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Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

This could come as a surprise to you; but research reveals that caption statement is not a mistake! This is not a rule, which applies 100% of time; but does apply most of the time. Action of masses being on wrong side is a high tendency and perennial probability.

Look at the examples, which prove the Truth of the Moment.

What masses tend to do

  1. Triangular love n hate
    1. If you are not happy with your boss, you would start loving his bête noire.
    2. If you get hurt by someone (even when you are at fault), you lean towards one who gives you healing, even if he/she fakes or falsifies.
    3. If you see flaw, right or wrong does not matter, in the party in power, you would flirt with another sitting in opposition.
  2. Masses getting swayed by superstitions.
  3. Person with power, position, popularity and/or prosperity gains prominence among public and press, even if his persona is poor!
  4. Fiery and flamboyant communicators are always construed by companies and communities as leaders!
  5. Everyone loves those companies giving handsome salary hikes, shops giving hefty discounts, governments giving tax exemptions, even if it means these establishments going bankrupt and everyone paying a higher and heavier price later!
  6. Majority does not like to prevent or pre-empt, since it wants to experience pain before it could recognize problems!
  7. Facing a setback; find a scapegoat first.
  8. In grip of surprise and suspense? Hold the breath to become breathless!
    Why not exhale the breath to enjoy much more?
  9. Hopes and happiness are matters of external forces. So, hopes of most are on God and happiness on spouse or bosses!
  10. One, who could touch your pain point/s and suppressed sentiments, becomes your role model, even when he has no model solution or charismatic character.
  11. One (gentle) man from a crowd start throwing stone or bottles at public property, rest would follow suit, with no clue or qualm why they should do that!
  12. “Number of tweets admiring a Beauty” can only be outnumbered by “a wave of tweets unleashed by complains of a twitter friendly netizen (net citizen) on defects in a (beauty) product”.

There are many more examples on what masses do across the globe!

Why mind of masses tends to go wrong?

Mind is not always right, especially when it comes to collective effect of minds of masses. The paradox is it is the masses, at the same time, which has power to make or break countries, communities and companies.

  • In 90% of cases, first reaction of mind is never right, since it just a reaction, without rationale, to an action, which mind experiences. It is analogous to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion! Masses tend to act of 1st i.e. spontaneous reaction of mind!!
  • Majority of individuals has insecure feeling, as it lacks inherent strength of character and intellect. This makes most individuals to look at neighborhood i.e. they are overwhelmed by Neighbor’s Syndrome.
  • When emotions get evoked, it is very easy for our mind to get engaged and polarization of opinion happens at fast pace.
    These emotions + polarization of opinion thereby lead to what is known as “Mass Mentality”. It also, now, makes it clear that what masses follow is not based upon any logic or rationale!

How to keep your mind on right course?

  • Watch out for mass hype, hysteria or heroism. Most of these would be hypocrisies and lure you, because of illusion; these are able to create in your mind. Wise thing would be to shun these.
  • Roads most traveled look tempting; but these would not be free from rough patches and erosion! Your fear that you would miss something by not following those roads is false.
    So, be bold to follow routes, less traveled. You would discover new experience and confidence.
  • The world that you see starts from you and would end with you. So, why should others drive and impact you and your world? You need to drive them. You must observe, listen or hear and learn from others; but develop your own conscience and consciousness.
  • There is one aspect, which you need to tread carefully –
    The faith you follow would always have elements of masses and mythology, dogmas and doctrines. But at the core, all faiths favor “Help everyone; but hurt no one!” Disregard its adulterated version, if you come across. If you keep this simple principle at the apex level of all of your responses, you would do very well.

With above, you can master the Mind and Masses; not the other way round!!

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Mind Boggling Law – State of our Mind shapes State of things to come to us!

Don’t be surprised, this is indeed one of the greatest laws of nature! Scientists, philosophers, faith/community/corporate leaders or Gurus have yet not been able to get a grip of this law. Therefore, you would find sporadic mention of same but no systematic explanation and description through all means and media!!

Very often you would read that states of things to come are being shaped by Almighty, Destiny or Super Natural Powers. These are only perceptions and illusions embedded in our mind with no evidence or substance. Someone may argue that does it mean that mind is greater than God? No; if God is everywhere, which we all believe, then God resides in our mind. So, such question or comparison is obnoxious.

This law confers astounding power to the mind of each one of us; but it is equally astonishing that it has remained beyond the belief of most and some, who got sense of it, have not been able to fully comprehend and command it! If we refer to holy, history or mythology books, you may find mention that some saints were able to exercise such powers. Otherwise, this has remained a subject of fiction and fantasy.

Let us understand how this law functions and can facilitate our great success and strides!

How state of our mind creates the influence

All objects or particles in universe are entangled with one another. It may be difficult to imagine how that works or is possible due to vastness and distances in space, which we see; but this is a scientific fact. Hence, our mind is also interconnected with things around us. It is this interconnection or entanglement, through which state of our mind is able to connect with the state of things around us or under observation by us and create impact on the same. Vice versa is very much true i.e. things around us would influence state of our mind!

Can we identify state of our mind and control it?

This is most interesting aspect. Read and understand it carefully!

  1. We know we have a mind; but no one knows where it is located! It is believed to inside our brain; but our brain is not mind. No one has been able to observe mind directly; all that the most advanced technology could establish as of date is effect that our mind produces on parts of our brain and body. None of branches of science, including medical knows more than this!
  2. Mind controls our consciousness and body. Is there anything beyond our mind? Very unlikely!
  3. State of our mind cannot be static even for a moment; it is always dynamic i.e. changing.
  4. “Current state of our mind” and “our attempt to identify it” are 2 separate activities of same mind and hence cannot occur at the same time. These are mutually exclusive!
    Hence, we can only identify the image stored in our mind for the state, which existed before and not now!!
    Such image gets distorted, if we were thinking or doing something else or any of our emotions was present prior to our attempt to identify.
    Therefore, at best we can judge or identify state of our mind approximately but never 100% accurately!
    Saner and sincere you are to the core, closer you would be to 100%; but can never touch it!!
  5. Can we control it?
    Yes, we can; but coarsely!
    First of all, what you cannot measure or identify accurately, you cannot also control it accurately by design.
    Secondly, your state of mind is instantly affected by your emotions, ego, biases, past memories. You have to drop all these and keep in mind just only what you want to control, which is rare!
  6. Mix-up in your judgment on state of your mind
    1. You are feeling happy; but worry what your spouse might be doing (in so called sub-conscious mind).
    2. You are very focused on design, you are making; but asking your mind to keep it that way!
    3. You are very upset over your mistake; yet you are remembering that everyone learns from mistakes!
      Above are very routine examples (there are innumerable) and you would conclude that the primary feeling (starting part of these examples) is the state of your mind. It is not!! It is completely mixed and therefore, state of things to come would be in any mix or combination, making you believe that the law does not work. Actually, it is truly working!
  7. Mix-up in your control of state of your mind
    1. You are in state of disappointment over failure of your team and want to change it to one of courage to face your management. But, you cannot control your disenchantment with team. You are destined to fail, since due to mix-up, your mind and resultant communication cannot impress your management.
    2. You want people to prevent recurring mistakes; but nag and chide them!
    3. You want to inculcate leadership qualities and think that would improve your image!
      In above example, you bring unconsciously or may be consciously dual purpose and hence, defeat or negate your primary purpose by secondary one.
  8. Examples, where things really turn out, as per state of your mind
    1. One day, you get up in the morning with natural excitement and optimism. You would discover, you had no clash with your spouse, left for office well on time, most traffic signals were green and you could comfortably manage even your toxic boss!
    2. You went for a movie without advance booking and thought that if you get a seat, it would be great; otherwise sincerely no regret. Most likely, you would get a seat for the show.
    3. Your doctor prescribed you to undergo series of medical tests, since he is not able to pinpoint exact cause of your illness (nothing major). You start to worry what had gone wrong with you, since you do not have any major ailment. While collecting report later, if you do it with conviction that apparently nothing is wrong; but things do go wrong. If that be so, you would face it with grit. Most probably, your reports would not show any significant problem!

How best to plough power of your mind

  1. You can best plough power of your mind by being positive for all what you think and do. It is only then, that you would reap fruits with rich flavor.
  2. You can also misuse power of your mind by being negative. More people do this and they get thorns, which they cannot retain or sustain! They hurt and harm others and in turn self. If you believe it otherwise, most probably you do not know the real story of such people!
  3. You need to change or convert 5 things –
    1. Ego –> Esteem (for self and others)
    2. Biases –> Broad thinking
    3. Callous and complex character –> Clear conscience and consciousness
    4. Split-behavior –> Solemnly sincere
    5. Fastidious –> Focused
  4. Be always natural self and do not deliberately desire to influence things to come. You cannot influence that way.
  5. Keep state of your mind positive, happy or hopeful and then, observe things to come……

You are, now, bound to discover that you are Brilliant and Blessed! The Law lives by you!!

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