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Are modern day science n stress making us more sick or superstitious?


True image or illusion?

Current US President Barack Obama has revealed in a recent interview that he always carries in his pocket a statuette of Lord Hanuman, small Buddha, silver poker chip etc. and seeks inspiration from same when he feels tired or discouraged. But, he has said that he is not that superstitious.

He is not alone; he has millions of followers!

How gifts and gadgets of science are making you more superstitious

You would find celebrities, artists, leaders, especially from political polity and gen. next more than ever before wearing rings containing specific stones, colorful bands or sacred threads on their wrists or lucky charms to attract good omens. Advancements in multimedia enable millions to watch them like never before and entice them to emulate such practices.

Scientific advancements have given advent to social media and social media have brought together not only colleagues, cultures, traditions, beliefs and rituals from every corner of our planet but also voices of faith healers and fortune tellers. Every other day, I get text message on my cell phone about forecast for my future and what I should do to make it lucky. One day while under duress, one is bound to fall prey to same.

All kinds of wearable devices are now available to monitor nearly all parameters of your body. Everything looks hunky-dory as long as these parameters are within prescribed limits. But what is if some of those go out of limits? You land on the lap of stress, superstition or god for quick fixes. Hardly anyone would run to doctors for every tit and bit; but if someone does it, he/she would create another set of psychological problems.

When you are stressed, you fall either sick or prey to superstitions

Stress has long list of its byproducts – insomnia, IBS, cardio disorder, lever dysfunction, diabetes… and now new research studies including one conducted by Ohio State University have added cancer, as it gets accentuated by stress.

In modern age, there are many more media available to invite stress, leading among which is social media and mobile phones. Social media is a great boon as well as a gruesome bane. It is a classic example of how plus and minus go hand in hand. Thirty years back, we were surviving very well without having even a line of remote communication at home; today we can’t sustain a minute without cell phone in hand.

No one notices, rather dislikes to notice silent stress of taking selfies, posting images supposedly better than previous day, racing to get more likes and repenting if buddies or beloved did not like it.

Untold story of how science has been misused by man

In its original form, science is secular and secures everyone; but depending upon how it is used or applied, it can create values and virtues or vices and viruses; it can develop faith or fear; surprisingly, its positive use promotes spiritualism and negative use prompts materialism.

Though the taste of man or masses is for positive, their recipe is for exactly opposite – negative. That is why scientific facts have been twisted by most people into their fractured faiths i.e. illusions or superstitions and turned on more far right and left wing ideas and ideologies leaving little space for the center or balanced ones. Discoveries of atom and subatomic particles should have consolidated our conviction that god is everywhere but we have pushed him elsewhere – deeper into isolation and places of worship. We have used these discoveries more for destruction than for construction, creating more stress on our system. We have misused stress to create more medicines and manipulated the fact that it is more a matter of mind control.

We hardly know who we are; but we want to jump into bandwagon of knowing who and where aliens are. We are unable to arrest decay of our world colony; but billions of dollars are being spent on race for colonizing Mars and Moons.

But, all is not lost yet, if we can still realize that it is a bad idea to misuse or overuse science, its gifts and gadgets and that it is a bane to drift away from core principles of nature and life!

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How a role model can mold your persona!

A Role Model; source: http://www.flickr.com/

When you get highly impressed with someone for one or more times, you have tendency to choose him/her consciously or unconsciously as your role model. At this point of time, World Football Cup fever is at its top and has caught fancy of millions. Several sports lovers have or would choose their role models; but by end of the tournament, many would also drop their role models like a hot potato!

It has been seen that whenever a political or apolitical leader starts a popular movement, public scrambles to install him/her as its role model. Winner in an election, singer in a competition or celebrity in a show suddenly finds thousands of followers, adoring him/her like no less than the God. They start to track every step or speech of the role model/s blindly. However, faster such role models rise in their popularity among followers, equally fast is their retreat! Many made Barack Obama as their role model, when he first became US President in January 2009. In little more than 5 years, his popularity has taken a severe beating and so is he position as role model with many! What has gone so bad between then and now with Obama, there is no rational explanation!!

Is that how role modeling should work?

Misnomers in making of a role model

There is a lot of confusion and illusion around who can or should be your role model! You often get impressed with a person under following situations:

  1. When person (henceforth “he” used without any gender bias) shows strength in areas, where you are weak.
  2. When person gives you impression that he can address your grievances, greed, guilt or growth.
  3. His physique and/or physical features are fascinating to you.
  4. He is able to trigger your emotions – positive or negative.
    Under positive emotions, you feel more at ease, excited, enthusiastic or optimistic.
    Under negative emotions, you get support from him for your fury, frustration, rebellion or dejection.
  5. He creates euphoria among his audience and you feel tempted to flow with it.
    Such euphoria can be through script, speech, singing, acting, playing or like.
  6. He makes you ecstatic!
    You feel mesmerized by his actions or skills for inexplicable reasons!!

All of above situations are imposing and insinuating; but role model/s selected under influence of these would be destined to failure sooner or later. Such models are actually a liability on you.

There is only one criterion, which can make your selection successful – when a person creates inspiration in you and you become thoughtful, peaceful and positive, that is the person who deserves to become your role model!

Relevance of a role model

Life is exciting, when there is continuous learning! Best and fastest learning comes by example/s!!

And a role model is always an excellent example to emulate.

A role model helps in several ways. Under crisis, your confidence can crack and convert into confusion. A role model can help restore not only your confidence, but gives you courage to emerge stronger after crisis. When you are in dilemma, he can dissolve it and drive you forward with decisions. He has deep impact on your morals and manners.

I have personally seen in many corporates how an influential boss molds culture and style of his/her folks effortlessly. To cite a real example, several sub-ordinates and secretaries in a company had developed habit of receiving visitors or responding with a style of “Hello” on phone in the same way as their highly respected boss!

The best a role model can do is to shape your character and make you charismatic! He is also your true mentor and guide!!

What does a true role model mean to you

  1. He/she is a blessing for you.
  2. He elicits inspiration in you, but not emotions.
  3. He takes away your illusions.
  4. He gives you strength.
  5. When you are at cross roads, you are most likely to remember him and you find a right road to choose!
  6. He has no conflict with your interests.
  7. He keeps your morals and hopes high during high and low cycles that you go through.
  8. He encourages you to learn but not lean on him!

In order to derive maximum benefits from your role model, you may learn his stories, but you must decipher his spirit and substance beneath; watch his actions, but assimilate his attributes; look at his images, but fathom his intentions and ideas.

So, a role model is a great asset for you, provided you make a right choice as above. Then, you would have all reasons to rejoice and reap the rewards!

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Is Murphy’s Law a Myth, as it reveals one side of Reality; but not the opposite?

Murphy’s is one law, which has very simple statement; but with profound implications and interpretations! In its initial form (there are various versions introduced later), it states that “If anything can go wrong — it will”. This law has deep rooted impact on corporate and common lives. Unfortunate part is that most of us tend to use this law as a phrase, rather than making good use of it.

This Law is quoted extensively all over the world; but no one has questioned one crucial aspect – if things have to go wrong, they do; then why not if things have go right, these would! Nature by itself does not differentiate or discriminate between wrongs and rights!! So, Murphy’s Law reveals only one side of the reality – when things go wrong; but does not unveil the opposite, what happens when things have to go right.

Implications of Murphy’s Law

The upsides

  • It advocates acceptance of the fact that things can and do go wrong!
    It is a very important lesson; but very few understand its tremendous relevance in professional and personal lives!! Tendency of most is to see “Glass of water being half empty”.
  • It brings consciousness when 1st thing go wrong, to make efforts not to allow next to go wrong and bring correction sooner than later.
  • Once things have in any case gone wrong, it consoles/cools your mind that it’s because of a law, provided you feel determined to take a lesson and leaf out of it for the next time.

The down sides

  • When things start to go wrong, it can trigger despondency and dejection!
  • People tend to resign to the fate and get in inactive mode, rather than being combative.
    In 1948/49, Murphy was doing an experiment and it became apparent that his assistant has installed the sensors incorrectly and therefore, were giving wrong result. Murphy made his pronouncement, despite being offered the time and chance to calibrate and test the sensor installation prior to the test proper, which he declined somewhat irritably, getting off on the wrong foot with the MX981 team of US Air Force. Later, an interviewer stated that Murphy blamed the failure on his assistant after the failed test, saying, “If that guy has any way of making a mistake, he will.
  • Many tend to react in anticipation and frustration of more things going wrong. So, what need not go wrong at that time would also start to go wrong!
  • It sows the seeds of complacency and kills the drive to look at the opposite side of the Law. This is what seems to have happened to whole world!

Who controls things to go wrong in any case or it’s by mere accidents or coincidences?

To my understanding, God has no interest to control the things to go wrong or right for individuals. Nor, any super natural forces or destiny exist somewhere to monitor and control!

Nothing actually happens in our universe by accident or coincidence either! It is always that there is a cause and what we see is the effect!! It is a different matter that we may not be aware or seeing the causes.

One of my colleagues from USA was traveling from Pune to New Delhi on her way to Austin. Her domestic flight got delayed from Pune leaving very little time to check into international flight at Delhi. As luck would have it, due to some problem her aircraft from Pune did not land at the same terminal in Delhi as that of her international flight. So, she was told on arrival that automatic transfer of her baggage would not be possible and she has to pick it manually and take it to check in counter of flight to USA. She did that without losing her calm only to find by the time she was at security counter that US Airline announced it is closing gates of aircraft. At this time, she tried to bypass long queue for security checking but to no avail. An airport staff was watching her struggle and rushed to her with a wheel chair. With that, the staff could bypass everyone to get security check done and informed pilot that he has a lady on wheel chair. Finally, my colleague did arrive Austin as scheduled and got her baggage too.

So, Mr. Murphy was right? Not 100%; she still managed to reach Austin as scheduled. The Law should have not permitted airport staff to appear and allow a creative idea to use wheel chair to get things done! What helped her apparently is another Law of State of Mind!

Why things would go only wrong and not right?

Left to itself, Nature follows the rule of 50% things going right and balance 50% wrong! If we experience a bias towards wrong or right in a given situation, it has a lot to do with frame of our mind!

There is no mechanism, method or theory that allows Nature to discriminate. Nature plays truly complementary!

We remember things having gone wrong more than what have gone right!

Reality is that whole world falls prey more to Negatives than Positives! These is no rational behind; it is just emotional!!

Emotions make everyone to remember negative or wrong things more than right things. So, the count of wrong things is on our finger tips; but we fail to recount right ones!

So, illusion of more things going wrong sways and swarms our memories!

Moral of Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is a half Myth! The truth is that by themselves, things go as much right as wrong! Since we throw our emotions at stake, we watch, whine, count and focus more on things, which are against our wishes and whims.

So, you have every reason to rejoice. True Law is “If anything that can go wrong – it will; so also what can go right – it will”. And ability to create a bias for right or wrong things to happen is in your mind!

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