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  • How to emerge magnanimous after making mistakes!

    How to emerge magnanimous after making mistakes!

    Dev (name changed) was a very smart and sincere employee of a US multinational organization. One fine afternoon, he was summoned by his departmental head. The head was very furious and told him that he was very unhappy with him, as he had to cut a very sorry figure with an important customer, who phoned […]

  • How serious you are, when you say sorry?

    How serious you are, when you say sorry?

    One of English words most extensively used by most people is “Sorry”. This word does a great job in deflecting problems faced by them, albeit temporarily! People use “Sorry” for a variety of reasons: To express regret or remorse for a mistake committed. To convey repentance for what you don’t think is a mistake; but […]

  • Why most Leaders and Legends fall!

    Today, we need to ask and answer 2 questions: Is it a nature’s law that leaders and legends would fall in any case? If one has to fall in any case, is it worth going up the ladder of leadership and legendary? It is a stark reality that what goes up, comes down; excellence brings […]

  • Cause of your main Confusions – your mind being mired with Myths & Mythologies!

    It is myth to believe, a person however sane and sober he/she is, would not become or be seen as crook in the company of crook/s! The fall of Rajat Gupta, former Managing Director of Mckinsey and Board Member of Goldman Sachs USA, vindicates. Look at long revered legend – Lance Armstrong. He believed that […]