Dramatic difference in following Ethics and Morals by fear versus choice!

High standards of ethics and morals are expected to be followed in all civilized societies. But sadly speaking, I have not come across any organized teaching of ethics and morals, as part of curriculum in schools and colleges in any country. Yes, there are laws to punish for violation of ethics. Unwritten norms for maintaining morals are practiced by individuals, based upon their perceptions of what constitutes high standards.

Every respectable company across the globe has strong ethics policy, which every employee is expected to honor. In case of non-compliance, company policy would state the punishment up to termination of employment and penalties. One of the most common elements in such policy is “No discrimination or harassment at work”. Yet, I have witnessed in many corporates that managers or managements subtly or obscurely discriminate or harass employees in some form or another, which naturally go with impunity.

Banes of being under fear!

Yes, instilling fear for essential practices is better than allowing non-compliances; but there are few serious implications of such fear factor:

  1. Nothing tangible can fructify, while under fear!
  2. You cannot realize truly value of what you are doing, if under pressure or fear.
  3. You would comply overtly; but be tempted to violate covertly.
  4. Your potential would be leashed by fear or stress.
  5. Fear encourages rebellion at opportune time and kills openness.
  6. You would lose your drive and would need fear or pressure to drive you.

It is because of above that many organizations tend to keep violations under wraps, for fear of losing their reputation, even though violations eventually burst out inflicting bigger damages. Further, very often, we make a virtue out of the label that “we are God fearing”. Fearing God only reflects guilt! Real devotion converts fear into dedication. Fearlessness inspires seamlessness between devotee and deity, not a divide due to fear!

Let us change our notions. Fear may be good for novices to start with; but bound to be frustrating, when novices turn knowledgeable!

Blessings of doing it by choice!

Anything done by choice flourishes! Look at tremendous benefits:

  1. When you adopt ethics, morals and for that reason, any virtue by choice, you can comprehend, evaluate and experience their true values.
  2. It makes you confident and courageous.
  3. It encourages you to be open and upright.
  4. Doing it by choice puts you in driver’s seat!
  5. Choices create devotion and dedication. The net result is true ownership on being ethical and morally strong.
  6. You would automatically inspire your fellow beings to follow what you stand for.
  7. It serves a purpose larger than yourself and that drives tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in you!

This suggests that there is a dire need to change our teaching curriculum in schools and training courses in companies or institutions. While these can talk about implications of non-compliances; focus should be on coaching (a) why there is no alternative to being ethically and morally sound and (b) how to adopt good values by choice and not for factor of fear.

If we do the above, it would give us a new sense of purpose and direction. It would infuse in us inspiration, enormous energy, enduring motivation and excellent drive! 

So, would you not like to be a citizen, an individual, who puts ethics and morals above self?


2 responses to “Dramatic difference in following Ethics and Morals by fear versus choice!”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Well, after-all it’s up-to that individual how he takes that ‘discrimination’ or ‘harassment’. What you allow is what will continue!! 🙂 …But yeah, such discrimination is wrong!!

    Really feel dismal for those who work under fear, doesn’t matter at what position you are or what you do… that’s certainly not a good practice!

    Yes, anything done by choice surely flourishes!

    I would definitely like to be an individual/citizen who puts ethics and morals above myself, but then what about those who dictate or imply those ethics and morals on us, in the first place??? 😐

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your thoughts!

      Ironical but appears true that more than 90% people follow ethics and morals for reasons of fear!!

      If you make a choice, then question should not come in your mind how about those who dictate ethics and morals on you. May be they have double standard; but then they do pay for it eventually.

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