Myths, which you have been living with!

As 2nd step to understand what is behind or inside your life, read and evaluate this.

If your honest answer to all of following points is “Yes, I have been believing and living with these”, you are a “Normal Being”. If some of these are indeed “Myths” for you and you do not actually live with those, you are “Above Normal”. And, if you live with none of these, you are “Meta-Normal”.

  1. You bring your fortune or misfortune with your birth and its timing.
  2. Your talents and/or traits are gifts from your birth or from God and therefore, cannot be changed.
  3. There are people with negative vibes, whose presence affect you and your environments negatively.
  4. What you cannot enjoy now, you can enjoy later or tomorrow.
  5. You are clever enough to hide your inner self – love or hate, disappointment or enchantment, pleasure or pain, frustration or satisfaction, inclination or repulsion – to reflect on your body language.
  6. Quality in everything that you do costs you extra time, efforts, energy or money.
  7. Your instincts, gut feelings or inner voices are governed by meta physics; something that you are unable to explain.
  8. Selection range for your role model/s comes from –
    1. People with power play – Your boss, CEO, head of your country….
    2. People with popularity – Sports person, actor, entertainer, leader of popular movement
    3. People with courage – Military  commander or one, who can damage or dismantle camp of your adversary
  9. Best way to gain knowledge is to do it myself, without seeking involvement, advice or guidance from others.
  10. For best career growth (or at least to keep it safe), play safe, toe boss’ line and not challenge him/her, even if necessary.
  11. Best method to gain popularity and attention is to flaunt, taunt, comment and criticize.
  12. Best strategy to get visibility is to take a dip into crisis, cry for help and secure sympathy.
  13. You can do more than one thing or multitasking at the same moment – work on your laptop or in kitchen, listen to music and talk on cell phone.
  14. Free lunches and freebies come really free, do not have a price tag and hence, cost you nothing.
  15. Your failures or short comings are easily attributable to –
    “Inputs”, “Reasons beyond control”, “Coincidences”….. if nothing else, you would find luck, forefathers, genes or God always handy!

And, there are many more! If anyone of you believe that a particular point is not a myth, please identify same in comments space below. I plan to come back to explain why all of above are myths in real.



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8 responses to “Myths, which you have been living with!”

  1. Deepak Dev Avatar
    Deepak Dev

    Sincerely I most of them are not a myth, but if I apply some logic and think reasonably then they are. But I cant stop believing those even if I know they are wrong which I think would refer to point 7

  2. murli Avatar

    Interesting! Truth and Myth are mutually exclusive; therefore, same statement/s can not be myth and no-myth at the same time!! You yourself are suggesting that some logic and reasonable thinking show that these are myths.

    By the way, you have taken one step forward that you, now, know that these are myths, though you can not live without those! Another day, you may be inclined to take next step!

  3. Harshad Sonawane Avatar
    Harshad Sonawane

    I all-together come from a different thought process. Myth and all the related things are the kind of excuses/ beliefs which one develops under some non-evidencial process of the mind. Things are very well in front of us and exists in their true nature, but it is we who try to take the things, the way we like them to be, then give some titles for self-satisfaction process.
    I understand “Myth” (My – An Individual, TH – Time & History) in completely different way in the written context. It is the process of best knowing yourself and exploring the real you. The above points are the points which an individual learns from observing somebody or an individual is trained respectively.
    For the first point, it is one of the greatest thing happening to any living being may be it is as small as amoeba or as giant as dinosaur, it is an experience and should be treated separately from the myth. I guess birth is more of a science than myth.
    May be writing this is as well is kind of a myth, because it very well fits in all the points mentioned above. But there still remains a thin line difference.

    1. murli Avatar

      It is correct that things you believe are sacrosanct and real for you. But, one can not say what you believe in not a myth. Some times your beliefs are so strong that you just ignore or fail to look at ground realities. This is what the illusion is about! The post is about lifting the curtain of such illusions and create a better understanding of life.

      The first point is not about birth being one of greatest things or science; it is about whether fortune or misfortune gets fixed with it and its timing!

  4. Priyanka Patil Avatar
    Priyanka Patil

    I have doubt about second one as sometimes there are the god gifted qualities….. we call Lata Mangeshkar as Nightingale Of India…… Is the voice not God gifted what do you think?

    1. murli Avatar

      Many times we observe that some children, when they start to speak, have very sweet voice. May be we think that this is a god’s gift. But, this by itself does not make them singing talents! Lata has come to be known as Nightingale of India through her passion and practice, ownership and opportunities; yes her sweet voice supplemented the process. In retrospect, we start to label this as God’s gift; but, is such talent not the outcome of Lata’s efforts?

  5. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury Avatar

    I believe it is your viewing perspective that makes the difference between myth and reality. It retrospect there is a thin line separating the two. I would love to get to point no 3 and like to believe that this too is a myth but don’t have good explanations to support this. Also it is quite natural (not myth at least when we are growing up) to have role models(pt 8)based on criterion written in the post.

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks! Let me clarify – myth can turn out to be a reality; but reality can not turn into a myth! This is where a clear difference lies. When we hold strong beliefs for the myths, then they appear to us as realities; but actually it is our illusion. Realities do not change with space, time and these are found valid, when observed correctly like existence of sun in the day. On point 3, many people have wrong notion that negative vibes of some people affect them. There is nothing like vibes traveling from one person to another. If you feel impacted, it essentially because of your own response or reaction, which you are unable to hold looking at that person, who you believe as having negative vibes. So, it is your problem, regardless of how that person is.
      People do not pick a role model while growing based on sound rational; it is more out of emotions. Unless you indeed mean to emulate some one, how he or she can be termed as role model? Making such selection out of emotion is actually a myth.

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