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Are modern day science n stress making us more sick or superstitious?


True image or illusion?

Current US President Barack Obama has revealed in a recent interview that he always carries in his pocket a statuette of Lord Hanuman, small Buddha, silver poker chip etc. and seeks inspiration from same when he feels tired or discouraged. But, he has said that he is not that superstitious.

He is not alone; he has millions of followers!

How gifts and gadgets of science are making you more superstitious

You would find celebrities, artists, leaders, especially from political polity and gen. next more than ever before wearing rings containing specific stones, colorful bands or sacred threads on their wrists or lucky charms to attract good omens. Advancements in multimedia enable millions to watch them like never before and entice them to emulate such practices.

Scientific advancements have given advent to social media and social media have brought together not only colleagues, cultures, traditions, beliefs and rituals from every corner of our planet but also voices of faith healers and fortune tellers. Every other day, I get text message on my cell phone about forecast for my future and what I should do to make it lucky. One day while under duress, one is bound to fall prey to same.

All kinds of wearable devices are now available to monitor nearly all parameters of your body. Everything looks hunky-dory as long as these parameters are within prescribed limits. But what is if some of those go out of limits? You land on the lap of stress, superstition or god for quick fixes. Hardly anyone would run to doctors for every tit and bit; but if someone does it, he/she would create another set of psychological problems.

When you are stressed, you fall either sick or prey to superstitions

Stress has long list of its byproducts – insomnia, IBS, cardio disorder, lever dysfunction, diabetes… and now new research studies including one conducted by Ohio State University have added cancer, as it gets accentuated by stress.

In modern age, there are many more media available to invite stress, leading among which is social media and mobile phones. Social media is a great boon as well as a gruesome bane. It is a classic example of how plus and minus go hand in hand. Thirty years back, we were surviving very well without having even a line of remote communication at home; today we can’t sustain a minute without cell phone in hand.

No one notices, rather dislikes to notice silent stress of taking selfies, posting images supposedly better than previous day, racing to get more likes and repenting if buddies or beloved did not like it.

Untold story of how science has been misused by man

In its original form, science is secular and secures everyone; but depending upon how it is used or applied, it can create values and virtues or vices and viruses; it can develop faith or fear; surprisingly, its positive use promotes spiritualism and negative use prompts materialism.

Though the taste of man or masses is for positive, their recipe is for exactly opposite – negative. That is why scientific facts have been twisted by most people into their fractured faiths i.e. illusions or superstitions and turned on more far right and left wing ideas and ideologies leaving little space for the center or balanced ones. Discoveries of atom and subatomic particles should have consolidated our conviction that god is everywhere but we have pushed him elsewhere – deeper into isolation and places of worship. We have used these discoveries more for destruction than for construction, creating more stress on our system. We have misused stress to create more medicines and manipulated the fact that it is more a matter of mind control.

We hardly know who we are; but we want to jump into bandwagon of knowing who and where aliens are. We are unable to arrest decay of our world colony; but billions of dollars are being spent on race for colonizing Mars and Moons.

But, all is not lost yet, if we can still realize that it is a bad idea to misuse or overuse science, its gifts and gadgets and that it is a bane to drift away from core principles of nature and life!

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Many try to trade off good karmas with grim ones; does that work?

Karma is a relatively new addition to English dictionary; so for the sake of clarity, let me explain its basic meaning. Karma means one’s deeds, doings or thoughts and effect, which one would experience as a result of the same.

Our life embodies karma and therefore, life and karma are inseparable. Karma is completely secular and scientific. Regardless of our beliefs or faiths, karma impacts everyone. Simplest example is you do good, result can’t be anything but good. If anyone argues to the contrary, it is nothing but illusion in understanding.

In day to day life, despite best of our intentions, we land up doing something wrong and then we try to compensate it by consciously or vociferously doing next few things right.

Does that really work?

Effect of bad is not equal to that of good!

Some years back, my supervisor, who was located in overseas country, planned a visit to Pune with his wife. I advised my secretary to book a hotel room and make sure that it is kept ready in time on day of arrival. I myself went to hotel to receive guests; but found that hotel staff had not kept the room ready despite reminder. Since it was taking too long to arrange the room, I got upset on reception staff. Then, they rushed and arranged the room.

I had good rapport with my supervisor, as my organization was always exceeding the targets. About 4 years later, during my routine meeting with supervisor, he suddenly mentioned to me for first time that he did not like the way I got upset on hotel staff during aforesaid trip. This set me to ponder whether I was so bad when I got upset, even though I was making sure that hotel staff does a minimum for my guests what was promised. In retrospect, it seemed to me that getting upset probably was not a good idea, since it left such scar in memory of my supervisor, which would not go away even after 4 years!

Let us take example of serving customers. You may have delivered to your customer 99 times on time and with quality; but if you fail 100th time, all what has been done previously would be washed away and in addition, one bad incident would reverberate may be another 99 times!

Why nature has a heavy bias for banes

Realities of world we live in are:

  1. Our primary needs are health, happiness, hopes and safety, all of which are possible, if we are positive.
    We are very sensitive to anything, which would threaten these i.e. negative deeds.
  2. Above always highlights negativity in far greater proportion than positivity!
  3. Despite knowing fully well that anything negative is not good, we have natural tendency to lean on it!
    This paradox is borne out of the fact that anything negative is consequence of our emotions, based upon past memories which reside in our mind like a cache memory of a computer!
    This means negativity tends to surface effortlessly!!
  4. To be good or positive requires efforts, since it is borne out of our consciousness.
  5. Effects of being wrong or negative lasts much longer and so are the consequences!

Abandon trading off good with grim or bad

  1. You are bound to face constant insinuation or inclination towards what is negative or bad – anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, greed, guilt, hurting others etc. and succumb to same!
  2. You know what is good and do go for it; but not as often as you should!
  3. Now a new fact:
    What is worst is to trade off or mix point 2 with 1 above!!
    Many believe trading off would lessen their loss; it actually increases.
    Belief that trading off would work brings many back to bad deeds with vengeance!
    Majority thinks it is its moral responsibility to do good to compensate for bad. This is bunk! Here below is why:
    1. When you trade off, you can never see clear image and implication of its constituents – positive and negative or good and bad. You only get a mixed or diluted picture.
    2. On the other hand, when you don’t trade off, you can actually see both parts as stand-alone.
      It is only then that you can truly understand greatness of one (positive) and gravity of another (negative)!
    3. No sooner you have clarity on 2 opposites; you would be able to master managing both.
      You surely need this, because life exists only because positives and negatives co-exist!

So, truth is on your table – trading off 2 opposites is biggest source of your troubles and traumas. Treat good and bad or positive and negative in stand-alone modes. Then, you would be inspired to meticulously manage both and make it merry!

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