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A Dozen Facts that can Dramatically Change Your Life in 2013 for Good!

May be you already know these; but did not do anything. Then, do it now. Or you do not know these, then know now and act! Time is today. If you wait for tomorrow, you may only keep waiting!!

Here below are the facts, which can truly revolutionize the way you have been living your life; add glitter and glamour  freedom and fragrance! Factually, these apply in all seasons and all time. Since, we humans look for special occasions to kick start, let us use today, 01-01-2013 as an opportunity to imbibe and implement these!

  1. Your world starts from you and would end with you.
    So, only you are responsible for what you do and its consequences; not your gene, zodiac sign, stars, forefathers or luck! Your heaven and hell exist in your world, nowhere else. So you get what your doings are worthy of.
  2. Your world is exactly the way, you want to see.
    You want to see glass of water half full, you would see it that way (positive way); you insist on seeing it half empty, nobody can stop you (your negative way). You believe your world is beautiful; you would find thousands things that would make you blissful. You think it is ugly; there would be hundreds incidences to unnerve you.
  3. If God is everywhere, then God has to be inside you too.
    When would you realize your infinite godly power? If you don’t even now, you would be eventually nothing but goddamned.
  4. Your fortune is not fixed at any place in universe, by any of prior events that would make things happen to you in a predetermined way.
    It is a myth that it gets fixed by date and time of your birth or any sign or star. Never allow your confidence that “it is you, who is continuously shaping your destiny by what and how you do” gets shaken, regardless of crisis or conflicts, you may face.
  5. You get = what you give.
    This is the greatest equation of nature; you can’t defy it whatever you do. You often tend to misunderstand this and hence miserable. If you make someone happy, happiness would chase you. But, if you hurt, you would also get hurt. It applies to every aspect of your life.
  6. Rules of Nature are exactly same, regardless of your status.
    Nature can only identify “plus (+)” and “minus (-)” and it cannot differentiate or discriminate between strong or weak, rich or poor, famous or failed etc. Formers in each of these pairs do right or positive things and hence, Nature helps and latter ones generally do negative things, so nature hurts. The rules that apply to Bill Gates or Barack Obama, also apply to you.
  7. Unlike micro level (particle or sub-particle), at macro level positive thoughts or karmas attract positive ones and repel negative ones. Vice versa is also true.
    Therefore, hopes would bring you happiness; worry would only bring you woes. Why you often hear “love for all”, because then you would be liked and loved by all. Hate would only increase hatred.
  8. Our very existence is contingent to presence of positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong.
    These would always co-exist in pairs. Importance of pleasure does not come without pain; relevance of day light comes from darkness in night. Crucial is to hold positives and keep negatives away. You can manage this well, when you accept this fact, respect positives and don’t react against negatives.
  9. Your past memories consist of 2 components – information and emotions. It is past emotions, which is cause of your pains or problems.
    Past information is important to build your knowledge and intellect. Past emotions bring you envy, ego, anger, anxiety, lust, greed…
    A morning newspaper has tremendous value till you gather information and your emotions get evoked. You would retain information, since it is valuable; but you would trash newspaper after reading and that is what you need to do with your earlier emotions! Emotions are relevant only in the present!!
  10. Path, by which you go up, is always different than the path by which you come down or fall.
    Therefore, make sure that you are worthy, before you take upward journey. Choose your steps mindfully; otherwise your fall could be very steep.
  11. Your technical or hard skills are no more than computer hardware, which is only run by software of “your consciousness and character, moral and ethical values”.
    Normally, we focus on hardware, making software frail. So, most end up with keep applying patches and make it pathetic! Both needs to be equally strong, but with a bias towards latter and have to go hand in hand.
  12. When you excel, you get exposed to adversity! If you become gullible, adversity would grip you.
    History is privy to innumerable instances. Bill Clinton, at his peak during 2nd US Presidential term, Tiger Woods or Rajat Gupta could not escape this.
    But, you CAN, if you follow these dozen facts with all fervor and force!

So, life in 2013…

  • Presents to you infinite possibilities.
  • Helps you to make a real difference.
  • Tells you are uniquely empowered by nature.

Whether you believe or not, these facts are verified and re-verified and hence would stand tall. You make a Choice – whether you want to believe these and add life in year 2013 and beyond or otherwise, just add another calendar year to your life!

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Your Barriers mainly come from your Notions, Perceptions and Traits

In Corporate and elsewhere, we always talk of barriers and the need to overcome these. But unfortunately, in none of the debates, discussions or development programs it is brought out what makes barriers to surface and how to manage those. The main source for barriers is your own Notions, Perceptions and Traits (NPT). Are you surprised?

It is a simple nature’s law that “What Helps could also Hurt”.

Understanding NPT

Notion, Perception and Trait belong to same family of human characteristics, which is responsible to build up our understanding or belief and helps us to respond /act. If we were to put these on a scale, then notion would be on the left end and can undergo change easily and trait would be right end, which is hard to change like our habits. Perception resides in the middle and plays the most significant role in our behavior and responses.

How N-P-Ts are born or built?

There is general agreement among experts in field of psychology, psychiatry, philosophy etc. that notions and perceptions are created and built by situational comprehensions. But, the traits are fixed from birth and genes; this may be only partially true. Following factors and situations play strong role in giving birth or building human NPT:

  1. Comprehension from routine observations, communications and discussions – reading, hearing, viewing and all such activities, which activate our sensory responses.
  2. Influence from whom you feel the awe – your role model, mentor, leader, boss, one you respect most or are obsessed with. Mind it, opposite is also true – you also get impacted by whom you indeed hate or feel repulsive!
  3. Factors, you believe have given you success, ecstasy, fun or failure.
  4. Crisis, conflicts or controversies at any stage of your life or time play a critical role to build your NPT.
  5. Childhood memories, in particular, provide strong dosage to build NPT!

An individual would have several notions, perceptions and traits, some of which may be right or others wrong, may be in synchronization with realities or against. Right N/P/T would give right results. The ones, which are wrong and out of sync with realities, create barriers.

All of above sources are essentially observations, which always translate into your memories (including images). These then branch out into your notions, perceptions and traits, apart from knowledge, information, emotions etc. We can draw strong analogy of NPT with how a computer memory works:

Main memory – RAM <—> Cognitive part of human memory, channeling info between senses and memory stored in brain

Hard disc memory <—> Knowledge and information storage in brain

Cache memory <—> Emotions (happiness, pleasure, anger frustration, ego..)

Read-only memory – ROM <—> Genetic info, which partly contributes to traits and habits

You can, now, comprehend that:

  • Notions are your “repetitive and reinforced” knowledge/info and stored like on Hard Disc in brain. Hence, these can be over written or changed with new observations; but do need efforts!
  • Perceptions are actually combination of your “notions, emotions and traits”. The emotions part of perceptions is stored like Cache memory and notions as above. To some extent, perceptions are influenced by traits, which are stored as mentioned below.
    It is because of “emotions + trait” part, which makes it harder for you to change your perceptions as compared to notions.
  • Traits are combination of “some part of genetic info and emotions”. The genetic part of info is stored like ROM and emotions like Cache memory.
    This is the most difficult combination to change; but not impossible.

Revisit and rediscover some of very common NPTs


  1. Employee friendly approach would only raise their expectations to unmanageable level.
    But, someone shows you can be friendly, which motivates them; yet manage their expectations at reasonable level.
  2. Working long and hard is dedication and sincerity to company.
    However, a true leader says this is bunk! It is all about working smart, efficient and with ownership!
  3. People get influenced and impacted by forceful expressions and plentiful explanations.
    But, people are actually swayed by short and simple sentences, and savvy manners.
  4. Keep a distance from difficult bosses or colleagues.
    When you get in more difficulties, you realize that you can only manage by narrowing distances.
  5. You can’t change others!
    Next day, you hear your leader or celebrity saying “Change is the only constant in Universe” and decide to drive a change. What would you change, if you have already erected a barrier??


  1. Mind and soul are 2 separate entities in our body.
    No branch of science has any clue what and where these are in our body.
  2. Heaven and Hell are located somewhere in Universe.
    Science has no evidence; but have experimentally found out everything – galaxies, stars etc, are moving away from us. Are Heaven and Hell also moving away from us?
  3. My destiny is fixed by date and time of my birth and traits by my Zodiac sign.
    Where and in what form/ language (there are many in our world!) the destiny has been written and what makes it fixed when everything is in dynamic state in Universe!
  4. I can do my best; but if I do not get results, it is my bad luck!
    You believe that you are doing your best; but it is actually not! Reality is if you do really best, you just cannot fail!
  5. God is everywhere!
    Then, why we keep seeking Him at specific places and keep fracturing above very belief?


  1. Suspicious in nature and hence your 1st reaction or response is to doubt.
    On leadership platform, you boast the relevance of trust!
  2. Negativism and pessimism – 1st thoughts always around possibility of failure and what is if things go wrong.
    And you believe leading by example and motivating your team?
  3. Highlight virtues and hide vices!
    But, preach honesty and transparency to employees/public?
  4. Pick on what is not done or not there, instead of praising what is done or appreciate what is there.
    But, lose no time to boast of being broad-minded and request people to be rational and reasonable!
  5. Throw towel in the face of difficulties!
    And advocate managerial courage and conviction to win?

Towards the End

One can, now, understand how your own Notions, Perceptions and Traits not merely create barriers; actually can block and choke your way forward.

Puzzling paradox is that as long as you hang around with your N-P-Ts, there no way for you to realize that there is something wrong and needs to change!

So, how to figure out what is right or wrong, real or unreal of your N-P-Ts, please wait for my next Post.

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What can bring you in Limelight?

Let me quote real life example of Peter M. (name changed), who started his engineering career 23 years back with a multinational company. He was ambitious, technically sound, sincere and diligent. His qualities saw him growing well in the organization for first 12 years. He was happy the way he was and with his accomplishments. He was put through leadership development programs. These did create impact; but limited. He used to be too busy with his routine duties and did not find time or could not fathom what he can do to bring incremental change in his qualities and character.

From 13th year, Peter’s growth started to taper down and 2 of his peers surpassed him to take up key management positions. He did not align well with his management assessment of these peers, though he knew that they are more visible, better respected by management and employees alike. He became very frustrated; however, determined to figure out how to come in the limelight and achieve a faster growth. But, his preference to focus more on his routine work brought him only limited results. Though he is now holding a management position; but his grouch is growing on being treated at par with rest of peer crowd and gap is widening with his earlier 2 peers.

Do you want to be like Peter M. or be Different and Distinguished?

Hopefully, you do not want to spend 9 to 5.00 p.m. stereo life and do desire, dare and dream to stand out. You do aspire to leave a legacy behind you, which generations would remember and revere?

10 myths and misconceptions to be discarded

  1. It is destiny, which determines my destination.
  2. I cannot influence others.
    Although we ignore how we are constantly getting influenced by others.
  3. I am not gifted like great people, who have/had God gifted talents.
  4. I cannot be very different than what my Zodiac sign suggests.
  5. I know enough; why should I break my head to know more.
  6. I have no choice, but to live with my limitations and inhibitions.
  7. If I am happy with what I am and I do; I do not need to change or take initiatives.
  8. It is more important to work for comfort than to work on constraints.
  9. It is impossible to solve all problems.
  10. I cannot drive my seniors.

10 point resolution

  1. I need to be in limelight not for popularity; but for a purpose.
    When you get it, popularity would come as an automatic consequence.
  2. If I want to be different than the crowd, then I ought to do things differently.
  3. Ideas should not remain merely in mind or as words on lips; but should become way of my life.
  4. I have immense possibilities to explore.
  5. I would have hopes for myself and heart for others.
  6. I would help; but not hurt anyone.
  7. I would not be judgmental or develop any prejudice against anyone.
  8. I would be positive.
  9. It all starts from me and ends with me.
    Hence, successes and failures are all mine.
  10. It is foolhardy to assume that my path would not be rough; but I would remain on course.

10 points to come in Limelight

  1. Be in limelight for right reasons and not for wrong ones.
    You may get tempted to be visible by raking or engaging in controversy, conflict, crisis or culpable acts; you would get thrill but troubles also!
  2. Be aware that whatever you do, it is always possible to do it differently and more efficiently. Keep exploring these possibilities; you would find one and share such info or knowledge with all stakeholders.
  3. Best differentiator for you is to innovate or create values in what you do!
    You may feel inertia or inhibition to do that; but push yourself and pursue till you get it. Set a goal for yourself that be it small or big, you would create at least one value in your work in one week. It can be as small as changing format of documentation partially for better clarity. Once you do this, you would automatically feel motivated to do more and more.
    It is important that you share and spread these with your seniors and colleagues. It is desirable that you reach wider audience through publication of these ideas and public speaking through media and other forums.
  4. Be consistent and credible in your behavior and care about comforts of your colleagues.
    It matters a lot and gets noticed.
  5. Be ethical by choice and not by fear.
  6. Bring elegance and élan in how you carry and present yourself every time!
  7. Be interactive and helpful to as many people as you can.
  8. Be composed, when you face conflicts or setbacks. Use your emotional intelligence and not emotions or ego to manage and learn from these.
  9. Be a problem solver; not a problem creator or narrator.
    People have natural tendency to do the later part; trash it.
  10. Be efficient by giving more for less – more output in less efforts or time, more meanings in less words, more love even if you get less and so on.

Believe it that if you wish to be different and distinguished, it is within your reach and realm! It is just 3×10 – 10 I’s to Ignore, 10 I’s to Imbibe and 10 B’s to Implement!!

This would be a sure shot to hog in and hug Limelight!

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