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Materialism always matters to man, since at its root is mathematics!

When math is wrongly applied! Source: https://www.flickr.com/

Do you know why sane and saintly advises to shun materialism have proved to be futile always? It is plain and simple – seed of materialism had been sown by mathematics and mathematics is integral part of our life and therefore, it can’t go away in practical life; in ideal life – possibly!

Money, modern gadgets, medicines, science and technology would have not existed without “mathematics” as well as “man’s urge to have more and better”, which is actually materialism!

Materialism and mathematics go hand-in-hand to bring progression as well as regression!

  1. It all started with humble number – 0 or 1 and then 2,3,4….during initial stages of evolution of human race.
    t is the numbers that gave ability to man to count, crave for more or clamor for less!
  2. Thereafter, came virtual numbers -1,-2,-3…. And then the stage was set for major revolution!
  3. It gave birth to imagination, innovation and creation on one hand and lust for power and greed for controls on other hand.
  4. Mathematics became the foundation stone for all branches of science and medicine. Einstein’s relativity theories and for that reason other theories – Newton’s Laws, Quantum Mechanics, Super Symmetry etc. could have not come to existence without mathematics.
    Every modern day progression has foot prints of math and material in it!
  5. Solid progression has brought sharp regression!
    Conflicts and controversies, worries and wars, money and manipulation, cruelty and killings, rivalries and revolts came up as consequence of materialism! Why otherwise Jesus Christ would have been crucified or Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
    It seems that nature demands progression and regression to go hand-in-hand!

Can we be spiritual without material?

Preachers, Gurus, First of all, let us deal with lot of misnomers around spiritualism or being spiritual.

Prima facie, very definition of being spiritual or spiritualism in holy books, philosophical essays, articles written by believers and preachers is vague and leave you confused. Some spiritual leaders have defined it as the way to connect to the higher being – God or divine powers to get bliss and peace during life and after death, get relieved of sufferings and physical pains of self, dear ones and some noble souls wishing that for all people on this planet. Many pursue spiritualism for progress in their profession or business, success in their pursuits, getting more money and means to live luxuriously. Some intelligentsia like to be spiritual for getting benefits from their good karmas but no bruises from bad karmas! Many follow it, especially in east, to get moksha i.e. getting rid of their physical being, not knowing what it exactly means!

It is not a question of being for or against spiritualism or materialism. Point to be driven home here is that while taking recourse to spiritualism, we are intimately entangled with material or physical objects.

Another great gaffe is – being spiritual has been linked to good thoughts only, forgetting that good would always go with bad, as much as progression goes with regression!

To put the fact simply – spirit essentially means thoughts!

Now, to get thoughts, you need not only mind but also matter – brain. It is hypothetical that spirit, in other words thoughts can exist without brain. Further, what spirit or thoughts are supposed to be about? Thoughts always and actually comprise of images and ideas about matter!

This proves that matter and spirit co-exist; these cannot exist without each other. Matter creates spirit but spirit (thought) controls matter!

Look at godmen, gurus or preachers, who talks or write about spiritualism. They need material to communicate – mike, mobile or other form of media, apart from an audience. They need means to commute; money and organization to promote their ideas or thoughts about faith. Is not it then hypocrisy to advocate shunning materialism?

Where does this lead us to?

Above analysis brings following facts on the surface:

  1. Matter and spirit are as much interwoven as matter and mathematics are!
  2. Matter is determinate and spirit is indeterminate.
  3. It is proven beyond doubt that only good thoughts (spirit) can lead to progression in every sense and that is what we witness today – modern means and media; a lot more to come! Read the minds of those, who are engaged in advancing our civilization; they are full of only good thoughts – if they ever get bad ones, they falter and fail.
    But, bad thoughts certainly lead to regression. This is where same technology and advancements are misused to create chaos, fear, fundamentalism, terror etc.
  4. It you want to make the most of matter and spirit, moderate or balance the use of the same.
    You would be the happiest and luckiest, if you use spiritualism and materialism just to the extent you need to achieve your goals; not more, nor less!
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Why majority fails at finishing lines!

Frustration of failing! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Higher the stakes, higher are the possibilities of failing to strike! Increase the expectations, increased would be the probabilities of exceptions and errors!!

World Cup 2014 for football is over; but regrets for missed chances of Lionel Messi, one of the top most rated players in the world, to strike against Germany in the final match are not over. Imagine the burden of extremely high expectations not only of his own country Argentina but whole of Latin America Messi was carrying on his shoulders, when the final was kicked off! Look at the hype and high pitch, which are raised for players and their preparations in the preceding stages of any important sport’s event!! But, when the D-day  or D-line comes, dreams of many don’t come through!!!

I have witnessed several projects and initiatives in corporate world, where team manager and members make a great beginning; but bugger it up towards the end. My observation is that errors which are found in any work normally are introduced during last 10 to 20% part of such work! “Finale fatigue syndrome” seems to bug nearly whole world.

So, despite best of intentions and implementation, it is usually difficult for most to cross finishing lines free from faults! However, let us not forget there is always one winner among many losers!

Faults at the finishing lines

Phrase that “Way you start would also be the way you would finish” does not seem to be true at least in present age. Both phases of start and end are crucial to emerge winner.

Here below is what seems to happen to most during finishing stages:

  1. Complacency
    When the end is in sight, we think relaxing a bit is right! We start to take things as granted. Some become over-confident that it is now bound to pass through successfully. This is when most mistakes are committed.
  2. Cold feet
    Many projects, initiatives or competitions are accorded high priority, top importance and are closely monitored. Performers and new faces are generally more under pressure to perform.
    Often, people develop nervousness or cold feet during concluding stage either thinking about consequences of failure or missing the deadline or day-dreaming of rewards from their success.
  3. Hypocrisy from hype
    What is hyped invariably invites hypocrisy!
    There are programs or events, which are highly publicized and hyped by media. It has been seen that such attention and coverage swing minds of participants or performers towards either under confidence or over confidence and even arrogance. This does result in accidental but fatal flaws.
  4. Loss of focus
    When the work is arduous, repetitive, long or high profile, people develop fatigue especially towards final stages and hence lose focus. Their performance deteriorates and is nowhere near how they began.
  5. Lack of awareness
    It has been observed that lot of people don’t appreciate the importance of finishing or concluding well. There are many, who plan execution well but are casual or callous on testing, checking, documentation or finesse in finishing!
  6. An element of quantum theory, strangely though, at work!
    There is one of the elements of quantum theory and its remarkable Copenhagen Interpretation advanced by famous scientist Neil Bohr and 2 others, which states that any process or event gets disturbed from its original state, when it is under observation.
    So, if there are many eyes watching an event or work at the finishing lines (it can also be other stage of event or work; but we are normally more excited about finishing lines), the ability of participants or players would get impacted and results would alter compared to what it would have been, in case it were not be observed or watched by those many minds! This may sound weird; but it is very subtle, solid and sacrosanct!! Nature indeed works that way.

Overcoming stigma of finishing

As mentioned before, there is always one winner among many losers. It is best to emulate what he/she does. A winner obviously does it differently; that is why he/she wins.

  1. Though every stage of work or event is important and should be well thought and planned, put maximum emphasis on finishing. You need to detail out what all you would do during finishing, visualize possible surprises at that stage and your strategy to tackle. Don’t ignore your weaknesses or limitations while at crucial stages and resolve to overcome the same.
    Once you have done planning on finishing, simply focus on same.
  2. Though you should be motivated at all stages of work or play, save your extra energy, euphoria and enthusiasm especially towards end.
  3. Regardless of publicity, prestige or price at stake, it should be life as usual for you! Never flow with the pitch of external sources. Focus on your job to deliver a fault free performance.
  4. Very important to remember is – “work is worth doing, only if you are able to deliver satisfactorily and you can do that only if you conclude or close it right”.
  5. Believe that winning is not an end; but a stepping stone for subsequent wins! Make winning as an obvious and not an option for you!!

So, what do you think? Would above not make you to always finish first, without fault but with flavor?

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Everyone wants to be Short and Sweet; but how to be!

Universally, everybody agrees being short and sweet works well; but he/she often lands up being long and lingering! There are 2 schools of thoughts – one believes in being comprehensive and second puts its faith on being concise. Former invariably tends to become complex and then, people generally repel or react. Latter, when overtly conscious for being concise, tends to be too short to create meaningful understanding. So, both schools either tend to push away or fail to pull its audience.

Being short and sweet has lot to do with your state of mind, as also your notions, perceptions or traits! Here are some thoughts, which you can look at:

How not to be long

When you don’t present or communicate too long, it’s not that you would do it too short! You would fall in between – that’s what is actually needed.

  1. Be focused.
  2. Be simple by your thoughts and actions.
  3. Give introduction of topic you want to discuss or present in very concise form.
  4. Do not waste time to narrate problems. If you have to, do it in 2 or 3 sentences.
    Come directly to point and lay emphasis on solutions.
  5. Be conscious; but not concerned for being short!
  6. Cut down on your zest to give opinions.
  7. Give examples or quotes, only if these are directly relevant and would promote better understanding.
  8. Avoid communicating when you are over-confident or under-confident, else you would end up talking lot of rubbish or little of rationale respectively.
    When subdued, you speak too short! If you are too curt, people feel uncomfortable or offended!!
  9. It is sensible to be shut, if your mind is overwhelmed by reaction or conflicting thoughts.
  10. Do not fall prey to excuses or explanations.
    People would normally treat these as a cover-up!
  11. Remember, your audience is not at your mercy; it is other way round!
    If you are addressing a gathering, capacity of people to listen to you is no more than 35 to 45 minutes, after which all what you deliver would go overhead.
    If you are talking one to one, generally you should take a pause after 2 to 3 sentences. Speak more, only if other person does not respond.
  12. Avoid speaking under influence of your position, power or popularity. You would tend to speak too loud and long, which is bunk.

How to be sweet

It is easy to be sour, not sweet! But, to be sweet is significant!! Please remember the greatest equation of nature is “You get = What you give”.

So please imbibe these:

  1. Be sincere.
  2. Whatever you do, do it by heart. Don’t do it otherwise; you would be better off!
  3. Your ego needs to ebb!
  4. Listen more; speak shorter! People love that!!
  5. Don’t have dual yardsticks – one for self and second for others. If you can’t help having it, write-off being sweet.
  6. Understand your responsibility to your audience. Making it understand your views is more important than your own understanding.
  7. Inspire people and don’t inflict intellectual assaults on them through hypocritical and hysterical statements!
  8. Your body language reflects what you are! So, if you are relaxed and energized, your audience would be electrified!!

So, if you want to be a great influencer, be Focused, Sincere and Simple!


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Why same medicine works but in new wrapper!

Don’t mistake that meaning of title is same as “old wine in new bottle”; it’s much more!

I had recommended one of my relatives a medical doctor to get treatment for her IBS problem. The doctor did not appeal to her and as things would have it, she did not find medicine prescribed to her effective! She switched over to a better known doctor. She got impressed with the manner new doctor attended to her and new medicine prescribed to her started working wonders. Later on, I discovered that composition of new medicine was exactly same, but manufactured by another company under different brand name!

Above is a literal example; but there are innumerable examples with similar implications in corporate and civic lives.

Why “what works for you” falls apart!

It is a common story that companies start or sponsor new initiatives with fanfare. Initially, there is euphoria and excitement and good result. However, over time, these lose sheen; start to give poor or negative results. That is the time, company management would think of recasting these initiatives, restructuring or some may even rename these (hypocrisy though; but true) and give them a new lease of life!

Here below are reasons why “what works for you today” do not work tomorrow:

  • Fractured ownership
  • Overdosing, leading to reaction and resistance
  • Monotony messing up your interest
  • Loss of confidence
  • Conflict of interests

In above situations, it would be futile to hang around with current practices or prescriptions; a change becomes inevitable.

When things fall apart, you become fragile and feeble

Under crisis, companies, communities, countries and common men become gullible. Everyone under crisis is in a state, when lot of proprieties or prudency is thrown to the wind!

When you are sinking, even a straw coming in your hands creates hopes.

History shows that it is usually under crisis, be it economical, social or cultural, new themes, theories or jargons surface and catch fancy of most, even when these are derived from same good old ideas but repackaged to give a new look!

So, when you lose confidence in face of a crisis or conflict, even namesake change would be very convincing and help you to bring your conviction and courage back!

So, ever green prescription of “Be Conscious in what you think or do and bring continual Change” was newly packaged at one stage to trigger everyone’s imagination to “think from outside of Box”, then to “think out of the Box” and now “think from edges of the Box”! Most management and employees are unable to fathom real difference in 3 reincarnations of same box; but, new terms are exciting to them!

In the face of current global economic crisis, a leading consulting firm has coined importance of term “Ambidexterity”, which means your ability to manage 2 opposite aspects or situations – internal and external environments of a company, managing today and tomorrow, handling from left and right….When you are gullible, you would not even ask – is “Ambidexterity” not valid even without crisis, so as to avert a crisis?

Some management experts are talking now survival of Fastest rather than of Fittest. On the face, it would appeal to those facing problem of survival! But, then why Fittest would also not be the Fastest? If organizations are fastest but with weak fundamentals, these would falter in any case! So, when there is trouble around, new slogans would keep propping-up! It is intellectual bankruptcy of those who put icing on same idea and then present it as new idea to the concerned people!!

What can make prescription work most times!

Suggestions and solutions work on most either by their cosmetics or contents. Best strategy is to blend both!

When it comes to cosmetics, which works as a new wrapper, follow following 5 Ws:

  1. Way it is told
    Manner in which it is told makes a huge difference! So, always say it with sincerity and simplicity but with conviction!
  2. When it is told
    Timing is of terrific essence. Coincide it with events overtaking people and match it general moods.
  3. Whether one can relate
    Best of ideas and advises fail, if the recipients cannot relate. Translate what you want to present or implement in practical and physical terms, rather than making it abstract. People must be able to relate these to their real life.
  4. When it is needed
    It is like giving water to thirsty or striking iron when it hot.
  5. What can create impact
    One needs class or charisma to create instant impact. What also stands out is credibility with audience. But, don’t be surprised that position or power of one can influence or impress (unfortunately), even when ideas are idiotic!

Now for Contents which can remain constant, device or do what would:

  1. Be a minimum energy and effort model.
  2. Break comfort zones and conventional ideas.
  3. Build excitement and engagement.
  4. Bring customer delight and employees’ drive.
  5. Build flexibility and frugality.

With above Bs+Ws, you can always have best of Both Worlds!

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Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

This could come as a surprise to you; but research reveals that caption statement is not a mistake! This is not a rule, which applies 100% of time; but does apply most of the time. Action of masses being on wrong side is a high tendency and perennial probability.

Look at the examples, which prove the Truth of the Moment.

What masses tend to do

  1. Triangular love n hate
    1. If you are not happy with your boss, you would start loving his bête noire.
    2. If you get hurt by someone (even when you are at fault), you lean towards one who gives you healing, even if he/she fakes or falsifies.
    3. If you see flaw, right or wrong does not matter, in the party in power, you would flirt with another sitting in opposition.
  2. Masses getting swayed by superstitions.
  3. Person with power, position, popularity and/or prosperity gains prominence among public and press, even if his persona is poor!
  4. Fiery and flamboyant communicators are always construed by companies and communities as leaders!
  5. Everyone loves those companies giving handsome salary hikes, shops giving hefty discounts, governments giving tax exemptions, even if it means these establishments going bankrupt and everyone paying a higher and heavier price later!
  6. Majority does not like to prevent or pre-empt, since it wants to experience pain before it could recognize problems!
  7. Facing a setback; find a scapegoat first.
  8. In grip of surprise and suspense? Hold the breath to become breathless!
    Why not exhale the breath to enjoy much more?
  9. Hopes and happiness are matters of external forces. So, hopes of most are on God and happiness on spouse or bosses!
  10. One, who could touch your pain point/s and suppressed sentiments, becomes your role model, even when he has no model solution or charismatic character.
  11. One (gentle) man from a crowd start throwing stone or bottles at public property, rest would follow suit, with no clue or qualm why they should do that!
  12. “Number of tweets admiring a Beauty” can only be outnumbered by “a wave of tweets unleashed by complains of a twitter friendly netizen (net citizen) on defects in a (beauty) product”.

There are many more examples on what masses do across the globe!

Why mind of masses tends to go wrong?

Mind is not always right, especially when it comes to collective effect of minds of masses. The paradox is it is the masses, at the same time, which has power to make or break countries, communities and companies.

  • In 90% of cases, first reaction of mind is never right, since it just a reaction, without rationale, to an action, which mind experiences. It is analogous to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion! Masses tend to act of 1st i.e. spontaneous reaction of mind!!
  • Majority of individuals has insecure feeling, as it lacks inherent strength of character and intellect. This makes most individuals to look at neighborhood i.e. they are overwhelmed by Neighbor’s Syndrome.
  • When emotions get evoked, it is very easy for our mind to get engaged and polarization of opinion happens at fast pace.
    These emotions + polarization of opinion thereby lead to what is known as “Mass Mentality”. It also, now, makes it clear that what masses follow is not based upon any logic or rationale!

How to keep your mind on right course?

  • Watch out for mass hype, hysteria or heroism. Most of these would be hypocrisies and lure you, because of illusion; these are able to create in your mind. Wise thing would be to shun these.
  • Roads most traveled look tempting; but these would not be free from rough patches and erosion! Your fear that you would miss something by not following those roads is false.
    So, be bold to follow routes, less traveled. You would discover new experience and confidence.
  • The world that you see starts from you and would end with you. So, why should others drive and impact you and your world? You need to drive them. You must observe, listen or hear and learn from others; but develop your own conscience and consciousness.
  • There is one aspect, which you need to tread carefully –
    The faith you follow would always have elements of masses and mythology, dogmas and doctrines. But at the core, all faiths favor “Help everyone; but hurt no one!” Disregard its adulterated version, if you come across. If you keep this simple principle at the apex level of all of your responses, you would do very well.

With above, you can master the Mind and Masses; not the other way round!!

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