Secrets behind Chefs’ dishes and Mothers’ recipes

This is the next step to create understanding towards “Science behind Your Life”. Wonder; what it has got to do with such topic? That is the secret, you need to know.

Did you observe why we like bread crumbs in soup? Why many people like crunchy chocolates?

Bread crumbs are crispy, soft but solid and gives a good taste with soup, which is liquid. Chocolates are soft; but additional flavor is created by making its surface or inside layers crunchy or by adding nuts. Even, crunchy sound creates add on in the taste, you enjoy!

What is at work in both of above cases? Taste of each constituent in soup or chocolate does matter; but what makes a real difference is feeling or flavor created by substances of contrasts – solid and liquid in case of soup, crispy and creamy in crunchy chocolates! The most of famous and popular chefs plan and prepare their dishes with one of the most critical criteria of creating a Feeling of Contrast. I am not sure whether chefs themselves are conscious of this fact; but they seem to practice it and this is what makes their dishes different, tasty and awesome.

You can look at several popular dishes or drinks – crème brulee, Irish coffee, cocktails or chef’s Italian or Indian or other dishes. One of the most salient features would be to create a contrast not only in tastes; but also how these are presented or decorated. The combinations could be:

  • Hot and cold
  • Hard and soft
  • Solid and liquid
  • Sweet and sour
  • Crunchy and creamy
  • Coarse and fine
  • Thick and thin
  • Froth and liquid
  • Bitter and mild/sweet
  • Spongy and sticky
  • Colors in contrast – green, yellow, beige, maroon, white, brown or black etc.

Mothers’ recipes are normally around creating varieties and could also have above combinations.

Note, all of such dishes with great taste trigger all or most of your senses – sight, smell (aroma), taste, touch and hearing (like crunchy bites), and these get accentuated because of contrasts!

So, essentially man likes contrast, variation, variety and these are nothing but synonyms of “Change”. Often, we are not conscious of our natural likes. A change is man’s obvious choice. Often, we would resist or react against a change and hence spoil its beauty. Do not repel; but relish “A Change”.  Sign of real taste is when all of your senses are triggered. You are then ecstatic. You are alive, because there are changes going on all time within your body. You would be dead otherwise. Hence, a Change is inherent to Life.

Real leaders drive or bring “Change”. If you cannot do that, embrace the “Change” now; you would then have a chance one day to learn how to drive it! If you reject it, you would most probably be in peril.



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16 responses to “Secrets behind Chefs’ dishes and Mothers’ recipes”

  1. Laxman Jadhao Avatar
    Laxman Jadhao

    Couldn’t agree more!! Thanks for sharing and bringing the hidden instincts on surface.

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks; indeed appreciate your observation!

  2. Santosh Whatkar Avatar

    This is the change factor overlapped over your observations. Appreciate your curiosity for looking beyond the existing… Interesting article !!

    1. murli Avatar

      Appreciate what you have said! Change is what we need to constantly seek!!

  3. Priya Avatar

    I agree to this. I don’t know how much this would fit in but observation is that even couples are in contrast with each other and still share a blissful married life

    1. murli Avatar

      Yes; when our taste is for contrasts, couples in contrasts in many aspects do also work and like each other a lot! It is also nature’s common rule “Opposites attract”.

      1. Ravi Athalye Avatar
        Ravi Athalye

        Dear Mr Lohia,
        John Le Carre said in one of his novels `Impact confirms shape’. A free falling body will never understand the concept of shape. It is the change in perception of touch that yields this information.

        As a kid I would put sugar in milk and not always left a portion undissolved. I would stir it to increase the sugar concentration half way through drinking to restore the sweet taste. I had found that the tongue ceased to experience sweetness and one had to increase the concentration to feel the sweetness.

        It is so with life. There is no absolute happiness. Happiness is in some ways remission of pain. Whether it is a company environment, food, experience of a comfortable car….one must know the WOW (worst of the worst) to appreciate BOB (Best of the Best).

        I fully appreciate your view points of contrast. Nicely put.

        Ravi Athalye (Just spoke to you)

        1. murli Avatar

          Great examples of Contrast, in other words “Change”. Appreciate your thoughts indeed!It is continuous Change that keeps our life going and the very recognition of our world by itself is based on the Changes, which our mind is subjected to.

          1. Ravi Athalye Avatar
            Ravi Athalye

            Having identified that life is Change the next thing of interest would be quality of change.

            The causal world measures change through criteria, metrics that measure defects and the rectification that involves knowledge. Control of change is never ending pursuit of reducing defects. Work, creation and reduction of defects are corporate engagements.

            I am more fascinated of the human realization of the impact of change to quality of life.

            Mental peace can live harmoniously with defects of the causal world through looking at the world through a mental eye and massaging our perceptions through meditation. This appears to be a detached state that allows to view Change (life) in the context of the purpose
            of life and ponder on who is a benefactor of this life cycle

            I am trying to introduce the second differential to Change. Change of Change is a transformation of the mind rather than being constantly trying to make the Causal world better.

            Don’t know if Philosophy of Change is part of this discussion. It is
            inevitable that at some point this aspect would have to be covered.

            From your web composition it appears that you would like to focus more on tools, attitudes, skills that would help in dealing with Change as we experience in a social set up.

            Looking forward to your posts.


          2. murli Avatar

            Very intellectual comments! This site is for “All Inclusive Change” – quality, transformation and whatever, that touches our life. Ideas have to be such, which people could understand and implement.

  4. Ravi Athalye Avatar
    Ravi Athalye

    Murli the more grounds I cover with the contents of your blogs the more I am convinced that you are right on in terms of simplicity, lucidity and a practical approach to helping people.

    I will follow your posting with interest.

    Looking forward to learn.


    1. murli Avatar

      I indeed feel grateful for what you have mentioned! This feedback can only consolidate the approach, I am trying to take on this site. Thanks a lot!

  5. Saiprakash Belsare Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    Very nice to read (yet another) very well articulated article!

    What I love about your blogs is: beyond mere words, the blogs essentially capture “your wisdom”.

    I have a request for you… If it’s possible as part of this blog, I would love to read about your own experiences/ stories of variety of leadership & change management challenges, how you addressed them and your mantra’s for excellence in such scenarios.

    Pl keep inspiring folks around you..

    Thank you,

    1. murli Avatar

      Excellent feedback; thanks! I would definitely continue the drive to Change and try to give a different flavor to our lives.

      I appreciate your request. I would cover these topics, once I am through with posts on “Science behind Your Life”.

  6. Shashank Pise Avatar
    Shashank Pise

    Thats why we say that change is the only constant in universe. Change can either come in your daily life because of some unexpected circumstances or else you can yourself invite a change in your life. The first one is obviously the one that you can relish as its not a planned one. But the one that is planned by yourself, needs to be a very thoughtfulll one and then only you can relish it.

    1. murli Avatar

      Yes; that’s what most Celebrities also say! Change happens continuously; but is not a constant by definition.

      Thanks a lot for your comments!!

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