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  • Why likes of Trump would not only survive but always thrive

    Why likes of Trump would not only survive but always thrive

    Look at any country, company, community or family – difficult person or people always dominate and decent ones lie low. In a school classroom, naughty students are always noticeable and receive teachers’ most attention; but nice ones find themselves neglected. In just concluded US Presidential race, it is widely believed that both of main contenders […]

  • 9 unique but simple steps to build/boost your confidence!

    9 unique but simple steps to build/boost your confidence!

    Confidence is one quality, which you need universally at all times and spaces. You need it in board room or bed room; whether you are an interviewer or being interviewed; you are addressing an audience or asking a question; whether you are a supervisor or subordinate; you want to build a relationship or break it; […]

  • Are Companies doing good job to pick & retain Stars and treat other Employees less important?

    Every company faces this question and usually it is most reluctant to allow its stars to part ways. Retaining stars is not easy and is generally expensive. It can upset the balance of wages and/or organization structure and there is still risk that some or most stars would leave, living the management high and dry. […]

  • Our worst Enemy is what we Embrace most – Ego & how to nab it!

    Most of us confuse ego as our pride or self-esteem and therefore, miserably fail to comprehend the damage ego inflicts on us! One would be amazed to note that this is more rampant in developed societies and countries!! I have encountered enumerable times the paradox that this very ego of people prevent them even to understand […]

  • Presence of Paradoxes – A Bane or Blessing?

    In previous Post of 28-June-2012, we have seen how glaring paradoxes in our life are. Let us look at some more to gain deeper insight. Everything that we observe, including ourselves, has been created by nature out of Nothing! Science has developed devices to receive and relate signals from billions of miles away; but has […]

  • When your confidence starts to shake..……

    Often you may find your confidence level going down or shaking. This can dent your efficiency and effectiveness, comfort and composure. If you can find the reasons, it is then possible for you to address. You would discover that some of these could be very trivial and some are terrible! Look at what can tamper […]