Is God elsewhere or everywhere?

Most believers believe God is there but elsewhere. They don’t know where exactly this “Elsewhere” is. They often tend to look or point at sky, which is supposedly be having the heavenly abode.

Notwithstanding the above, believers seek God at the chosen places of worship; they search him is statues, figures, photos and other objects or locations. Ironically, it is a social taboo to ask a very pertinent question – when power of God is all pervading, how come then it can get restricted to specific or selected places or objects?

Their belief goes even further. It believes concentration of God or his power at individual level; some go further to consider it for their community and most expand it to boundaries of their country or a group of countries as if the influence of God’s power can be restricted like circle/s of a cell phone service provider! This is in direct contradiction to their overall belief that God and his power cut across whole universe. It clearly points to God being treated by most as their personal concept, though hardly anyone would admit.

What does enlightened preachers and holy books say

God is not someone’s personal property; he belongs to all and is everywhere. However, they don’t seem to address above predicament or paradox.

What do esteemed leaders say

You have power to make any and everything possible. Sky is your limit. Your power is limited only by the limits you set for yourself.

What is the Truth

Every proof points out to one fact – you have power, potential or perimeters of which can never be estimated or explained by you. Feature of this power is when you are positive, it presents itself and magnifies. But, when you are negative, it penalizes and pushes you down. This is what God is also known for.

Truth equally for believers or nonbelievers is – whatever name you give, this power or God is everywhere, in everyone and therefore, also in you. If you fathom its colossal meaning, you would only love and respect self and others; but never think of hate, hurt, fanaticism, fights, spreading fear/terror or encroaching on others’ freedom!


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  1. Fred Voll Avatar
    Fred Voll

    Hi Murli. I was in Pune over the weekend back in July and took the opportunity to attend a service at a local United Methodist Church. Different cultures but indeed God is everywhere, regardless of religion I believe – Christian, Islam, Judism, etc.. I agree with your conclusion on What is the Truth.

    1. Murli Avatar

      It’s great to know that you were in Pune. I did not know that and hence, missed the opportunity to meet you.

      I highly appreciate you sharing your life experience. What you have stated is significant and feel grateful to you for validating the conclusion of the post.

  2. Nitin Korlekar Avatar
    Nitin Korlekar

    Very nice explanation

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your precious feedback!

  3. Rudra Avatar

    My first reaction – Everywhere!

    For me, God is nothing but a belief, that you can find anywhere, in any format. You can be your own God. It’s just about what and where you believe in.

    Some people find God in a rock, some in a piece of paper and some, in the form of human-being (parents, family, spouse…).

    I think the end-point is your FAITH in yourself – for me that’s my God… that’s my belief.

    God lies in the body of the beholder!! 🙂

    A Grand Welcome back… with a Grand Godly post… cheers…

    1. Murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your significant and complementary comments!

      In whatever form or name, we believe the God or energy, fact is that it is everywhere. Very important is the true realization of its power and then, your ability to exercise the same in a good manner, since it resides in you.

      Many thanks for your kind words.

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