Can Real World ever be an Ideal World?

All of us dream of an ideal world! Can it ever become a reality? Or what we consider as ideal is only a dream, a piece of fiction or imagination? Is it that our definition of ideal world needs to undergo a change?

These are valid and natural questions, which do come in the minds of most people. These are prompted by the fact that quality of our life, in general, has been steadily degenerating; it is incrementally becoming complex by passage of every day.

Look at a single event of 9/11. It has created impact of such magnitude that one wonders whether that we would be ever safe like before. World has been drastically polarized by faiths and politics. Amazing technological advancements have empowered well and ill meaning people alike. Well-meaning people would always have automatic limits for what they do; but ill-meaning people would act with no limits!

Above are global issues. If you have your personal issues like a good career, high expenses compared to earnings, peace of mind or relationship, you would care the least about issues which you see as beyond you. But you have no clue, how those are impacting you silently. One fine morning, you would wake up to face those. May be by then it is too late. So, wishing any issue away is bound to make you worse off!

Many faiths or societies talk of golden era of the past. Even if that was not a myth but a reality, fact is we have steadily gone down from that era. So, something is definitely missing; otherwise why that era, if it was truly golden, should have not sustained?

So, are we at point of no return?

Contradictions seem to be normal way of life!

Look at the following how we live on throes of contradictions:

  1. We strive hard to gain power. When we get it, it goes into our head and poison it, rather than entering into our heart and making us humble!
  2. What we don’t have, we worry about and when we have a lot, then also we worry e.g. money, position or popularity. So, we hardly enjoy what we have!
  3. When we have energy, we lack experience to reap the fruits; but when we have experience, we are low in energy to enjoy the ripe fruits.
  4. We enamor those who can manipulate our emotions; but hardly show interest in ones who stimulate our imagination!
  5. We advocate virtues; but, end up adoring or adopting vices!
  6. What we dislike always dominates our mind; but what we like disappears fast.
  7. What is tasty is seldom healthy and what is healthy is hardly tasty.
  8. What we stress to remember, we surely tend to forget.
  9. We find simple things are hard to do; but hard things easy to do.
  10. When we should keep our head cool, we make it hot. Where we should exercise restraint, we end up reacting or rebelling!

There are innumerable other examples, all of which point to the plain fact that contradictions are normal part of our life.

Need to redefine what is Ideal!

Our life exists because of pluses and minuses. Every plus produces its mirror image – minus and vice versa. Therefore, contradictions that we face are very natural. More we accept this fact, more would we be able to understand and manage.

Contradictions always create physical, mental or spiritual conflicts. Mental conflict here means conflict of our thoughts. If we can minimize such conflicts, real life would improve. So, an ideal life is the one which embodies no or minimum physical and mental conflicts! It is not peace, prosperity or luxury, which makes an ideal life. Of course, love or happiness is the state, which represents no conflicts and therefore, we construe that as ideal! But in practical life, we cannot be all the time in state of love or happiness. What is very well feasible to do is to minimize conflicts.

You don’t need money, power or position to make your real life as ideal, if you show will to do 2 things:

  1. Flow with nature and life!
    Don’t resist, don’t react or don’t question; just flow along the currents of nature and life. Accept what it is! Embrace the realities you face!!
  2. Don’t view 2 opposite aspects of any contradiction at the same time!
    Collision or conflict occurs when 2 opposite things fall together. When you look at each aspect separately by itself, you can understand it well and that would automatically stimulate your ideas and strength to deal with it.

These 2 are very powerful tools having deep meaning. These together work like auto-brake; if you understand and do right, it would automatically put brake on wrong or reckless doings including irrational innovations or advancements!

Moral sum is that if we can live with minimum conflicts, we would individually make our life ideal and together we will make it an ideal world!


6 responses to “Can Real World ever be an Ideal World?”

  1. Ravi Athalye Avatar
    Ravi Athalye

    Conflict has semblance to the collision of masses. When two stellar objects collide the energy of interacation will often reveal physics that does not manifest in an equilibirium state.

    Light falling on a straight edge will create fringes. (Sort of collisive interaction) When two school of thought conflict more of truth is revealed. Between opposites is creation.

    In built in the universe is an inate objective: to create. It is the reason for the creation of life and the construct.

    Yin and Yang , man and women , the good and bad are neccesary opposites for conflict and creation either in form or thought. The dilution of the black and white is the interaction of differing greys.

    It follows that how humans in their essential differences generate though outcomes that are complex a result of confrontation. How we accept it without destroying the instrument that is creating (We) or the society that allows human interaction to continue is grounds for musing and generation of rules to make the discovery of confrontation less traumatic.

    Your article is playing an essential service to make the transition to realising knowledge through opposition less traumatic. At the same time it has brought in awareness of paradox of being.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am full of admiration for your significant contribution and landing a very scientific rationale!

      It is very true that opposites are essential part of our life and Universe in general. Whereas opposites create; these also destroy. So, life is a constant endeavor how to preserve what is created and save it from extinction.

      Many thanks for excellent summing-up!

      1. Ravi Athalye Avatar
        Ravi Athalye

        Dear Murli,
        Destruction is but the human perception of an experimental outcome. What we perceive as a complete removal from existence, in the larger context it is just an outcome……which to us is destruction.

        Creation will manifest as destruction and growth ; to use the human vocabulary.

        The fact that we continue to exist is probably the result of the intial objective of an experiment that will churn us to generate and create to evaluate the starting hypothesis. In six sigma terms the ‘Null Hypothesis’.

        Who made the hypothesis……..?

        1. Murli Avatar

          Many thanks for your additional comments! I indeed appreciate!!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    I think if you work hard and smart and accept the things as they are, there’s a good chance of getting closer to that ‘ideal’ world! And well, every new invention has and will have its downsides, so while it’s true that we are progressing, we have created a world tough to survive!

    As far as personal issues are concerned, I think it’ll be a good idea to keep all your issues ‘in-check’ – always, rather than keeping them beyond you? Or is that not recommended?

    So in your last couple of points you’ve suggested to flow with nature and life. Does that mean taking life as it comes?

    Good intuiting article!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your comments!

      On personal issues, these must not be kept in abeyance. Desire to not to have any issue is good; but it has to be followed up by deeds. Post suggests how to manage contradictions/conflicts.

      Flowing with nature and life means accepting the realities. It does not mean “not doing any thing”. Acceptance is the first but a real big step. When you take the 1st one, then you can go to 2nd step – managing conflicts/contradictions by viewing 2 opposite aspects separately. This would prompt mind to act and resolve!!

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