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Prerequisite to hold power should be commitment to empower!

Power of Empowerment! Source:http://www.flickr.com/

Those, who cannot empower their team, sub-ordinates or juniors, do not deserve to hold power, whether in companies, communities, countries or even in their personal lives! Power corrupts, when concentrated!! Power becomes a poison, when one revolves around power and does not devolve it to concerned people or participants.

What do people do, when they have power?

  • Use
  • Misuse

If you are putting your power to good or right use, what would you do? You would not believe in asserting it, as your senses would suggest to you that people around you understand your power. If you have your own vision, imagination or ideas, you would take pains to make people aware of the same. You would cajole or coax them to be part of a team to help accomplish those. But you would never coerce them to do it, as that would tantamount to misuse of power! You would not command or demand either; instead you would motivate them and show the way to do it! If they succeed, you would speak well of them; but you would not like to fire, if they fail! What do these actions amount to? It is Empowerment!

On other hand, if you misuse your power, you would become autocratic; you would dictate or impose your ideas. You would go by your whims, likes and dislikes. You would be tempted to play politics. You would hold the hands of whom you like, regardless of merit. You may be able to produce results by forcing your team to perform; but that performance would not last for long. You would take credit by discrediting others!

Remember, in most organizations or institutions, power is misused in the name of leadership, albeit very subtly! There are only 10 to 15% of organizations in industrial sector, where management indeed puts power to correct use and that is one of the key reasons, responsible for their excellent performance. So, right use of power can only reside in empowerment!

Empowerment has enviable virtues and enormous power; yet very few actually understand those in corporate circles or public platforms. Therefore, it is more used as a jargon and given lip service by most bosses.

Let us first understand essence of empowerment.

Essential elements of empowerment

  1. Trust
    It is most critical to put clear and complete trust on people to be empowered.
  2. Respect
    Only through respect, you can motivate the people and induce ownership in them.
  3. Freedom
    Without freedom to operate and take routine decisions, empowerment would be a fiasco.
  4. Laying down explicit expectations and goals
    Most leaders and management miss on this, sending empowerment for a toss.
  5. Giving credit and withholding discredit
    If empowered team delivers good result, head or boss must give them due credit. But, if team fails, head or boss must abstain from decrying or discrediting the team. Instead he/she should initiate corrective and improvement actions.
  6. Training
    Appropriate training for people is a prerequisite, so that they understand how to perform and deliver.
  7. Coaching
    Regular coaching by supervisors or seniors is necessary to keep people on course to produce the expected results.

If you carefully evaluate above 7 elements, you would conclude that these are imperatives for any leader or boss to be successful.

One, who empowers, excels!

Leader, who swears by empowerment, stands to gain terrific advantages:

  1. Effective and efficient management
  2. Transparency and consistency in organization’s performance
  3. Loyalty and infallible commitment of team members
  4. Availability of adequate time to plan and strategize business and its healthy growth
  5. Ease in driving and managing changes
  6. Develops consciousness and selflessness

One, who is empowered, enjoys!

Those, who are empowered, reap rich rewards in terms of:

  1. High degree of job satisfaction and personal accomplishment
  2. Sense of pride at work place
  3. High level of ownership and stewardship
  4. Talent/competency development
  5. Clear career path and bright prospects to grow
  6. Inculcating initiative, ethics and team spirit

A power pack mandate

Above gives a clear mandate – those, who are not committed by choice to use their power to empower employees or people down the line, should not qualify for getting power at first very place. If you find ills in private or public organizations, chief culprit is holding the power (which, in fact, is a misuse) to the chest by who are given power. Manipulation, malice, malpractices, poor performance, lack of talent development and failed business strategies emanate from concentrating power by those at the helm. It also gives rise to arrogance and ego, which organizations can ill afford!

If organizations have to be managed in a clean, credible and charismatic manner, “commitment to empowerment” should be made an essential prerequisite to select or promote anyone to the position of power, supervision or management. If this is done, then power of one pair of hands would multiply by number of pairs of hands empowered! Imagine the formidable energy, your company would have then, which can indeed help make it iconic and imaginative! 

How about implementing this inference in full earnest and essence?

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Universal rule for Dos & Don’ts!

“Do, what makes you Happy!

Don’t do what Harms, Hurts or Hates others!!”

Very often, most come on crossroads and get confused what to do or not do. But, it is amazing that above 2 sentences can indeed guide you and help determine correct way forward! These sentences are not alien to most; but what has been hitherto beyond comprehension of many is that these actually constitute a universal rule for “Dos & Don’ts” in nearly all situations all over world – be it good or bad time, successes or failures, comfort or crisis.

True meaning of Happiness

Happiness is one of the most widely used words; but irony is that it is also the most misunderstood term! Most confuse happiness with pleasure, excitement, enjoyment, attachment or attraction. Happiness is just a state of mind, in which there is no conflict of thoughts. Mind is focused just on the present situation or “Now”!

Selflessness and fearlessness descend automatically, when one is really in a state of happiness!!

How the rule keeps you on track

  1. You can’t be happy at work without being motivated and charged; and you can’t get success without these 2 attributes!
  2. Leadership trait demands that one be hopeful and helpful. Happiness can’t survive without these 2 qualities.
  3. Without being happy, you can’t be productive yet creative. And you cannot gain visibility in a company or society without being productive as well as creative.
  4. You ought to be passionate and compassionate in order to be happy. In order to be people friendly, you need these likewise.
  5. Since there is no conflict of thoughts and fear during the state of happiness, these make you decisive and daring! That is what you need, to be good in management.
  6. Plural thoughts and preconceived notions cannot bring happiness; in other words, you have to be focused and flexible to be happy, which are also exactly needed to beat your rivals or competitors.
  7. If you want to be a great communicator, you cannot do without confidence and prudence, which also create great sense of your satisfaction i.e. happiness.

It very much implies that don’t do what makes you unhappy – anxiety, anger, worries or fear!

How the rule does not allow you going off track

  1. If your attitude is unreasonable and unruly, you are bound to hurt whom you are dealing with. So, you cannot afford to do it!
  2. Being rash and rude is bound to irritate others, regardless of high position you are holding. So, it is undesirable in every case.
  3. In the name of duty, if you are abusive or atrocious, you would only attract repulsion or hatred from others. You cannot justify these under any circumstance.
  4. Being unfair and unfriendly can encourage you to play games and politics against others and harm them. You would always lose by doing that.
  5. Your impulsive and provocative communication would invariably trigger hurt for others and would never go down well.
  6. If you are inconsiderate or irritating to others, you cannot be a likeable person.
  7. If you shout or show off, it can only create a crack in other’s understanding of you and hence can afford the least.

So, this is a golden rule, whose glitter can glorify your character and make you very graceful!

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“Blessings” or “Best Wishes” – which one gives better sense & strength!

Two terms “Blessings” and “Best Wishes” are used by us very frequently; but, very few might have realized real difference between these, though both are positive expressions of good thoughts from one person to another! If we can learn this difference, it can make a hell of a difference in our approach and attitude, in our ability to create impact and influence!

Blessings present inequality

Blessings are indicative of level difference between “seeker or receiver” and “giver”. Giver of blessings is recognized as more powerful, knowledgeable, respectable or elder, whereas seeker or receiver is believed not to have reached that level.

Seeking blessings shows humbleness of seeker. On the other hand, thought of giving blessing in mind of a giver boosts his/her ego. This is true except for God, though very difficult for giver to admit it. It is not easy for giver to resist temptation to have feeling of superiority and that kills the very spirit or strength of blessings!

Best Wishes represents equality

Best wishes signify and symbolize selflessness, harmony, empathy, understanding, and level play. It does not create any sense of superiority or inferiority.

Another very significant difference is that best wishes are not sought or solicited; these can only be given by giver!

Other key differences between Blessings and Best Wishes

  • Blessings prompt Give and Take; whereas Best Wishes promote only Giving!
  • There is always motive/s (physical attributes like longer or healthier life, alleviation from sufferings, more prosperity or power etc.) attached to Blessings; whereas only thing linked to latter is Goodness or Good feelings.
  • Contents of Blessings would vary from giver to giver; whereas Best Wishes uniformly crave for the best of things!

Key derivative

Blessings should be only prerogative of God (and may be of Elders, not for their power, popularity or position but for reasons for their age)! More meaningful are Best Wishes!!

By and large, we are bugged by our biases and therefore, it is rare that we offer best wishes to others from bottom of our heart. These come more from top of our lips and that is why we don’t experience their true value and strength.

Offer your sincere thoughts and feelings to others by your heart; you would witness phenomenal change in your happiness, motivation and confidence levels. Your hatred or hiccups for others would dissolve into sheer love and understanding!

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