Winning Action dis-oriented, Submissive and Pragmatic bosses

Action dis-oriented boss

  1. Things that you would discover in him
  • He believes that he has open mind
  • He believes he has highest passion for his company and employees
  • He believes in Change and New Ideas
  • He is proud of what he has done in past
  • But, he is confused
  • He is indecisive
  • He may assign right to the Wrong and wrong to the Right

2.  Things that you should do for him

  • You should be seen by him as systematic and methodical
  • Request delegation of authority, evolve decision and present it for his decision
  • Catalog all of your actions to appraise him fully
  • Give him full credit for success of such decision
  • Defend him, if things fail and you shoulder the responsibility

You have the best case to learn “decision making” out of indecision!

Submissive boss

  1. Things that you would observe in him
  • He would be dutiful and humble
  • Would have conservative approach
  • Would be willing to delegate a lot
  • He would seek ideas and opinions of others
  • He would be God fearing
  • He could have split personality
  • He would be flexible to the extent that he can be bent either way!

In some cases, such boss may promote what is known in French “Laissez faire” style of working i.e. leave the group entirely to itself to manage.

2.  Things that you should do to click

  • Help him to make right choices
  • Actively participate to drive right decisions
  • Show full ownership on such decisions and outcome
  • Do not allow him to be manipulated by those, who may like to exploit his flexibility and you let your boss know the support you are rendering on this

Pragmatic boss

  1. Things that you would discover in him
  • He would be a progressive thinker
  • Practical and logical
  • Realistic and dynamic
  • Flexible and approachable
  • Fair and reasonable in his decisions
  • He could be a change agent
  • He would be people friendly, customers included

2.  What you can do to click with him

  • Go extra miles to demonstrate that you are well meaning
  • Your ownership and integrity cannot be compromised
  • Show that you are focused on attention to details and quality
  • Be well informed and brief, during your meetings with him
  • Never take him as granted and be very straight forward

There is one variation in this category of boss – Pragmatic + Charismatic (P+C), where you do not have to do anything to click with him; he will come and click with you! This class of boss may not be very common.

So, you can, now, make your days at work or home happier by:

  • Understanding 1st and 2nd most dominant traits of your boss
  • Using Universal Formula
  • Unique actions to click


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  1. Laxmikant Mishra (LCM) Avatar
    Laxmikant Mishra (LCM)

    Lohia sahab ..

    Good one ..

    While I would like to see where my boss fits .. I need to check .. what my team thinks of me ..

    Good insights Sir..



    1. murli Avatar

      I indeed appreciate and value your feedback. The post also provides some mirror images to its guest, if he or she is also a boss!

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