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  • How a role model can mold your persona!

    How a role model can mold your persona!

    When you get highly impressed with someone for one or more times, you have tendency to choose him/her consciously or unconsciously as your role model. At this point of time, World Football Cup fever is at its top and has caught fancy of millions. Several sports lovers have or would choose their role models; but […]

  • Cause of your main Confusions – your mind being mired with Myths & Mythologies!

    It is myth to believe, a person however sane and sober he/she is, would not become or be seen as crook in the company of crook/s! The fall of Rajat Gupta, former Managing Director of Mckinsey and Board Member of Goldman Sachs USA, vindicates. Look at long revered legend – Lance Armstrong. He believed that […]