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  • Bitter pill of most Corporates – Difficult people Dominate!

    Bitter pill of most Corporates – Difficult people Dominate!

    Source: http://www.flickr.com/ This is true not only of Corporate World but also of any type of institution or even families. Everyone craves that only decent people drive the Corporates; but, exactly opposite happens. No doubt, there are decent people at the top; but they are completely outnumbered by the difficult ones worldwide! There are 3 ways […]

  • Best people put together don’t produce the Best; proper Blend does!

    Look at Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid soccer clubs. Their teams give great performance, which has catapulted these clubs in top 10 slots in the world. However, during World Cup Football or other international matches, when U.K. or Spain builds a national team drawing the best players from various clubs, statistics show that such […]

  • Why Common man to Companies go into Cycles of Success & Failure, Rise & Fall…!

    One of the most common phenomena, which common man to companies and countries all over the world encounter is cycles of success and failure, rise and fall, economic upturn and downturn, high and low in growth/business/personal life or even moods, good and bad, comfort and discomfort. Duration and intensity of such cycles may vary; but […]

  • Know your leadership style or its early signs and how make it impactful

    If you surf internet, you would find good amount of material and theories on leadership style. What I am not sure, whether these are good enough? Some theories are even confusing to people. There is apparently a perception that leadership is a complicated subject and therefore, what comes out from authors are, then, also complicated. […]

  • How to click with your Boss!

    Bosses are all around; even at home! Very often, one may tend to think why I should care or what I can do about the boss. Especially, in so called modern societies or cultures or generation, it is common to think why I shall bother, it is his/her (boss’) job to be nice and treat […]