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Are modern day science n stress making us more sick or superstitious?


True image or illusion?

Current US President Barack Obama has revealed in a recent interview that he always carries in his pocket a statuette of Lord Hanuman, small Buddha, silver poker chip etc. and seeks inspiration from same when he feels tired or discouraged. But, he has said that he is not that superstitious.

He is not alone; he has millions of followers!

How gifts and gadgets of science are making you more superstitious

You would find celebrities, artists, leaders, especially from political polity and gen. next more than ever before wearing rings containing specific stones, colorful bands or sacred threads on their wrists or lucky charms to attract good omens. Advancements in multimedia enable millions to watch them like never before and entice them to emulate such practices.

Scientific advancements have given advent to social media and social media have brought together not only colleagues, cultures, traditions, beliefs and rituals from every corner of our planet but also voices of faith healers and fortune tellers. Every other day, I get text message on my cell phone about forecast for my future and what I should do to make it lucky. One day while under duress, one is bound to fall prey to same.

All kinds of wearable devices are now available to monitor nearly all parameters of your body. Everything looks hunky-dory as long as these parameters are within prescribed limits. But what is if some of those go out of limits? You land on the lap of stress, superstition or god for quick fixes. Hardly anyone would run to doctors for every tit and bit; but if someone does it, he/she would create another set of psychological problems.

When you are stressed, you fall either sick or prey to superstitions

Stress has long list of its byproducts – insomnia, IBS, cardio disorder, lever dysfunction, diabetes… and now new research studies including one conducted by Ohio State University have added cancer, as it gets accentuated by stress.

In modern age, there are many more media available to invite stress, leading among which is social media and mobile phones. Social media is a great boon as well as a gruesome bane. It is a classic example of how plus and minus go hand in hand. Thirty years back, we were surviving very well without having even a line of remote communication at home; today we can’t sustain a minute without cell phone in hand.

No one notices, rather dislikes to notice silent stress of taking selfies, posting images supposedly better than previous day, racing to get more likes and repenting if buddies or beloved did not like it.

Untold story of how science has been misused by man

In its original form, science is secular and secures everyone; but depending upon how it is used or applied, it can create values and virtues or vices and viruses; it can develop faith or fear; surprisingly, its positive use promotes spiritualism and negative use prompts materialism.

Though the taste of man or masses is for positive, their recipe is for exactly opposite – negative. That is why scientific facts have been twisted by most people into their fractured faiths i.e. illusions or superstitions and turned on more far right and left wing ideas and ideologies leaving little space for the center or balanced ones. Discoveries of atom and subatomic particles should have consolidated our conviction that god is everywhere but we have pushed him elsewhere – deeper into isolation and places of worship. We have used these discoveries more for destruction than for construction, creating more stress on our system. We have misused stress to create more medicines and manipulated the fact that it is more a matter of mind control.

We hardly know who we are; but we want to jump into bandwagon of knowing who and where aliens are. We are unable to arrest decay of our world colony; but billions of dollars are being spent on race for colonizing Mars and Moons.

But, all is not lost yet, if we can still realize that it is a bad idea to misuse or overuse science, its gifts and gadgets and that it is a bane to drift away from core principles of nature and life!

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Let easy access to every information not impair, but improve your intellectual abilities!

Information deluge! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Intellectual abilities far outweigh your technical competence, educational qualifications, experience or general knowledge/information. If someone stands out of the crowd, it ought to do something with his/her intellectual abilities. Ability to analyze, rationalize, empathize, reason-out, lead, innovate, create, anticipate and foresight comes from your intellect!

Intellectual abilities have more to do with your EQ (emotional quotient) as compared to IQ. Everyone has these abilities; but the degree varies. Those with higher degree of intellect are tremendously successful in their career and personal life, enjoy terrific happiness and sense of accomplishments!

Intellectual abilities can be defined as your abilities to comprehend, contemplate and conclude using your consciousness and wisdom! These are all about mind and its response to a given situation!! This sounds like a simple statement; but it plays the most significant part in making you!!!

Let us discuss what the biggest threat is that can impair these abilities and what opportunities are there to improve the same.

Risks that we run in current era!

This is an era of information explosion. Colossal amount of information is being captured, collated, classified and presented every second. To access this information, internet and smart phones, apart from TV, Tablets and PCs/Laptops, have become integral part of nearly everyone’s life.

Research results and surveys show staggering use of on-line media. As per GlobalWebIndex, people across the world now spend an average of 10.7 hrs. daily on all forms of media, out of which 5.6 hrs. are spent on digital media! Weighted world average, as per survey conducted in Jan. 2014, for daily time spent on social media alone is 2.0 hrs., with Argentinians spending highest time of 4.3 hrs. and least time being spent by Japanese at 0.8 hr. Average American spends 2.3 hrs. per day, whereas Indians spend 2.4 hrs. on social media. Most of such time spent is for non-work related information exchange.

If you are an active user of social media, you would only know how much time you are tempted to spend on clicking likes, conveying greetings for birthdays, festivals, job or profile changes of your friends or followers! Most of times, people do it under compulsion or casually; but seldom consciously or purposefully!

Where does this relentless search and storage of information (in physical or mental files) lead to?

  1. Majority of times, surfing and search for information by most is random and hence, its end use is also random.
  2. When you don’t have a purpose of an activity, you would not know or bother about prudential limits of the same. This is when, you would stray into what is not sober and tend to get hooked to inadvertent or indecent information.
  3. Without a clear purpose, you can never focus on quality and hence you fall prey to quantity!
    So, you would engage yourself reading and collecting lot of information. This can only clutter and confuse your mind and kill your focus! It would be interesting to know that more than 80% of information that you read from print or soft media is irrelevant to you. So, imagine the time you spend first to read and then to mull over or discuss such information!
    It is good to remember that “good has limits; but bad has none”. Immaterial information is actually an ill!
  4. Irrelevant information makes you inefficient and incoherent!
  5. If you believe that what you do for fun, leisure or entertainment, including reading or viewing information, does not impact your character or class, think over again!
    What you do for fun actually has firm impact on your persona. So, be frugal with information flow or exchange!!
  6. Loads of information would lower your drive, patience, peace of mind and sound sleep.
  7. If one or more clicks can get you every information, multiple answers to every question you have, that too duly analyzed, then what is left for your brain to work on? How would you strengthen your analytical and computing abilities?
    2 things are sure to happen – (a) what comes easily also goes away easily. So you would have problem to retain such information in your mind (b) for lack of exercise, your brain would lose its power, like your muscles do in absence of good use! 

From above, it is very clear that easy, enormous and erratic information can severely impair your intellectual abilities.

How to convert risks into rewards!
You are blessed with superbly advanced information technology; do everything possible that it does not become a bane for you. Here is what you can do:

  1. Lower your engagement for the information, which is not relevant to you or to which you are inert or you react. Put more emphasis of such information from various media that makes you alert and active.
  2. Most efficient use of information that you gather is to align it with your short and long term goals.
  3. Practice to evaluate or investigate the information you possess as to what are contradictions, lack of clarity, presence of paradoxes and gray or unexplored areas in the same.
    Result of such evaluation would be your real opportunities to work on!
  4. Decipher from the information you have, up to what level the work has already been done. Going beyond that level, work and innovate would bring you experience and excellence, you would ever treasure and endear!
  5. Neven keep information or knowledge you possess as dormant. Roll it in following cycle:
    Information –> Investigate –> Innovate/ new ideas –> Inspiration –> Increasing intellectual abilities/Implementation/Strengthening your beliefs

So, why not take full advantage of IT enabled age to become fully Intellectually enabled?

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Money – the best Mask for most Maladies!

A man is known to have good chunk of money and participates in a marathon race for the cause of blind people, he becomes master of Universe! “Blind worship of wealth” seems to be what today’s media tends to project! On the darker side, same man also runs a cast iron foundry shop, where he compromises on investment for proper safety gear to protect eyes of his workers from the molten metal in plant’s furnace! This fact has remained in dark so far!! You would notice time to time that CEOs or promoters of profitable organizations are being labeled as visionaries of world, leading lights of the country and savior of industries.

I was to take a direct flight from San Francisco to JFK Airport, New York around summer of 1994 and had a confirmed seat on a US airline. When I reached airport well ahead of reporting time, I was told by airline staff that the flight is overbooked and I need to wait a little bit until he sorts out the mess; but he promised that my seat being confirmed would not be a problem. I followed up couple of times; but got similar answers from the staff, until only 30 minutes were left for the flight departure. I again walked up to him and told him angrily that now nothing doing; give me the seat. He looked into his console and told me “He is sorry, all seat have been allotted and flight is closed. He is putting me on another flight 1 hour later via Memphis and would give me additionally a free return ticket from San Francisco to JFK Airport”. I got wild and told him “This is simply not done. I care a damn for free return ticket. I am going to miss an important meeting with a customer and my company is going to lose a major contract.” He told me coldly that is what he can do, he is very sorry though! A US citizen was watching this episode. He approached me and told “Gentleman, if I were you, I would sue this airline and am sure to get couple of hundred thousands of dollars as compensation!” Later on, I learnt that airline was declared as the best US airline of the year!!

In most developed countries, I have observed that if you could not sleep through the night due to bug in the bed of your room, hotel staff would proudly buy you a free evening drink! Forget the quality of what you post on social media; you can buy likes and followers by paying a fee and make your post a super hit!! Money can put the virtues and vices in the same bracket!!!

And we call it our intellectual renaissance!

When money is the motto, maladies are bound to mingle!

Yes, money is important, indispensable; yet it must not become your motto. Unless you treat money as only one of the means, you are bound to get mired with maladies. Like it or not, one day or another, these very maladies would overtake you and make you to lose same money.

When money becomes your motive, following would surface, go under wrap; but hurt you in due course:

  1. Money brings perk of Power, Position, Popularity and/or Publicity. It can also be vice versa, when these Ps bring money.
    All of these Ps become poison, when money drives your motives!
  2. Arrogance
  3. Poor quality and/or content of your communications
  4. Paucity of empathy and plenty of envy.
  5. Malfunction of your psychology, wardrobes
    and what not!

When service and satisfaction of stakeholders become primary…

Mistake me not; you need money! Flow of money is a sign of your doing it right. But, you can only do it right, when you make service and satisfaction of stakeholders, customers included, as primary purpose of what you do. Make sure that you are sincere and focused in this purpose. It is only then that money would come to you as a by-product, come in plenty and would become your blessing!

Our main problem is lack of our belief in above, even though we may know it, poor patience and passion.

Generations have tried to earn money through fair or unfair means; but it eventually failed to fructify or fly. Money can bring prosperity and peace of mind, when it comes as a consequence of service and satisfaction of your stakeholders.

So, take a call now and if you do, please do it sincerely!

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Our Life is full of Paradoxes! Why is that?

Look at your life closely and you would be amazed to find plethora of paradoxes and clusters of contradictions, which you might have come across. But, wonder how much you have noticed; so please ponder the following:

  1. Nature has given right things in the wrong hands or places and wrong things in the right hands or places.
    There are innumerable examples – Roses among thorns, Lotus in muddy waters, Energy resources – oil, gas & coal and rich minerals in difficult terrains and territories. Usually, very intelligent people have family and/or health issues and very healthy people are short of head. Look at your own body anatomy; you may discover weird combinations, which you may wish could have been different!
  2. In our drive of Pollution control, we have completely lost our way of Population control. No one has clue or clear data, how much this is painting black on green (initiatives).
  3. Governments and Industries lay emphasis and empathy on consumption for growth; but apathy on conservation.
  4. Balancing act of nature is through bestowing Fury n Favor; seldom does it through fair deal to the most!
  5. In pursuit of promoting Freedom and Democracies, some have promoted only Frightened and Fearful.
  6. The Worst tends to take grip, when people are at their Best.
    In 1923, eight of the wealthiest people in the world met. Their combined estimated wealth exceeded wealth of US Government at that time.
    25 years later:
    1. President of the largest steel company, Charles Schwab, died bankrupt.
    2. President of the largest gas company, Howard Hubson, went insane.
    3. One of the greatest commodity traders, Arthur Cutton, died insolvent.
    4. President of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Whitney, was sent to jail.
    5. A member of the President’s Cabinet, Albert Fall, was pardoned from jail.
    6. The greatest “bear” on Wall Street, Jessie Livermore, committed suicide.
    7. President of the world’s greatest monopoly, Ivar Krueger, committed suicide.
    8. President, Bank of International Settlement, Leon Fraser, committed suicide.
      People make either a living (money) or life; rarely both!
  7. In IT era, illustrious idiom like “Ignorance is Bliss” has lost meaning to “Information is Blast”.
  8.  With unlimited info a click away, people are confused what to do with it.
  9. Social media receives so much of our time that we are left with no time for who cares and cries for us.
  10. Two gifts of our great time – “Say Sorry” and “Make Excuses”! People keep giving these so graciously that they go for third one “Why deliver what they promised”.
  11. When you have energy (young age), you do not know to channel it and when you know to channel it (matured age), you are left with little.
  12. When you like someone, you get closer and closer, only to find cracks and then, you repel farther and farther.
  13. When you want to get rid of assets, their values often rise!
  14. You do not realize relevance and value of what you have or virtues of others, until these start to diminish or vanish.
  15. When you are hollow, shallow or new (to a function), you tend to shout; but sober down, when you become solid and can afford to shout!

So much is for now; more in my next post and so also, why our life is that way?

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