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  • How to infer boss’ impression about you

    How to infer boss’ impression about you

    There are not many bosses, who are open and willing to clearly convey their mind or impressions to their sub-ordinates! On other hand, most sub-ordinates hesitate to talk candidly to their bosses. The result is both bosses and sub-ordinates work in respective mental compartments; build opinions, expectations, hopes or frustration and Pandora’s box opens only […]

  • When Bosses talk of being open to getting challenged or criticism, what they really mean!

    It is a common chore for most bosses to make holy statements of intents to the people they work with. How much they really mean? The pitch of holy statements goes higher, when people move to higher positions or are new in their positions! Higher the number of people in team, higher is the amplitude […]

  • Paradigm shift needed in Roles & Responsibilities of Bosses for better employee relationship

    Bosses or supervisors are usually bête noire or disliked class in eyes of most employees. Everywhere you would come across phrases like – an employee does not leave a company; but leaves because of boss or supervisor! On the other hand, there is lot of material, training, coaching and development programs across world to improve […]

  • Myths about Mentoring in Corporates

    I doubt that Employer and Employees world over realize that good mentoring is not only a great passage to great career and personal growth; but also great for company’s growth! Few years back, I was requested by my overseas HR colleague to mentor one of high potential employees working in our company’s unit in a […]