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Can your future n fortune be predicted or planned n prepared?


Prediction can go wrong but not planning for future!

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are busy taking out dirty linens from each other’s drawers in public, pollsters and respective supporters are agog and busy predicting fate of their candidates in US presidential campaign.

During annual examination, a student is always eager that someone could correctly predict whether he/she would get through or fail. Many people, who have not been successful in their previous job interviews, visit astrologer or tarot card reader to know whether they would get through in next interview.

But, we seldom think, what would happen, if we know our future in advance. If a student knows that he/she would get thru in examination, he/she would stop to prepare. If a sportsman knows ahead of time that his team would be defeated, he would have no heart to play. There would have been no need to spend billions of dollars and bloodbath of words, if the two contestants in current US election knew their actual fate.

So, correct knowledge of our future can instantly kill our thoughts, talent, thrill … and lot more; yet most of us incessantly keep searching or worrying about our future.

Is your future and fortune predictable?

There are modern methods and tools to predict things in advance – surveys, statistical algorithms, mathematical models and now Big Data.

Then, there are age old practices of astrology, horoscopy, palmistry, numerology and many more, practitioners of which insist that these are based on science though some surmise it is divine driven. That is not true. Science is always in black and white; whereas these practices thrive on what is gray. As regards divine hands, it is a clear case of what we fear but can’t fathom, we tend to defer it to domain of faith or god.

All of above tools or techniques are fundamentally governed by law of probabilities. If prediction of fortune teller is closer to higher probability, it has higher chance of coming true and turns out to be false, in case of low probability.

For a variety of reasons, we are saddled with one or more of following perceptions:

  • Our future gets defined by our birth time or zodiac sign.
  • Our future is predefined and stored somewhere, which keeps rolling in – how? Not known.
  • Our fortune has been written on our forehead – by who? God or genes?
  • When we think or dream of future, we are actually dipping into same.
  • When past time vanishes, future is already waiting with its wings (where?) to become visible.

None of above is true. Even science has failed to define correctly what future time is.

When you think or dream of future, you actually do it on basis of past memories or images. Past time is what gets stored as your memory and present time is what you witness now. Frame of present time keeps changing based on what happens now and we perceive it as future. Truly speaking, future is nothing but “Next Now” in relation to “Current Now”!

You can plan and prepare your future; actually you have been doing that!

Surprised? But, it is true that you have been always making your future rightly or wrongly albeit being unaware. Look at last 2 posts on this website –

One on Schrödinger’s cat brings out the fact that anything that has not happened has 50% chances of happening.

Second post illustrates that things around you closely track your thoughts.

To build your future and bring fortune, all that you need is to follow following 4 mantras or mandates:

  1. Become capable of earning without clamoring for it.
  2. Be committed to growth without being greedy.
  3. Be competent to hold and handle without hoarding it.
  4. Be dynamic without doubting or dithering.

World generally follows only left highlighted part of above 4 mantras but that can push probability only little above 50%. If you want to make it 100%, additionally follow right parts of these mantras all the more rigorously.

Then, you are set to enjoy fabulous future and fortune!

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Predicting Behavior of Bosses!

Is it not a good topic to talk about? If you could predict behavior of your boss, half of your life is made at work! You would not face dilemma time and again how to deal with your boss/es.

In every profession and part of our life, we have to deal with people. We have no clue how much trouble we invite and time we waste by not responding or dealing with them correctly. Most of us would respond or react spontaneously or in ad hoc way, without making any effort to predict their likely behavior. As a result, we may face rough or tough situation and have nothing but regrets at the end! So, it makes good sense to observe and understand behavioral pattern of people, as a habit and manage them to get what you deserve or desire. Predicting bosses is part of such larger scheme; but believe me it is not difficult thing to do, once you start doing it and make your natural choice to practice. It is then that dealing with bosses or anyone else would not be a burden on you; but a beauty!

Reading Boss’ mind

  1. Judge your boss the way he keeps his office/table (I would be using he, with no gender bias)
    1. If his office/table is always well-organized same way without cluttering, he is much disciplined, definite in his ideas and likes everyone to be organized.
    2. If he keeps his pencils well sharpened, note pad and pen exactly at same place and orientation every day, he is a man of firm ideas and would be inflexible most of time.
    3. If he keeps multiple pen and pencils on table as a habit, he likes to play safe, be conservative or even paranoid.
    4. If he keeps his office sparsely furnished and table with minimum required items, he has a simple and clear mind and believes in quick actions.
    5. If his office/table is cluttered and displays posters with powerful management slogans, he is either confused or toxic!
    6. If he does not keep his office well illuminated (even in name of energy conservation), he may not be a man of bright ideas; nor would he like those from you!
  2. Figure out from how he greets you
    1. If he raises his head, looks into your eyes, give smile and say how are you, he is welcoming and well aligned to you.
    2. If he does the above and asks how he can help you, your day is made!
    3. If he does not shift eyes from computer screen or what he is doing and says hello or how you are doing, he would be passive to what you have to say; but he wants you to actively listen to him!
    4. If his response is only “come in and sit”, you are headed for a dull or cold conversation.
    5. If he speaks neither anything nor he offers you to sit, he wants you to get lost!
  3. Comprehend from how he conducts a conversation or meeting
    1. If he is normally ahead or on time to attend a meeting, he would take the things seriously.
    2. If he opens his conversation by thanking everyone for their presence or time, he would respect your views.
    3. If he takes initiative to give chance to everyone to speak and coaxes ones, who are keeping silent, to speak, he is man of empathy.
    4. If he narrates his own examples and past accomplishments during meetings, he likes to take credit; so he won’t give you one, even if you deserve.
    5. If he interrupts often, while others are speaking and admonishes attendee/s, he is an autocratic boss and would not take no for an answer.
    6. If he is looking at you without a blink or expression, he does not like what you are sharing or saying.
    7. If he hears your problems and pains; but does not sympathize, it is going over his head and he is not interested in solutions.
  4. Understand from how he interacts with employees
    1. If he is mostly confined to his office or seat and move out only when there is a purpose, he is not predictable and people friendly.
    2. If he goes to employee’s work place without an agenda and ask how she/he is doing, inquire if she/he has any concern/issue, offers in what way he can help or inspires them to achieve their goals, he is not a boss but a Leader!
    3. If he consistently recognizes and appreciates minor to major accomplishments of employees, for major ones he goes to employees to thank them personally and expresses his gratefulness, he is a Go-to-Boss and you can thank your stars!
    4. If he becomes upset when you fail to deliver and does not want to understand your situation, we would be arbitrary in his decisions and atrocious!
    5. Even when you have a genuine problem, he goes by rule book and does not find a reasonable solution; he is bureaucratic, lacks courage and initiative!
  5. Know the Body Language of your Boss
    The post published on 21-March on this site talks about importance of knowing body language. It has gone down only to shoulder level. So, let us understand more parts:
    1. If he takes long steps and throws his hand wide open while walking, he is over confident.
    2. If he does not mix and match his dress properly, he does not have a great taste for creating congenial environments at work place and in company. He would be content, what happens at its own. So he may not be a man of drive.
    3. If he likes to keep his wrist watch running faster, he is a boss in hurry and may not devote enough time to you.
    4. If boss puts his hands on your shoulder or on arm, those are helping hands! You can expect him to be cooperative and considerate!
      But, if he only taps on your shoulder or arm and moves on, he has habit to make his presence felt. He is likely to have ego or at least, would like that he be listened to!
    5. While addressing an audience, if he raises his hands above shoulders, he is overemphasizing or overenthusiastic. Lacks depth!
      If his hands remain low or do not move, he is under confident or an underdog!
      However, if his hands rise automatically at the level of his shoulders approximately, he is truly confident!
    6. If his voice is normally loud and without rhythm, he is most likely autocratic and toxic.
      If his voice is generally lower in volume, at times unclear; but without rhythm, he is dogmatic.
      Nevertheless, if his voice is at right pitch with rhythm, he is surely democratic (and decent)!

Can you influence behavior of your Boss?

Yes, you can! State of your mind can shape state of behavior that you would see in your boss!!

Remember, you need to be positive, to get positive results. If you are negative, you would get nothing!!!

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