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  • Can you live happily ever after?

    Can you live happily ever after?

    Source: http://www.flickr.com/ Prince got married to the princess and they lived happily ever after! Story ends here. If you get relegated in history at the time of your happy moments, you are supposed to have lived happily thereafter, since no one has further information about your life!! Does that happen in reel or real life? First […]

  • Why those who give part of their wealth in charity get wealthier!

    Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft increased his wealth by US $ 15.8 billion in 2013 and regained the title of world’s richest person, which he had lost to Mexican investor Carlson Slim in 2010, as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Bill has given $ 28 billion in charity so far and he holds around $78.5 billion […]