Why geniuses rarely have good looks; reverse also applies!

This is one of nature’s perspectives or paradoxes, you may find it hard to believe; but you simply cannot write it off! Turn the pages of history or look at present time, you would discover that one, who has been acclaimed as genius, is seldom has a great personality or looks! On the other hand, those with attractive looks are hardly genius!! That does not mean that your average or un-kept looks would make you genius; nor your impressive personality forbids you to become a genius.

Is this irony because geniuses have no time or bent of mind for keeping themselves well groomed or beautiful people don’t work on their intellect? Research shows that this true only by a small percentage!

Geniuses like Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, George Bernard Shaw or living legend Stephen Hawking are not known to have great looks. On opposite side, we have iconic personalities like John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton or seductive beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Monica Bellucci, who have put their firm footprint in history for their leadership or looks; but not for their intellect. Cleopatra, a legendary lady, seems to be an exception where historians differ – whether she was “beautiful beyond belief” or she was average looking but her allure came from her intellect, character and tone of her voice! Let us keep the latter part in mind how intellect and character can change the whole game!

Even when you look at mythologies, intellectual people have been depicted as simple, sober and ordinary looking; powerful people have been shown as masculine and tough looking; but ones with attractive looks are more feminine in features but without great wisdom!

People with intellect and those with impressive looks tend to behave opposite!

Let us see few examples of these 2 classes of people:

  1. Genius or intellectual people avoid public glare, whereas those with impressive looks tend to love publicity and popularity.
  2. Intellectuals are more secluded and seen as introvert; whereas impressive ones like to be seductive and hence extrovert!
  3. Intellectual people are highly or excessively rational; but impressive looks induce people to be very emotional.
  4. Former type is highly engrossed and can be eccentric; on other hand, latter type is egocentric, which seems to be pitfall of urge for getting attention.
    Research also reveals that handsome or beautiful people tend to be selfish and short in temper.
  5. Genius or intellectual people are highly passionate about their pursuits and tend to ignore their health and looks; but people with impressive looks are particular or even obsessed with their physique, features and what is in fashion!
  6. Genius people often commit gaffe due to absent mindedness; whereas handsome or beautiful people goof because of losing control over their mind!

Above explains why geniuses or intellectuals lack good looks and people with impressive looks are laggard on intellect! There seems to be only one thing common with both classes of people – their personal lives are most likely to be pathetic! Microscopically, nature does not seem to favor eccentrics or egocentrics. What appears to go down well always is center of a scale or given parameter.

If we combine pluses of both intellectual and impressive, a new persona pops up – gracefulness! Grace has nothing to do with how you look outwardly. It balances what is inside and what is reflected outside.

True glitter of grace is product of inner beauty and intellect with ingenuity!

So, would you not love to be graceful in every walk of your life?


2 responses to “Why geniuses rarely have good looks; reverse also applies!”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Oh! Now I understand the reason behind my not-so-good looks!

    Well, I guess you are correct – I am yet to find an apt “Beauty with Brains”!! (I like the term ‘seductive beauties’) 😉

    I think I have found my next goal in life – to be as graceful as possible!

    Really enjoyed reading this one very much!! This post is both genius as well as beautiful – a graceful one!!


    1. Murli Avatar

      I admire your valuable comments and feedback!

      Yes, beauty with brain through life span may be rarest of rare!!

      You have a great goal – to be graceful and I am sure that you would be very successful.

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