Make your career and life an all-time celebration, just by not doing what you should not!

You are committed to your duties and punctuality; but getting late today. So, you are in rush and speeding up your vehicle, ignoring the dangers on road that can throw your life out of gear and more importantly, not noticing that rushing actually takes you in reverse gear.

At work, you are chasing a deadline and directive of your boss to do it more efficiently. Being a serious individual, you don’t want to lag behind in any task. So, you focus on your work, follow social protocol to talk to your peers, who walk by and under social pressure, looking at Facebook posts on your cell phone and click likes. That is multitasking, which you believe as the best option under stress, not understanding that you are making a mess – hitting quality and efficiency in work and giving lip service to your likes.

Time and again, we go thru cycles of highs and lows. Our pleasure invariably is followed by pains; our excellence invites adversity; we scale peak only to get pushed down. We believe such cycles are god given or inevitable.

No; you are missing a major point.

Not doing what you should not is far more significant than what you should do

Everyone knows what he/she should do and shouldn’t. However, focus throughout the world is on “doing” and not on “not doing”. It is for this reason, war on terror has been going haywire; iconic industrial houses like that of Tatas have got into trouble; image of oldest democracy – USA has got severely dented.

Here is a new revelation from my research – successes come from what you do and setbacks or failures come from what you should not do but you still do! Before you start to do what is right, you ought to learn how not to do it wrong, then you can never squander your results. It is a fact that effect of one wrong act cannot be offset by doing one right thing, since weightage of former is nearly 100 times more than the latter.

Five points can secure more than Ninety Five percent of your satisfaction and success

  1. Don’t live in past
    Does not everyone know about it? Off course, everyone does; but no one seems to have right definition or determination for same. Not living in past means not to recall image, information or knowledge of anything that has passed by even a second earlier without a reason or relevance.
    It implies that you should not recall instances of joy or sorrow, fascination or fear, intelligence or insanity without a reason; nor you should recall images of even your most revered or beloved person without relevant context.
    Just focus on doing what you are doing now.
  2. Don’t be negative
    This would drive you to automatically drop your anger, anxiety, fear, ferocity, toxicity, tantrums, doubts and dithering. In name of being vocal, you would not give slip on your vocabulary; under passion of being upright, you would not usurp others’ right.
  3. Don’t hurt anyone
    This would help you to brace your bête noire and buddy in the same breath. This would promote respect and love for everyone and make your road to success smooth.
  4. Don’t get addicted to good
    Do good but never get addicted to it. Look at a previous post. If you are not addicted to good, you would never get overwhelmed by your own emotions and exploit that of others.
  5. Don’t encourage or entertain ego and biases
    Ego and biases are root causes of your discomfort and distress. These can mutate like cancerous cells and multiply to kill your peace, ease and efficiency.

So, by not doing what you should not, you can magically alter course of your career and life, and make the same magnificent!




10 responses to “Make your career and life an all-time celebration, just by not doing what you should not!”

  1. Vilas Pathak Avatar
    Vilas Pathak

    Good Learning to Live a Good Life.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I can’t thank you enough for your valuable view!

  2. Ravi Athalye Avatar
    Ravi Athalye

    You are recommending memory recall of what is relevant to the present issue in aiding resolution and not recalling that which is detrimental. Any mental past sorting requires you to review the past and not being touched by the experience in it. Difficult. It has to be a meditative state. Some traumatic experiences will refuse to remain dormant. To fight it so that you dont recall? Tall order. Needs a special process to achieve this balanced state. Nevertheless a good recommendation.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very grateful to you for raising a very crucial point!

      Let me share my additional thoughts. I have suggested in the post that don’t recall anything from memory, unless there is a reason or relevance. I am not suggesting not to recall if it is detrimental; recall anything from past but for a reason or rationale. This is because random remembrances are full of issues. Being in present is a beauty and bliss; but we find it very hard to live in present, because we keep wandering in the past. My research shows that random memory recalls are mainly on account of our prejudices or obsession; it serves no good purpose! On the other hand, it makes prejudices and obsessions deeper and stronger; it drives you in past and brings lot of maladies.

      When you recall memories – good or bad for a reason or rationale, you can debate, resolve issues or struggle to find a solution or learn lessons. While doing this, technically you don’t go in past; you remain in present since you are using your memories or knowledge for a reason, which is in present tense.

      My this finding is new but after years of work.

      Does above satisfies your query and curiosity? Please do let me know.

      1. Ravi Athalye Avatar
        Ravi Athalye

        Ok. So dont recall randomly but recall memories that have significance in the present. Yes I will go with that . Among st other benefits it is an efficient way of living.

        1. Murli Avatar

          Very true! I admire your great understanding and intellectual depth.

  3. Mrinal Avatar

    Nice.. Good checklist

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valued view!

  4. Rudra Avatar

    I would like to agree with all your “Five Points” but a bit apprehended about the 1st one. I surely don’t live in the past, but I don’t forget it either (mine or others’). That helps me keeping an eye on future in comparison to the past. And this works for me… well, so far!

    Only because of idioms as such – “Don’t live in past”, I am seeing many people doing/done things “what they should not have”, only to tell people after 5 years that, “So what if I did that, that is my past. Everyone has a past!!” and try to get away with all their misdeeds, without paying for those.

    So don’t do any wrong thing consciously today that you are going to hide behind the curtains of the idiom – “I don’t live in the past”. That’s not accepted!

    Only then, I feel we can make our career and life an all time celebration!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your comments!

      Please note the key thing in the post about what it means not to live in past – not to recall image, information or knowledge of anything that has passed by even a second earlier without a reason or relevance. If you recall past for the reason of comparing what is now, it is very much fine and necessary. But, normally mind of people would not stop there. it would bring memories of past because of their biases and/or obsessions and that is where problems begin.

      Why bother about what others are doing? If they were doing it right, world would have been very different by now!

      Not to live in past but not to forget it either is contradiction by itself. Nature’s rules are simple and in black and white. This is what all of these researched posts are all about. One may think via media or short cuts are better ways; but I am not sure whether those really deliver the results.

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