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Our day to day dilemma or delusion – Schrödinger’s cat is dead or alive?


Yes, Nein or Yein? Image source – flickr.com

My wife is a cleaning freak and is currently on house cleaning spree because of upcoming major Indian festival. I had been expecting that any day my bedroom cupboard would be upside down, albeit organized as is where basis by her standard. But, it had not happened.

Today morning, I walked down to my cupboard to fetch some article expecting least what I witnessed – it was cleaned up, reorganized and I found it hard to lay my hands of what I wanted. I began to feel upset. But, I said to myself – hang on; this is nothing new. It is just my dilemma or delusion whether I would find Schrödinger’s cat dead or alive. Cat is dead; just accept the reality that cupboard has been reorganized regardless of my comfort or discomfort.

You must be facing likes of above situation a number of times every day. If your cell phone rings when you don’t want to be disturbed, your mind would instantly suspect caller to be one, you don’t want to talk to; but majority of times it would be another person, whom you won’t refuse to talk. Your spouse insists upon you to accompany for shopping and you put extra money not for spending but for not cutting a sorry figure. More often, you would find whole money gets spent, as if your spouse or shopkeepers had prior knowledge of extra money in your pocket.

So, your mind is constantly engaged in tossing the coin – would it be this or that?

Splendid substance behind story of Schrödinger’s cat!

I won’t go into technical or experimental aspects of this story; if you are interested, please go on Google. It is very easy and interesting to understand. What is very important here is to know that such simple idea has led to monumental advancements in every field – technology to physiology. Schrödinger stated that there is no way to know in advance whether the cat, which has been placed in safe part of a chamber but facing threat from unsafe part, is dead or alive unless you observe or open the chamber. If you don’t observe, then cat is neither dead nor alive; it is in state of superposition – a term which Schrödinger or science does not know till today what exactly it is – call it metaphysical. Ironically, many argue that there is unseen force or mechanism in our universe that has prior knowledge.

What Schrödinger or science could not fathom till today is – this idea has great relevance in our day to day life. Most refuse to believe there is science behind our life and there is always life behind science.

Sum and substance of this story

Things, which are in our thoughts or are unseen, have equal probability of actually being alive or dead, this or that, right or wrong, great or gory, successful or setback. Only when things surface or become reality, then we see them in one or another form.

So, game of guessing or tossing the coin that we continuously play is actually futile. There is equal chance that things would turn out to be positive or negative. Your wishing that they be positive does not make you positive; actually it is negative contrary to popular perceptions as that indicates your obsession or addiction to positive. And, if you want it be negative even for a positive reason, it is negative as it indicates your bias or prejudice.

Now comes important link from last week’s post, which is not only proven in life but also by science’s famous law of Complementarity. This law states – you would get result as per type of set up to measure it. Such set up is physical in science but mental in life.

Therefore, if you guess or toss the coin, you are negative and that increases chances of negative results or disappointments. But, if you don’t guess, you are positive (which actually implies you are prepared to accept the reality) and you have higher chances of getting delightful results.

Try above game without cheating; you would be astonished with astounding results!

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A miraculous quality – Focus, which is most misunderstood & misused!

Great Focus! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Most people understand what Focus is; but, misunderstand its meaning, power and use! If focus is correctly understood, we would become very different in our style and strength. Focus is one human quality, which has far reaching impact on our mind, body, soul, success, health and happiness!! All successful leaders to legends, businessmen to celebrities use this quality as main contributor to their success.

Focus can bring radical changes in your character and class. What you need is to fathom it right and follow it faithfully!

How focus is misinterpreted and misrepresented!

This is mostly because of lack of awareness. Though focus is talked about in all walks of life, including corporate, its correct meaning is hardly emphasized.

Focus does not mean:

  1. Having a concerted thought for desired object or activity, while allowing all other kinds of thoughts crossing your mind.
  2. Doing a single physical activity, for which you believe you are focused, while all types of thoughts are wandering your mind.
  3. Carrying a train of similar thoughts for desired object or activity but with interruptions.
  4. Multi-tasking, even if you believe you are fully concentrating on multiple tasks!
  5. Having more than one type of thoughts, though connected with same subject or object e.g., kicking football for penalty shoot-out, feeling nervous and thinking that everyone expects you to net a goal. Though there is one subject, there are 3 types of thoughts – to hit ball right, fear of failure and expectation of others! This is no focus and most probably, you would miss your target!!
  6. Headstrong or blind run for your objective/s.

True meaning of Focus

Focus means “your mind has a single type of thoughts, which is also driving your body in sync!” As an example, Focus on breathing means mind is having thought of breath going in and out and you are also breathing exactly at same time and sequence. Another example – you are at the goal post and your mind and body are fully in tune for hitting ball at right spot, with no other thought. Then, it would surely be a goal! Even if goal keeper tries to intercept you, you would miraculously deflect the ball past him!!

So, focus is mind and body getting fully synchronized to perform one and only one activity – “a thought or thought + physical action” at a time, when past and future lose their meaning to you.

When you continue to remain focused for a period of time, then either you would have same type of thought repeating in your mind or have a train of thoughts but each one aligned towards achieving your aim or goal. Let us term such train of thoughts as “Same type of thoughts”.

In practical life, it is difficult to remain truly focused all the time. What is important is high degree of focus, which can be defined as:

Degree of Focus = 2 ⁄ x

Where x is no. of same type of thoughts in mind per minute.

This is a simple formula, but has solid implications:

  • x can never be zero, because mind can never be blank, unless dead.
  • If x is 1, then it means that your mind has only single type of thoughts, which could be dangerous as it would go in a loop of same thought and can’t come out of same.
  • Ideal degree of focus in 1, when you have 2 types of thoughts – 1st for the object or activity you are concentrating at and 2nd to monitor its start to finish and take it forward to repeat or make only such variation adequate to reach your aim.
  • Practical degree of focus is 2 ⁄ 3, where 3rd type of thought is for observing your body/surroundings.
  • If degree of focus falls below 2 ⁄ 4 = 0.5, you are no longer focused.
  • Distraction means other type/s of incoming thoughts, which interfere with single types of thoughts on which you are concentrating.
    Best way to deal with distraction is not to react or forcefully remove such incoming thoughts, but ignore; don’t give importance. Your mind would restore its focus.

Startling results of being focused

When degree of focus is 2 ⁄ 3 and under no case below 0.5, you would observe that:

  1. Several of key your functions merge:
    1. Mind and soul or conscious and sub-conscious parts of mind
    2. Brain and Body
    3. Inner voice and Inspiration
  2. You would feel energetic and motivated.
  3. All negative emotions – fear, frustration, anxiety, anger, aversion or delusion would vanish.
  4. Anything that is feasible comes within your reach.
  5. You feel supremely confident and courageous.
  6. You won’t and can’t do anything wrong!
    In other words, degree of focus of ill meaning people is always below 0.5!
  7. You become amazingly effective.
  8. It brings a rare combination in you – being innovative and creative at same time!
  9. If you remain focused most time, your vitality and virtues multiply.
    It makes you happy and healthy.
    You may have observed that unhappy or unhealthy people are not focused. Conversely, focus can address your ailments in many ways!

So, if you wish to end your weaknesses and enhance wisdom, please start practicing “Focus” properly and prudently. You would then unlock real power and potential of this magnificent quality, which you possess!

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How to save and make your day!

There are days, when you get up in morning with weird feelings and cannot figure out what is wrong. Events, which unfold on such days, keep you on the edge. You do not see most things going right; get a feeling that time is slipping out and opportunities being squandered by you!

There are other days, when you wake up excited. Looking outside through your bed room window, you find grass is greener, sky clearer and things looking brighter! Suddenly, optimism dawns on you.

What exactly changes on above 2 sets of days? Most people falter or fail to fathom; consider it as part of life or luck!

What can you do, when things and time are slipping from your hands!

You would commonly observe one or more of following happening, when you believe is a bad day:

  1. Your mind is pre-occupied with some disappointment, distress or delusion.
    May be that you had a bad dream early in morning.
    This state is purely because of your past emotions. Stop doing anything for few minutes, move away from other people and go deeper in your thoughts to find out what thought is bothering you. If you can do something about it, do it now or fix another time when you would do that. If nothing can be done, drop it from your mind. If may reappear; drop it again.
    Learn one thing, past emotions are no more than a newspaper, which you have read and its value is no more than a scrap! Initially, you may find it hard; but eventually, you would get a grip.
  2. You are over-anxious to get something; but it does not come through.
    So, you feel irritated or infuriated.
    You need to accept the fact that what makes you anxious cannot be an asset for you. So, why bother if it is not with you, irrespective how dear it may be to you. Actually, you should correct your perception that it is dear to you; you are actually obsessed with it. More obsessed you are more obstacles you would face.
  3. You commit one mistake after another and hence, getting very frustrated.
    This can only happen, if you are mired with past. Take a break, shake your head and observe that you are doing only what you are supposed to. Be clear with your past – good or bad, that these are images recorded in your mind. Playing or replaying these images is absurd. What actually bothers you always is emotional part of these images. Give importance to only information part of these images; because that is your knowledge. Use it only when you need!
  4. You are under fire from your beloved or boss.
    Just take the fire, return smile and tender apology, even if you were right, for doing something he/she did not like and putting him/her to inconvenience. You may find this difficult to accept and do. But, try by heart and see the miraculous impact. What people see as a loss would be your win.
    It would be divine, if you do this with your sub-ordinates. Don’t fall prey to belief that you would belittle yourself; you would actually boost your image.
  5. You are in a rush!
    You cannot imagine gaffes you commit, while in rush or huff!
    You can only do certain no. of things in a given time. If time available to you now is shorter, look at what you can cut down or do it later, rather than compressing too many things for the last lap and then skip important ones like your meal, prayer or saying bye to your beloved, if you are rushing for work only to discover you have forgotten something or too many red signals on road!
  6. You do not get what you desire!
    This is bunk!! Learn one fact of life – you would always get what you deserve; not what you desire. Accept to what you get and then you can delve for more by becoming more deserving.
  7. Your efforts failed!
    You can fail, only when your efforts are not good enough. May be that you don’t know what is good enough; don’t hesitate to take help of someone, who can mentor or guide you.

Now, to make your day!

Can you convert following as your 7 habits?

  1. Set a goal, which you want to go for.
    Even if you are not clear now, set something and modify it, as you go further. A life without goal is like a day without sun!
    Every day, wake-up to one resolution that whatever you do, it would be in direction of your goal and an incremental step, however small that could be.
  2. Make “being happy and healthy” as mission of your life.
  3. Believe in self; but never blame yourself.
    You can do what others on earth can; it is just a question of finding right way to do it.
  4. Be focused and never give up what you chose or are given to do.
  5. At least do one thing each day, which would be a cause of joy to your boss and bête noire alike.
  6. You are bound to slip; but that would make you sound.
    Detect your slippages as early as you can and be flexible to plug.
  7. You have been gifted with unlimited possibilities; unleash some now!
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Like to be a real Leader? Create Contemporaries & not Followers!

Not sure, which subject is as extensively covered worldwide as “Leadership”. There are floods of articles by acclaimed to amateur people, development programs by management gurus, spate of theories, case studies and jargons on leadership. That shows its enormous importance and emphasis of top order. However, all of these have only created euphoria and excitement; but not leaders. It is a fact that world is hopelessly short of real leaders!

World of leadership could be very lopsided. This is the dilemma and delusion, most companies and communities have been facing. One of main reasons why leadership of many fails to cut ice is their inability to create contemporaries. It is hardly known to them that whole face of leadership radically changes, if its focus shifts to acquire competence to create contemporaries.

What tempts Leaders to create followers

Many think that demand and duty of a leader is to lead. In other words, others should follow. This defeats the very essence of leadership! It may be surprising to many that many qualities, which are essential for a leader, if not practiced properly, would trigger the temptation to create followers and resulting flaws. Here are some out of many:

  1. Strong personality of leaders (could lead to) –> Tendency to bulldoze their way and force others to follow their commands.
  2. Powerful communication –> Vice to hear own voice and discouraging others to voice their views.
  3. Passion to perform and show results –> Ruthless drive and walk over others’ concerns.
  4. Delivering commitments –> Coercing employees or people to perform and meet targets, without addressing their difficulties or barriers.
  5. Creating common vision –> Dictum for a common agenda; rather than working for a Change and creating consensus for a set of ideas.
  6. Drive to achieve goals –> Crushing resistance, friction or dissension in order not to lose the race and face.
  7. Believing in Self –> Disbelief in others, giving rise to arrogance and autocracy.
  8. Creating solid organization –> Carving hierarchy of followers, who then become leader’s favorite and blue eyed.
  9. Ethics and Ethos –> Showing stick for non-compliances without encouraging doing it by choice.
  10. Fostering company values –> Promoting values of self and in turn, own dogmas and doctrines, drilled in minds of people.
  11. Popular appeal –> Hooking audience to self through frenzy, fear or favor.
  12. Moral values –> Desire for going down in history with unique identity.

On left hand side above are the great values and qualities, which good leaders need to imbibe and endure. However, when they taste power and position, then under garb of leadership role, what they actually practice implicitly or explicitly are what is shown on the right side. They would do anything to get success and the best bet people find is to create followers through every mean available – fear, favor, frenzy or ferocity. Most leaders consider such approach justified, if they have to accomplish their objectives! This is how leadership degenerates and loses the luster!

Creating Contemporaries is a Game Changer!

If the focus of every leader changes to “Create Contemporaries”, it can bring a complete paradigm shift. It is an amazing game changer!

If ability, idea and intent of a leader are to create contemporaries, then he/she would automatically be driven to do the following:

  1. Respect everyone, regardless of competence, character, performance or experience.
  2. Inspire through ideas and persona.
  3. Motivate through empowerment and encouragement.
  4. Drive everyone to learn how to drive and not be driven.
    Often, leaders talk about “drive”; but their action has exactly opposite tenor, if they create followers.
  5. Credit be given, not taken.
  6. Fairness to reign supreme and “liking or disliking, whims and fancy, biases and prejudices” to relegate.
    Leaders take pride in talking about non-discrimination, equal opportunities and fair decisions; but when it comes to doing it, most have gap between what they preach and practice. Simple reason – their actual intention is to lead and not to create leaders!
  7. Empathy by lending ear and support to employees’ or people’s concern and issues.
  8. Leading by examples, leaving no gap between what one thinks, speaks and acts.
  9. True knowledge of Self & Self-awareness, including strengths and weaknesses.
  10. Courage & Consciousness to own and correct mistakes.
  11. Acceptance of good & bad, right & wrong in same breath.
  12. Mentoring as masterstroke to create Contemporaries!

If one action exposes Ugly Side, the opposite expounds Up Side!

It is funny, but a fact that most masters, leaders, preachers, teachers or gurus in every field believe in creating followers and tag them along (or followers hang around them). They have massive illusion of doing a great job; it’s not!

It severely limits the ability of followers to go beyond the boundaries of perception and perspective created by their leaders or masters, to bring radical or revolutionary changes and to discover realities of life.

Most leaders lead on familiar lines, encourage status quo (may be unknowingly) and have fractured belief of being a Change Agent!

The need is to do the opposite, shatter conventional methods and concentrate on competence to create contemporaries. That would be an auto-pilot to unleash the Change.

So, we need to leave a legacy of our own; not live on legacy of others!! 

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What makes you to Excel in Adversity!

After World War 2, economic and living conditions in Germany and Japan were in shambles. People and some leaders of these 2 countries excelled in the face of extreme challenges and achieved what is labeled as mystical and miraculous recovery. That catapulted both countries to be among top 5 economic power houses of world then.

Gentleman, who founded Apple Company in 1976, Steve Jobs was himself booted out in 1985. He defied human weaknesses and history, came back in 1997 stronger, only to lift Apple from ashes to make it the most valuable company of world!

Towards end of 2008, Ford Motor Company was nearly written off by most of its founding family members, when it decided to spurn US Congress offer for its bail- out and instead save itself through own efforts, a huge risk though! Its courage paid off. The iconic company achieved what is labeled as Epic Turn-around!

History has witnessed time and again that several path-breaking inventions, discoveries and revolutionary ideas became realities at the time battles or wars or crisis and that too in record time!

So, what are the secrets behind astonishing excellence in the face of adversities? 

The Secrets

Crisis or conflict, especially if of major nature, drives you to the brink. It brings worms out of the can, dirty linens out of the cupboards and hidden agendas out in open. It clears clouds and hence, clarity emerges on horizon for you with only binary options

“You can rise again or fall further, you can go good or burry in bad, you can swim or sink”.

If you push for the plus side, adversity would prompt and promote the following:

  1. Appetite for risk; because aversion to risk is even riskier at that point
  2. Boldness and buoyancy
  3. Courage to take challenges
  4. Determination and desire
  5. Eschew conflicts in interests
  6. Focused mind, as your singular motto is to come out of crisis
  7. Good team spirit and cohesion at work, if it is company or community or country with common goal/s and vision
  8. Hopes
  9. Inspire imagination and innovation

Some or all of above 9 elements “A–>I” enable you to excel as individual or group.

Why everyone does not excel in adversity?

There are 2 sides of everything, nature has created. Adversity can trigger either positivism or negativism. If an individual or a group is struck with negative side, then following elements would descend and dominate:

  1. Delusion
  2. Disbelief and despondency
  3. Desperation
  4. Depressive feelings
  5. Dogmatic ideas
  6. Disparate approach
  7. Defeatist thoughts
  8. Dictatorial leanings
  9. Directionless mind

This scenario and 9 Ds would be a drag, drain or even devastating. History is privy to the fact that when a person, company, community or country did not dare to remain positive, follow wiser counsel, adversity only brought crippling and debilitating impact!

Do you need adversity to excel?

No! Not all!!

Look at A–>I elements. These are real and relevant without adversity. Adversity only prompts and presents these very prominently to you. You have a clear choice to learn and live, embrace and execute these any time anywhere without waiting for adversities to befall and trouble you initially. Many successful persons and companies do this proactively all the time and keep crisis or conflicts at bay.

Real problem with most people is the inertia and inhibition to implement what they know as good. During normal life, they like to be busy with routine ruts and rituals, flick between good and bad, right and wrong and do not decide, which way to go, until they are hit with adversity. Some would then wake up and win by excelling and others would sleep or suffer.

So, what are your Choices?

Advent of adversity invariably brings binary options for you.

Note, no situation in human life is as clear and conspicuous as adversity! You have 50% chances to go on right side and balance 50% on wrong side. So, your choices are clear:

  1. Keep away adversity consciously and proactively by adopting “9 A–>I elements” as your singular choice, without compromise. Your performance would be Par Excellence. 
  2. Rule over adversity, if it comes, by choosing the right side. Pick one or more of 9 A–>I elements, you are comfortable with and stick around. You would be amazed to see how remaining elements would be automatically attracted towards you, make you to Excel and Dazzle.
  3. Get ruled by adversity. It would drive you to one or more of 9Ds above and then, you would be disgusted to see how balance of these would drag you deep down.

It is never too late to make Choice 1 or otherwise 2!


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