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Does phenomenal rise invariably rings in pathetic fall in max. of 4 years?

abcIndian iconic industrialist Ratan Tata retired at the age of 75 years from chairmanship of Tata group and appointed 46 years old Cyprus Mistry as his successor. This was indeed phenomenal rise of young Mistry. But recently, 4 years later, Cyprus Mistry has been sacked from chairmanship of the group for several reasons, one of the main being allegedly not following ethos of the group.

Is the fall of Cyprus Mistry attributable to his young age, inexperience or being a non-conformist?

John F. Kennedy rode to climax of his popularity and became US president at young age of about 44 years. But, less than 3 years later he was assassinated. Dark patches in his private life and assassination still remain a mystery. Bill Clinton became US president at the age of 46 years and rose to the crest of his popular appeal in about 4 years’ time and got reelected; but within 2 years thereafter, he was impeached by house of US representatives for a sex scandal. Barack Obama came to power as President at the age of 47 years and he seems to have sailed thru choppy waters during his 2 terms totaling 8 years but did not do anything phenomenal. Now, Donald Trump, despite a trail of scandals, has risen to peak of his popularity and been elected as US president at the age of 70 years. It remains to be seen how long he is able to sustain this peak.

Phenomenal boom of dot-com companies occurred in 1995 and lasted 4 years. Dot-com bubble started to bust from 1999 and it collapsed completely by 2001. US housing bubble peaked in 2004 and it busted in year 2007/2008, shattering financial markets worldwide. Iconic PC manufacturer Dell Inc. saw peak of its performance during period 1999 to 2003. From year 2004, Dell Inc. started its downward journey.

Do the above examples suggest that a rise, if phenomenal, has a limited period – perhaps a maximum of 4 years and then pathetic fall invariably follows?Non-conformist,

4 stages of phenomenal rise

Be it an individual, industry or institution, generally there are 4 stages of evolution of an exponential rise:

  1. Revolutionary idea or step
    It starts with a dramatically different but decent idea or step (like appointing or electing a very young person as leader) to address a formidable situation, crisis or an ambition.
    This can see a radical change at the top level in an organization, business model, product mix or disrupting existing practice/s.
    This stage brings lot of hopes and optimism at individual or collective level.
  2. Raising pitch
    In order to take all stake holders, customers or public in general together, an euphoria is generated by proponent/s of stage 1. Giving new vision, nice slogan/s or high sales pitches are very normal at this stage to sway the opinion of people.
  3. Razing partly or fully the old order
    Soon, realization comes that some or whole part of existing system is a stumbling block to implementation of stage 1 and only option is to dislodge it partly or fully.
    This is the stage that brings more pains than pleasure and gives birth to bête noire. Legacies and old ethos have to be bypassed.
  4. Rise
    Original idea now starts to show results. This stage also sows the seeds of greed for growth; but no one likes to look back until a climax comes.

Phenomenal rise would always prove to be premature!

Very idea of phenomenal rise is fraught with possibilities of pathetic fall.

At no stage of such speedy rise, there is enough time to broaden the base and strengthen qualities or support structure.

When you drive for height, you lose breadth in proportion. If you are young, you have energy but lack experience; you may be tough in your targets but slip on tenacity; you have to manage conflicts but with missing maturity.

During upwards journey, you are oblivious of fact that velocity and virtues, quantity and quality are mutually exclusive.

Sharp rise is only a short cut to growth and works for a short time – may be a max. of 4 years.

So, put your faith in something steady and solid in forward direction.

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How to beat age to acquire maturity and tenacity!

Matured by age or virtue? Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Young people, however dashing and dreamy they may be, are saddled with one limitation – lack of maturity and at times tenacity, which time alone can teach in normal case. At younger age, you have energy, motivation, drive, initiative and fresher mind. However, paradox is that when you have energy, you lack experience and when you gain experience, you lack energy!

Experience comes when you go through various phases of life, face a variety of situations and encounter real life examples. It is invaluable in learning lessons, making you sober and seasoned and teaching you tenacity, especially to face and manage the contradictions and crisis with candor and calm.

Take instance of Satya Nadella, 47 year old current CEO of Microsoft. Recently, he triggered a major controversy in a conference at Phoenix, Arizona by stating that women should trust “karma”, instead of asking for pay raises. I am sure that Mr. Nadella was not unaware of sensitivities around discrimination in pay packages of female and male employees in USA and elsewhere! Then, what prompted him to make such unsavory remark? How come earlier CEOs of same organization – Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, who is known for his flamboyant personality, never got into such controversy? Has that something to do with maturity, which comes of age? May be that this episode has given a good ground to Mr. Nadella to be more matured in public communication!

I must mention here that age or experience is not a guarantee for maturity or tenacity. Several experienced leaders or celebrities around the world have been seen to put their foot in mouth. What really matters is the quality of experience and its application. Yes statistically, younger ones take more beating by getting involved in controversial or catastrophic decisions, expressions or behaviors, as compared to their senior peers.

Bright and blind spots of young age!

Substantial research findings are documented below, with bright spots on left and blind spots on right side at young age. Please bear in mind that some individuals may be different; but overall scenario at corporate or community level for young executives or leaders is as follows:

  1. Plenty of prompt actions; but paucity of prudential thoughts
  2. Good salesmanship; but grim entrepreneurship
  3. Active as a boss; but passive as a leader
  4. High ambitions; but with heavy emotions
  5. Lot of energy; but also lot of ego
  6. Broad on short term outlook; but narrow on long term objectives
  7. Great at communication; but poor in content and conviction
  8. Loud talks; but little to walk
  9. Significant breadth of information; but shallow depth of knowledge/wisdom

Above are few salient blind spots, which can be attributed to lack or absence of maturity and tenacity. These fade away with age or experience for who have bent of mind to observe, learn and imbibe.

What does age or experience actually bring!

Now, this is an important revelation:

On an average, beyond age of 26 years which includes 4 to 5 years of professional experience, future age or experience does not bring any additional knowledge or wisdom. What it brings is wealth of information!

What really happens beyond around 26 years of age is that it consolidates your knowledge, refines and structures your ideas, firms up your conviction, removes self-doubts, validates or rectifies your notions or perceptions through examples, incidences and images!! There are vague thoughts or theories in your conscious or sub-conscious mind from earlier time; these either get vindicated or vanish, as you pass through time!!! All of these teach you how to respond to a given situation. One may learn a right response and others may capture a wrong one; but when many of them face heat of wrong response, they revise their earlier perception or practice.”

This process is what precisely world has come to call as experience. The resultant qualities are called as maturity and tenacity. I can vouch for the above by recounting what last 40 years have given me!

Now, how to beat age or time!

If you have understood that you have hidden treasure – knowledge and wisdom, then it is not difficult to defeat age and time. Few people are able to do it at an early age; we call them genius, intellectual, talented or extra-ordinary. Some don’t do it despite age; we term them weak, dumb, immature and so forth.

Here are the keys to beat time and unlock talent, hidden in you:

  1. Develop focus and consciousness.
  2. Don’t judge; just observe!
  3. No action on 1st reaction.
    Pause and chose your response only after contemplation.
  4. Dismantle your preconceived notions.
  5. Drop your ego and biases.
    That would make you open and flexible.
  6. Develop attitude for gratitude.
    It would make you humble.
  7. Choose company of persistent and consistent people or a coach.

I am sure, you don’t want to create a mess or face music, despite your mastery on several subjects and skills. Only way to avoid that is to be matured and tenacious and you have now seven keys to acquire the same, breaking free from barriers of time and age! 

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Wake up call – halfway life, most of us live, brings more woes than we believe!

Is it a dreamy life? Source: http://www.flickr.com/

To be very frank, most of us do not even live halfway; whereas life is our own – very personal and we should be living it full! Who stops us; what prevents us? Paradox is most of us believe that a full life means experiencing a bit of everything! No; full life means doing things, even if these are fewer, with full heart and mind, understanding and knowledge, consciousness and conviction!

Most of us think we know enough, what we are doing is correct; but when we do not get what we want, we waver to ask ourselves why and where we are going wrong. We somehow explain or satisfy ourselves that this can happen, have patience, it would come; but we do not try to fathom whether it has something to do with our own understanding. In the bargain, we do not get even 50% return on our efforts and end up muddling through our life.

We would read, listen and participate in motivational topics, enjoy exciting quotes, attend personality, character or leadership building programs; but do we drop our preconceived notions or allow our paradigm to shift in the right direction? No, we do not! Then, how can we believe that we have better understanding now, simply because we have attended such programs? More than 90% of people feel that having attended or read something better has made them better!!!

Our real problem is we lack tenacity to reach full understanding, develop full conviction and validate it by results we get. We stop midway, believing that we have got it or it is not worth going further.

Living with half definitions and half convictions!

It would be difficult to believe but true that it is more common all over the world to live with incomplete definitions and fractured convictions! To do the opposite i.e. living with full understanding is an exception! To cite some examples:

  1. Honesty is the best policy; but most don’t even know that promising but not delivering is serious act of dishonesty.
  2. Happiness is a state of mind and hence within us; but we would go all over from places of worship to places of wooing to seek it.
  3. We know ego is our worst enemy; yet we would embrace it most!
  4. We want to make money and slog for it; but don’t pay attention to how much we are losing by keeping a sum dormant in bank account or not saving and investing.
  5. We know health is real wealth; but we waste it by unhealthy eating and living habits! Why we do that, if we really have put our conviction in good health?
  6. We know importance of focus at work; we no doubt do the work but with mind full of frivolous thoughts and worries.
  7. We are aware that negative frame of mind brings negative events; yet when we become angry, anxious, disenchanted or distressed; we get swayed and swarmed by same rather than dropping those.
  8. We believe greed is not good; yet we put it above God!
  9. We are convinced that making efforts is in our hands; but not result. Yet our mind is infested with preconceived ideas for results.
  10. We clamor for Change; but last one to care about it!

Do a reality check on your conclusions and convictions

Your conclusions and convictions are fractured or false, if:

  • You don’t practice those in cozy or comfortable time.
    But, you would put your faith on those only during trying or troubled time.
  • You practice those during good time; but question or throw those away during bad time.
  • Those do not deliver to you good results!
    It is impossible that a full and right conclusion or conviction can ever fail you!!

In short, your definitions, knowledge, understanding, conclusions and convictions are real and complete, only if you live by those regardless you get successes or setbacks!

Living a full Life!

It is better to be ignorant than to be ill or partially informed! But, your information is complete, only if you are implementing or using it!! It is bunk to say that oh, I know it but don’t feel like using it. Fact may be that you do not know it fully. It is impossible that your information or conclusions are nearly complete and your mind would not compel you to use it.

You take cycles of good and bad, high and low as granted. But, one of main factors for such cycles is you draw upon your right conviction, which brings good and then you drop it only to face bad. Reason why you draw upon and drop, your convictions are actually fractured; otherwise there is no reason why you would not always stay with those! To add to your woes, you develop illusion that you have the right knowledge; but it is not helping.

As mentioned before, put your full faith in living a full life and you can only do that when you go an extra mile to get your information, knowledge, learning, conclusions and convictions as complete as you can and then do the above reality check. Never worry about too many things or too much information. When you do few things right and complete, you would automatically get opportunity and time to do more!

So, live a full life by aforesaid definition, you would surely reap rich fruits forever!

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Your Notions, Perceptions & Traits could be Crippling, unless….

13th day of a month falling on Friday or 13 as a number is ominous and sends shrills and shivers to many across the world. Many aircrafts do not have 13th row of seats! But, 13th Friday or 13th number has often worked for me and many more! People, who believe that does not work for them, ground themselves from flying in an aircraft or starting anything new that day or such other things! Why is that? What is the realty? There is one nature or God, looking at billions of people on the earth. Why would it or He discriminate with the people and on what basis?

Many sections of people believe that if a black cat crosses their path, something bad would happen to them. These people halt for some time at that point where they were, allow someone else to pass-by first and then they proceed further. By implication, they mean that bad can happen to someone else but not to them! Many times such believers do a clever job of turning back and taking another route, even if they have to waste time. Perhaps this makes them less guilty; because they think it is the fate of that person, who would now cross such line first, along which the black cat had passed! Poor black cat!!

This is the kind of dilemma or damage; your perceptions can deflect on you. Do you know what implications of such perceptions are (some call these as superstitions, which are nothing but perceptions albeit stronger in nature)?

Till you hold such perceptions (or notions), you would believe those as sacrosanct. That would generate suspicions or worries in mind, puts you on slippery ground and shake your confidence. Suspicions or worries often tend to actualize!

Net result – your perceptions would only perpetuate further!!

How to manage N-P-Ts

This is really tricky. Big paradox is “what you believe leads to your N-P-Ts, so how can you disbelieve very same thing and judge which one is right or wrong, real or unreal?” And unless you judge; you cannot manage!! Here is the solution:

Evaluate the after-effects of your N/P/T. You would then be able to figure out what to manage.

When N/P/T is right

If these are right and real, then:

  1. You would get desired results.
  2. You would be successful, in what you pursue.
  3. You would be liked and loved by your colleagues and relied upon by your seniors.
  4. You would find confirmation of what you believe in majority of reference books, journals, articles and in what others have also experienced from the same or similar N/P/Ts.
  5. You would generally be at peace and will have least sleep disturbances.
  6. You would exude confidence and may be brilliance.
  7. You would be optimistic and dynamic.

When N/P/T is wrong

When your notions, perceptions and traits are ill-conceived and far from what is real or desired, then you would be (or carry):

  1. Naysayer – Negative or pessimistic thoughts and expressions.
  2. Negative emotions most time – frustration, flaw-finding, fussy, frantic and furious.
  3. Not willing to accept realities, despite proved wrong. Would show tendency to be toxic, dogmatic and orthodox.
  4. Not open to change. Closed minded.
  5. Not able to accept responsibility for failures; instead pass the buck. Exhibit ego.
  6. Not like to trust, be suspicious and shaky.
  7. Not easy to deal with; generally argumentative.

Real challenge – when Ns or Ps are fractured!

Most common and complex what people have are fractured notions or perceptions. It means that people hold opposite notions/perceptions in mind, keep flicking between right and wrong one; switch between real and unreal. It is clear that they do not realize this and live in illusions.

Note that traits are tough and tightly knit in your nature; hence cannot get fractured. These remain what these are, unless there are tenacious efforts to change the same. If these are positive, could combine brilliantly with right part of Ns/Ps to give you best of results. On other hand, if negative, these would combine with negative Ns/Ps to unleash havoc.

An example – a toxic boss (- trait) has fractured perception that employees should treated as buddy sometimes and bulldozed sometimes. Such a boss would mostly lean on wrong part of his perception and make lives of most difficult.

Fractured Ns and Ps would make you:

  1. To fail or succeed.
  2. To regret or rejoice.
  3. To feel low or high.
  4. To get constraints or comforts.
  5. To get jitters or joy.
  6. To have your views rubbished or reinforced.
  7. To be dogmatic or pragmatic.

Now, to conclude and execute

  • If your N-P-Ts are right, you should get most of above 7 Y(es) most times.
    Right needs to be reinforced and restored losing no time, if cracks creep in.
  • If your N-P-Ts are wrong after watching 7 N(o) above, waste no time to wash those out. It will not be easy; but endure your efforts.
  • So far so good. Now the nasty 7 T(oughs)! You need to be most vigilant about your fractured N & Ps. You would not recognize and realize these readily; instead you would face illusion and evasion.
    You need to build conviction and watch when above 7 Ts go right or left. You need to be resolute in retaining right and leave left (wrong) part of your N & Ps. Adopt Right and Abolish Left (Wrong).
  • To change/retain/adopt right part of your N-P-Ts, please refer analogy drawn with computer memories in my previous post “Your Barriers mainly come from your N-P-Ts”. Info about the wrong part has to overwritten by right or real ones in hard disc like memory of your brain repetitively through your observations and analysis.
    Delete or dilute as much of your emotions stored in cache like memory in brain as possible. Dare to do that; you would be most delighted by its results!
    Inspire and instigate yourself to influence and correct your traits stored as genetic info in ROM kind of memory in your brain. You need passion and patience to do it.

It is “Possible” and “You Can”!

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