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Our day to day dilemma or delusion – Schrödinger’s cat is dead or alive?


Yes, Nein or Yein? Image source – flickr.com

My wife is a cleaning freak and is currently on house cleaning spree because of upcoming major Indian festival. I had been expecting that any day my bedroom cupboard would be upside down, albeit organized as is where basis by her standard. But, it had not happened.

Today morning, I walked down to my cupboard to fetch some article expecting least what I witnessed – it was cleaned up, reorganized and I found it hard to lay my hands of what I wanted. I began to feel upset. But, I said to myself – hang on; this is nothing new. It is just my dilemma or delusion whether I would find Schrödinger’s cat dead or alive. Cat is dead; just accept the reality that cupboard has been reorganized regardless of my comfort or discomfort.

You must be facing likes of above situation a number of times every day. If your cell phone rings when you don’t want to be disturbed, your mind would instantly suspect caller to be one, you don’t want to talk to; but majority of times it would be another person, whom you won’t refuse to talk. Your spouse insists upon you to accompany for shopping and you put extra money not for spending but for not cutting a sorry figure. More often, you would find whole money gets spent, as if your spouse or shopkeepers had prior knowledge of extra money in your pocket.

So, your mind is constantly engaged in tossing the coin – would it be this or that?

Splendid substance behind story of Schrödinger’s cat!

I won’t go into technical or experimental aspects of this story; if you are interested, please go on Google. It is very easy and interesting to understand. What is very important here is to know that such simple idea has led to monumental advancements in every field – technology to physiology. Schrödinger stated that there is no way to know in advance whether the cat, which has been placed in safe part of a chamber but facing threat from unsafe part, is dead or alive unless you observe or open the chamber. If you don’t observe, then cat is neither dead nor alive; it is in state of superposition – a term which Schrödinger or science does not know till today what exactly it is – call it metaphysical. Ironically, many argue that there is unseen force or mechanism in our universe that has prior knowledge.

What Schrödinger or science could not fathom till today is – this idea has great relevance in our day to day life. Most refuse to believe there is science behind our life and there is always life behind science.

Sum and substance of this story

Things, which are in our thoughts or are unseen, have equal probability of actually being alive or dead, this or that, right or wrong, great or gory, successful or setback. Only when things surface or become reality, then we see them in one or another form.

So, game of guessing or tossing the coin that we continuously play is actually futile. There is equal chance that things would turn out to be positive or negative. Your wishing that they be positive does not make you positive; actually it is negative contrary to popular perceptions as that indicates your obsession or addiction to positive. And, if you want it be negative even for a positive reason, it is negative as it indicates your bias or prejudice.

Now comes important link from last week’s post, which is not only proven in life but also by science’s famous law of Complementarity. This law states – you would get result as per type of set up to measure it. Such set up is physical in science but mental in life.

Therefore, if you guess or toss the coin, you are negative and that increases chances of negative results or disappointments. But, if you don’t guess, you are positive (which actually implies you are prepared to accept the reality) and you have higher chances of getting delightful results.

Try above game without cheating; you would be astonished with astounding results!

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Greatest Equation of Nature: You get = What you give

Science and mathematics have given us innumerable equations, which have immense impact on our life; but nothing is more influential and imposing than nature’s own equation: You get = What you give! The relevance and ramifications of this equation are colossal. It is so deeply ingrained in our day to day life; yet research shows that very few have realized the rationale and realities, it presents.

It works across whole cross-section of societies, age groups, professions, faiths and fraternities, irrespective of time and space in the world. Effect of what you give can be seen in real time or in due course of time, depending upon the situation or parameter involved in “giving”. It is necessary that you understand what exactly you are giving. It is also critical for you to know that what you get back, comes in the form or manner that you are prompted or encouraged to give more of what you gave!!

Real examples in real time

  1. You give smile by heart to someone, she/he would smile back and you would feel like giving more smiles to same person or in general to everyone.
    It is possible that she/he does not have habit of smiling often or has stern face. Watch her/his face carefully; your smile would bring change in facial expressions equivalent to the effect of your smile!
    Also note, if you try this with plastic smile on your face, it would not work, because you are actually not giving anything. Giving has to be something in real and not false or fake.
  2. You give a dirty look, the person would give you back similar look.
  3. You give respect to others, you would get respect back.
  4. You show arrogance. Now, note the difference here. What you are giving is disrespect and ignoring others. Hence, in return, people would not have respect or ignore/avoid you! This would only prompt you to hit back, unless you choose to correct yourself.
  5. Be kind; people would shower on you kindness. And if you are nasty, you can well expect similar behavior back.
  6. Give happiness and helping hands to others; hundred hands would rise to help you and you would be the happiest!
  7. You communicate with heart; people would lend their ear and heart. You feel like doing more.
    You communicate to show your power; you would get an impression that people are not liking or listening to you. You would be triggered to communicate more forcefully!

Real examples of what you get in due time

  1. You pray to God with inaction –>  giving/showing your dependence
    = get dependence through no-results –> more prayers.
  2. You pray to God with action –> giving/showing confidence and karma
    = get more confidence and sense of doings through resounding results –> prayers but with more rigorous actions.
  3. You work long and hard –> increases company earnings
    = your earning increases through reward/rising salary (though you may vie for promotion).
  4. You work smart –> you create opportunities for company
    = you would be encouraged to work smarter by giving more opportunities.
  5. You inspire and initiate –> company grows or becomes more valuable
    = you get a role (leadership) to inspire and grow more!
  6. Catch a colleague committing mistake to point finger; you would be caught by same or other colleague in similar situation.
    Catch an erring colleague to help and correct; he/she would come forward to help you at time of need.
  7. If you share your wisdom and knowledge; you would get more of these in multiples!

Moral of the Equation

Nature has awarded to you a tool through this equation to design your own destiny; not by date and time of your birth! It is entirely in your hands what you want to do and get!!

If you do it right, you can only get right results! Unfortunately, most of us have not realized magical power of this equation. We swing between right and wrong, good and bad. Paradox and problem is that if you do it wrong, this equation would always prompt you to do more of it and you would not realize what you are into. Therefore:

  • Always analyze what you are giving through your thoughts and actions to self or others.
  • You can very well judge from the results on sustained basis whether you are on right or wrong track. If you are right, you are bound to get success and satisfaction.
  • If you are wrong or erring in what you are giving, change the track; otherwise you run the risk of multiplying it.
  • If you are right, be on the same track and double up!
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Presence of Paradoxes – A Bane or Blessing?

In previous Post of 28-June-2012, we have seen how glaring paradoxes in our life are. Let us look at some more to gain deeper insight.

  1. Everything that we observe, including ourselves, has been created by nature out of Nothing!
  2. Science has developed devices to receive and relate signals from billions of miles away; but has failed to figure out what happens at distances smaller than billionth of a millimeter!
  3. Things that you live through every moment are least known to you.
    So, do not be surprised if scientists, philosophers, gurus and others have not been able to evolve through ages, correct definitions of Space, Time and Life/ Consciousness.
  4. Medical science has gone to lowest level of Molecules to understand living bodies; but is completely clueless about Mind.
  5. Constant discovery of new medicines, investigation techniques and treatments have added years to life, but not life to years!
  6. “To think” is easy; but “not to think” is not!
  7. Your biggest virtue runs the risk of turning into biggest vice.
  8. Length and breadth of your information have been increasing; but depth of your knowledge has been depleting.
  9. Your high focus can only come at expense of your flexibility.
  10. Lot of surfing (on net) keeping us on surface and killing our ability to dive.

Why Paradoxes and what do these mean?

A close look at above 10 paradoxes and 15 earlier one (previous post) would reveal following realities:

  1. Nature has nicely paired parameters, opposite in characters!
    It is because of this, we have plus and minus (electric charges, events and enumerable things), right and wrong, good and bad, strong and weak and so on.
  2. Very existence of one parameter depends upon second and opposite one.
    Therefore, if some where is pleasure, elsewhere has to be pain. Strength has to bring weakness associated with it; that is why we say “your biggest strength is also your weakness”.
  3. Parameters in each pair are canonically connected, which means that if you focus or observe one, you would correspondingly lose sight of another!
    As a result, if degree of your passion goes up, your peace of mind goes down. If you chase perfection, you also chase close mindedness and you would be less flexible and less open.
  4. We and what we see around exist because of parameters with opposite characters!
    Hence every matter or normal part of our body has equal number of positively and negatively charged particles. To become a hero, you necessarily need villain/s. A leader has no relevance without followers.
  5. When pair of parameters are together or close in equal number, overall effect of pluses and minuses is equalized and you witness peace, little activity or turbulence.
    That is why we witness many times pleasant places and peaceful people.
  6. When parameters with opposite characters move apart (does not necessarily mean physical apart), that is when Paradoxes start to build!
    That is when you find that what you want does not often happen and what you do not want can happen. A Beauty creates a Beast.
  7. Parameters with opposite characters; but apart could build individually up to a certain limit, beyond which these would collapse into each other creating turbulent or violent conditions, like lightening from 2 sets of clouds in sky!
    Easy example to understand this is to consider an airtight chamber with central partition. To begin with, it is all quiet inside. Now, we put a mechanism to suck air of one part and pump into second. Vacuum (-ive parameter) would build in 1st and pressure (+ive parameter) in 2nd. We can build vacuum/pressure up to a certain limit, till the partition can hold itself, beyond which it would collapse creating violent disturbance inside chamber. Remember, nothing came from outside of the chamber!
    This is how Adversity brings Excellence; the Best in you can bring the Worst!!
    Above example of chamber also exemplifies how nature can create Something out of what we perceive as Nothing.
    One of the greatest paradoxes is that “There is nothing like Nothing!!!”

So, how can we manage Paradoxes?

Following are four keys:

  1. Paradoxes are and would remain inherent part of your life. Accept this reality.
    Hence, do not react or resist when you experience a paradox.
  2. If you want to have uneventful, quiet and simple life, keep “pluses and minuses”, “good and bad” together. You would be least impacted by paradoxes.
    Be careful in understanding meaning of above – what it means is “live around the center of “plus < –> minus” scale”. So, do not be too dynamic or too dull. Desist from craving to have a lot; but do not resist having what you need.
  3. If you want to have eventful, extra ordinary, imaginative or invigorating life, you have to pull “your pluses apart from minuses”, “virtues away from vices” and build on the same.
    If you want to be a popular leader, you have to be people friendly, passionate, positive, pragmatic and pushy, and build on. Likewise, callous and cruel leaders emerge by building on negatives! In each case, be prepared to face Rewards and Risks!!
  4. Now comes a prized catchyou want the best of both worlds? You can’t get it; actually nobody gets it! It is only a phrase and not a possibility!!
    What you can get is only good of both worlds. You can pull apart pluses (from your minuses), build on same step by step towards the Best. But, you have to stop before Best starts to Bite you. You must not keep building on the Best; give up at the right time. Then, you have the best chance to stay put; otherwise you would definitely drop what you have picked.
    See how this evolves –
    From shy n shaken person -> conscious efforts -> confident -> very confident (now, if you don’t stop) -> over confident -> arrogant

To conclude, Paradoxes in our life are a reality. And a reality cannot be termed as bane. It can turn to be your Blessing, if by this time you know what and why it is and how to manage!

You, now, know one of the top secrets of your life!!

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