity and has a power, that we, as human beings are barely able to describe by words. We only can be a channel, not the one who give is it 🙂 Even becoming the channel of true Blessing doesn´t happen from a day to day as it requires really pure heart and mind. Therefore wishing all the best is really more appropriate for human beings.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I greatly appreciate your illustrious views!

      It is true that in most of societies or countries, people just follow customs or rituals, without much understanding of its significance and putting their heart into it. It is because of this, it does not create the required impact on the giver or receiver. There are lot of scientific experiments done to find remote effect of prayers and blessings. I am not sure about efficacy of the same. As you have correctly mentioned, if it is not given by pure heart/mind, it would not impact. If studies still reveal the impact on receiver, it must be on account of receiver’s own efforts or a natural course of things, which is misconstrued as a result of other’s blessings or prayers.

      Yes, wishing something by heart to others creates impact. In reality, it creates more impact on the giver than receiver!

  3. Rudra Avatar

    Before reading your post any further, I would say it’s the “Blessings” that (should) matter. I don’t quite believe in phrases like ‘Best of Luck’ and ‘All the Best’.

    Do you actually believe in “Best Wishes”?? Yeah! it does give certain amount of assurance if given by your well-wishers, but still, eventually it’s up to you how you’re going to execute that task!!

    But anyway, I guess both have their own significance and both stand tall in their own sphere… and we got to respect both!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      I fully respect your views!

      Point here is if you feel for some one, say so by heart. If you use words as mere Phrases, naturally there is no heart in it and hence meaningless. Post does not suggest that blessings should not be given; but you would agree that you can’t bless everyone. God has the prerogative to give blessings. Next one could be an elder – he/she can bless because of age; but if it is because of superiority of experience or competences, ego is definitely playing underneath; that’s when true meaning of blessings is lost.

      You can’t bless your colleagues, friends, customers or those with no formal relationship. What is the best option?

      Post brings out a unique fact that wishes given by heart benefit Giver more that Receiver!!

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