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  • Our worst Enemy is what we Embrace most – Ego & how to nab it!

    Most of us confuse ego as our pride or self-esteem and therefore, miserably fail to comprehend the damage ego inflicts on us! One would be amazed to note that this is more rampant in developed societies and countries!! I have encountered enumerable times the paradox that this very ego of people prevent them even to understand […]

  • Most failures come from first looking Forward and then Back; reverse sequence n see magic!

    You often wonder why some people get successes after successes and others failures, despite putting same degree of efforts? Why some are very different and efficient than others, irrespective of having same intents and talents? Extensive study and observations show that there is a very fine dividing line; split second’s difference in the directions and […]

  • Silver Linings of being Second (2nd)

    Stop having regrets or remorse, being diffident or defeatist, if you did not get to the top by your position, ranking, score or else! If you are 2nd or lower in your position, do you know that you have several silver linings beneath and opportunities on the horizon now to race for the top with […]