How to accelerate arrival of your golden or defining moments!

(Credit for this post goes to one of the guests visiting this website, who inspired me to pen it.)

Everyone experiences his/her golden or defining moment once or several times during life time. Such moment or turning point is an extremely important event, when you feel a step change in your paradigm! To many, defining moments are very conspicuous; whereas others may not be conscious of same. However, if you become aware of golden moments’ arrival, you can reap rich dividends.

Defining moment of Mahatma Gandhi came on 7th June, 1893, when he, the 24 year old Indian lawyer in South Africa, was forcibly ejected out of a train by local authorities in middle of night and winter for holding valid ticket for first-class compartment but refusing to move to third-class. Immediate aftermath of this incidence gave birth to future leader of unprecedented non-violence movement that no one else could imagine earlier!

Defining moment of iconic tennis player Steffi Graf came not by winning first time Wimbledon final, but by beating then world’s no. 1 ranked player Martina Navratilova in Lipton Cup semifinal in 1987!

Let me share 2 of several defining moments, which I have experienced so far. 1st one came, when I was in 4th standard in school and my class teacher came to meet my mother. Being afraid of her, I had hidden myself; but I heard her complaining that I am not good at studies. That moment changed my academic performance down side up for years to come. Next one came for a very strange reason. Having score good marks, I had to apply for 5 year engineering graduation under family pressure, though my core interest was to go for research in physics. I then tried to fail myself in 1st year by deliberately not preparing well (not an honest act!) and demonstrate to my family that engineering is no good for me. Yet I passed through. That fateful day taught me “Nothing is impossible”!

What happens, when defining moments arrive?

  1. All pieces of your erstwhile puzzle or struggle fall in place to hand over success to you!
  2. You experience a step change in your paradigm and perspective! 
  3. Bright light of thoughts signals the end of dark tunnel, you have been in.
  4. You feel inspired and incredibly confident.
  5. You are truly ready to let go your past and start a fresh lease of life.
  6. You experience new energy and new balancing point of your life/pursuits.
  7. You indeed start to see obstacles as pieces of opportunities!
  8. Optimism and openness displace obscurities!
  9. You would experience outburst of emotions or euphoria!

So, your defining moment reveals your real-self! It unleashes your hidden potential!!

What brings your defining/golden moments!

There are a variety of situations:

  1. When series of setbacks eventually land you with success.
  2. When you are at the brink of a crisis or disaster, but you are able to bounce back.
  3. After breaking-down, you get breakthrough!
  4. After strenuous journey, you reach a scenic destination.
  5. You encounter severe adversity; but your solid efforts bring you excellence!
  6. Your intense endeavors lead to innovations!
  7. Your focused efforts, even in event of failures, start giving you fruits! 

Invariably golden moments arrive when your struggle with negative situations starts to deliver success; from lows, you experience highs; odds translate into opportunities! When you are stuck with your work or relationship, your sincerity appears to have lost significance, you are deprived of what you deserve, results are remote and then suddenly you see things starting to fall in place and your hopes begin to build, is when your golden moments arrive!

Now, how to accelerate the arrival!

Yes; you have power to accelerate!

Rule# 1

Never become negative, when negative events overtake!

Look around; negative news always get highlighted. Masses do mistake of dealing or greeting difficulties with anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience and pessimism. You would be under tremendous pressure from your own mind to follow what you normally witness; but never succumb to this temptation.

Rule# 2

Don’t flick between negatives and positives!

This is where most goof. Facing odds, they somehow gather courage and make genuine efforts. But, when results don’t show up, they go back and squander what they did. Hold on resolutely to the right, come what may! You must double your drive against negativity until it diminishes.

Rule# 3

Never give up hope for good!

Under pressure, you would have every reason to believe that manipulation, greed or evil survives; but history shows that is never ever!

Rule# 4

When good arrives, don’t get addicted to it!

Good is alluring, especially if it comes after bad and you would tend to get addicted to it. Don’t get obsessed with good results; you would forget what you did to get that and then go back. Think having or being good is just a normal way of your life!

Rule# 5 

Live in present and for goals of your life!

No matter what is your preaching or learning, fact is no one being or thing is more important than this to you! Mere intentions would be harmful; but implementation would be heavenly!!

Rule# 6

Do not stumble due to step change! 

When such moments arrive, many fall in utter disbelief! They don’t manage such momentous moments well. They become ecstatic, get ego boost or go overboard and in the process, they bugger it up! Embrace this change with élan and humility. Endure it to bring new order in your career or life!!

So, why not glitter your life by attracting your golden moments?


8 responses to “How to accelerate arrival of your golden or defining moments!”

  1. chand Malhan Avatar
    chand Malhan

    What a splendid analyzing skill!

    1. Murli Avatar

      How shall I thank you for your 5 amazing words of encouragement? I am truly grateful!

  2. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    Dear Murli,
    These are perspectives of a thinking man. Little did I know that sharing a small breakthrough would lead to so much thought and revelation to the construct of the psyche and how to handle such a gift

    I struggle on my project and am in the what you call ‘ stand resolutely come what may ..’ phase.

    And yes I do hope to take heed to the perils of breakthroughs that can follow.

    Thanks for the analysis.


    1. Murli Avatar

      Your thoughts reflect how wonderful your mind thinks! I am impressed with your credible views!!

      Yes, a small incidence can lead to life size ideas. Don’t you think so?

      I am glad to see your commitment and dedication for invention, you are working on and your struggle shows enormity of the same. You can never lose in your efforts. In case you are encountering a singularity, which does happen many times, you would then be set to invent many new and different ones!!!

      My best wishes are with you.

  3. chand malhan Avatar
    chand malhan

    I have gone through your golden words a number of times and find something new every time. What a treatise!

    1. Murli Avatar

      This is superlative! Your views reflect your grace and thoughtfulness!!

      Don’t you think that if your one positive view unleashes series of positive views or observations, you are experiencing your defining moment?

  4. Rudra Avatar

    Oh, I surely need that golden moment to arrive and arrive fast!!

    All I can do is keep trying my best and hope following this post of yours accelerate the arrival… (it must be coming in 3rd gear in a low BHP single cylinder vehicle) 🙁

    But a nerve-tickling post for sure!!

    Thanks… 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your comments!

      I appreciate your want to have golden moments fast. I am sure you do know that hopes and post by themselves would not make it; implementation of all 6 rules laid down in the post in all earnestness and genuineness would!!

      Wish you success.

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