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Why we confuse Coincidences as Calls of Heaven!

I started my career in a cement manufacturing company. There was a major breakdown of main electric motor of a kiln, seriously impacting production. My department head was very upset, because all investigations done did not reveal the possible cause. Within few weeks, there was a fire in electrical sub-station. The head suddenly noticed that he was wearing same very dress, as during earlier breakdown! He was convinced that the dress was ominous, decided to hang it up and not wear again.

One fine morning, he wore that dress again by mistake and realized it only on his way to the factory. He indeed got worried that again something would go wrong in the plant. While walking in the plant, he did not notice a ditch and broke his ankle. When I went to see him in the hospital, he told me that look it was the same very dress, because of which he got in trouble again!

Everyone comes across several coincidences in routine life and consider many of those as making of god or luck!

Common coincidences most come across

  1. Day you get up in morning with good spirits, everything appear to go great during day! But, on days you wake up in wrong mood, nothing seems to go right!!
  2. When you are in rush, you would find more obstructions or red traffic signals on road.
  3. When you anxiously wait for someone to arrive at pre-appointed time, he/she would often be late.
  4. You are not able to remember a word and push yourself to get it, you would not.
    If you abandon your efforts to remember and get engaged in another work; most probably you would get the word out of blue!
  5. You had kept your cupboard keys at a secured place before going on holidays. On return, you don’t remember the location despite laboring hard.
    Take it easy and go out shopping; you would remember all of a sudden the place where keys were kept.
  6. Company profit takes a beating, after a new boss takes over. Most would think boss has brought a bad luck. More bad news would line up only to strengthen your conviction, even though poor boss is actually doing best and right things!
  7. In middle of your busy schedule, you suddenly feel sad and get a hunch that something is not right. Most probably, you would discover something disturbing!
  8. Many wear on their body precious or semi-precious stones or metal to ward off worries about health or wealth. They would find that helps; but effect does not last.
  9. A doctor specialized in treating a particular ailment, often suffers from the same generally after getting successes or tail end of his/her career.
    Likewise, area of your expertise or special interest would be the one, which would inhibit or impair you.
  10. When you are irritated with steward of a restaurant, you would also have issues with food that he/she would serve, even though it is same as earlier occasion!
  11. Seriously believe in 13th, Friday being ominous? Be ready to face more obstacles than other days; though non-believers may sail smooth!

How coincidences build your conviction

1st time you face a situation, it can’t be deemed as coincidence and hence you would consider it one off.

2nd time when you encounter it, you would treat it as coincidence.

3rd time when you cross it and can’t figure out cause behind same, you would consider such coincidence as credible.

4th time when you know or observe same, it is most probably get converted into your conviction. You would perceive it something you can’t control and hence, believe it as a call of Heaven (or Hell)!

This is a universal rule of “1-2-3 & Go”, which rules!

Convictions so developed have element of ignorance, which is bliss until a certain breadth. You feel comfortable with those, since you believe you have no role to play and it is all about divine’s intervention!

As long as these convictions result into positive effect, no harm is done; but, problems and pains start, when these create negative influence and you run risk of these turning into illusions and superstitions!

So, what is beneath Coincidences!

No condition, contingency or coincidence can actually occur in our world without a cause. But, it is possible that we may not know the cause.

All effects or situations, which we experience, are consequence of a cause. If we do not know the cause, we would construe those effects or situations as coincidences!

Here below are fascinating facts:

  1. Causes and Effects are inseparable.
  2. We would always experience effects; though causes may be elusive to us.
    When we experience an effect or situation repetitively with no clue about cause, we start considering it as coincidence.
  3. Coincidences give birth to convictions and both together make a vicious circle!
    Convictions would tempt us to do what would prompt occurrence of coincidences e.g. by doing a ritual, you believe that things would go right and you may see good things happening many times. (But, when same things go wrong despite same ritual, you would be crestfallen)!
  4. When we do not know the cause, we can’t control coincidences. That is why we confuse coincidences as call from and control by divine forces!
  5. What reinforces coincidences and resulting convictions!
    1. Prior notions
    2. What we perceive, we believe
      We can never know what we perceive is right or wrong, until we are willing to test or challenge it!
    3. Frame of our mind
      When we are not in right frame of mind, we would see right as wrong and non-issue as an issue! Opposite would happen, if it is a right frame.

If we want to get a grip on causes, we need continuous learning and ability to comprehend state of our mind!

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Our Comfort Zones not only create Inertia; but also inhibit Efficiency & Growth!

Psychologically and biologically, we are always tempted to create comfort zones at work as well as in personal life and our natural tendency is then to live in those! Our comfort zones are actually the cause of our inertia, inefficiency and inadequate growth.

When individuals, management included, in companies start creating comfort zones, the result is unwieldy systems, structure and processes, rendering them uncompetitive. That is when companies have to go for costly ways of restructuring, reorganization or reinventing themselves!

Why we fall prey to inertia created by comfort zones

  1. We like path of least resistance.
  2. We talk of challenges; but hesitate to walk the same.
  3. We have implied liking for gap between our desires and drive.
  4. We relish things on a platter; that’s what comfort levels can provide.
  5. We are mostly risk averse and hence like to wander on roads most traveled.
  6. We carry false notion for developing expertise by only doing repetitive activities over a long period of time, which is devoid of challenges and instead develops comforts.
  7. We like Change; but don’t like to change ourselves!

What we crave and create, we own and don’t want to abandon i.e. comfort zones; this is what invites “inertia in our thoughts and actions”.

How inefficiency and stagnancy creep in

Comfort zones are big barriers to achieving higher efficiency and growth.

  1. Comfort levels are invariably coupled with complacency. So, people like to perform same function or work same way, they are used to do. They do not seek or even see areas to improve.
  2. Every activity or function has 2 parts – (a) what needs to be performed on a repeat basis and (b) what can be changed and done differently.
    Part (a) has possibility to execute faster through use of tools, methods and/or experience. But, if one is in comfort zone, he/she would be averse to apply the same, as mentioned under point 1 above.
    What is far more damaging is reluctance, which comfort zones create against implementation of part (b)! It is this part, which brings new ideas, innovation and usher in real change.
    When part (b) remains dormant, it drowns companies or individuals into gross inefficiency and ineffective growth and development!
  3. Rut of routine and repetition make leaders to lose their luster!
  4. Comfort zones are like cancer, which would only spread, unless cut away.
  5. Comfort zones are the cause of illusion that direction is right and drive is smooth.
  6. Companies and cadres lose momentum and rhythm; therefore, they are no longer vibrant and agile.
  7. Being devoid of Change and Innovations, all stakeholders would go downhill and degenerate.

When we are aware of consequences, why we still crave for comfort zones!

There are two main causes:

a. We constantly live in fear of known or unknown. It is because of this that we humans have become habituated to save our skin, seek safe routes and create secured environments!
Above succumbs most of us to tested and tried things. We start to relish things, which are routine and repetitive! That is how we develop inherent inertia and invariably resistance to Change!

b. This is strange; but true! It is easy for us to be complicated; but difficult to be simple. Therefore, we tend to complicate matters, methods or means, rather than simplify the same!

This is rampant across the globe. Such complexities make us to spend more time and energy in doing our things, test our patience and create fatigue. Feeling of comfort comes in when we gain experience by doing or executing these over number of times or we discover some steps to do these faster (which is actually not a simplification; but using familiarity for faster actions).

Comfort zones are nothing but emotions of ease in execution, which arise from past experience; but these are not necessarily efficient and are barriers to new Ideas and Innovations!

How to kill or come out of comfort zones

  • Contrary to your belief, comfort zones provide only temporary relief. It is the constant drive for Change, which provides continuous thrill. So, you have a clear and only one choice – cut out comfort zones!
  • Comfort zones would eventually kill or throttle your career.
  • These can enhance your experience; but not efficiency.
  • Preference for little constraint over comfort would always pay you.
  • Shed away your emotions for comfort; just capture experience or knowledge, which past instances have created. Your inertia would vanish, if you truly do that!
  • Very important to know is that it is easy to complicate matters; but difficult to make those simple.
  • Simplification brings elegance and efficiency.
  • When we reinvent, we actually convert complicated things into simple ones; not other way around.
  • Put stress on simple thoughts and approach, actions and executions. That would bring you out of your comfort zones and make you:
    • Agile
    • Vibrant
    • Innovative
    • Courageous to traverse on roads less traveled and discover how your dreams become realities!
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