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Six leadership lessons highly worth learning from psychology of a physician


Be your own physician?

We all know that medical practice in any field is a noble profession; but what is little known are unique lessons that we should learn from the mindset of a medical practitioner. We are talking about just a good physician, leave alone successful ones.

Let us look at what does psychology of a physician teach us:

  1. Managing conflict of interest
    Getting into medical profession entails lot of efforts, time and money worldwide. It is natural that motto of getting into this field for most is earning name, fame and wealth.
    It is also clear that every visit to or by a physician fetches a fee for him/her.
    Now, a physician is faced with conflict of interest – treat his/her patients or customers for self-interest or serve them selflessly. Good doctors would always manage this conflict by rising above self and greed, and serve customers keeping in mind their interests. They prescribe minimum medicines and pathological tests and discourage patients to make frequent visits. Many have grace to charge less fees from those, who can’t afford.
    Let us draw a parallel to above the stock options scheme in corporates for employees and top management. Such options have a singular motive of driving employees to perform well, so that company profitability improves, which in turn would reward employees with more options. But, when it comes to top management, conflict of interest creeps in – should company performance improve to increase value of his/her substantial stocks or should it improve to increase values for customers and employees, even if it means slight dent in company’s profitability? Many CEOs allegedly and subtly act in favor of the former – serving self-interest.
  2. Maximum availability
    A physician is available 24×7 to his/her patients, at least in India. Their work-life balance is heavily tilted towards work.
    I am not suggesting that it is good for them, although it is good for their customers. What is more significant lesson is that they don’t make any excuse for non-availability. Their dedication for duties is total.
  3. Memory management
    Did you notice that a good doctor’s memory is very good. He/she would remember history of his/her patients correctly, correct medicines’ name, spelling (usually complex), potency and names of manufacturers for innumerable number of ailments and case histories of other patients.
    What is the key – inbuilt sharper brain or they pop up some pills to sharpen their memory? Not any of these. It is registering the information without any conflict in mind and recalling it without any stress.
  4. Motto of service to customers
    A physician’s actions are completely oriented towards his/her customers and obtaining the results for which they have approached him/her. They never compromise their attitude to serve.
  5. Maximum confidence and concentration
    Successful practitioners give their advice or prescription with total confidence and rarely side or back track. Their focus on duties is deep.
    They are never shaken by patient’s condition, however adverse and do maintain their composure effortlessly. They are attached to their duties but detached from their customers while serving them unflinchingly.
  6. Marvelous understanding of their own body
    In leadership programs or schools, reference to this quality is by and large missing. It is extremely important to understand how you or your body would react to different situations, what triggers your emotions and how to manage the same.
    Doctors do very well on above count and hence, rarely fall sick or fall prey to sickening situations.
    A good leader needs to understand his/her body (including mind) well in order to be robust, consistent and persistent in his/her pursuits.

So, a good physician is a great case study at business schools and organizations!

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Money – the best Mask for most Maladies!

A man is known to have good chunk of money and participates in a marathon race for the cause of blind people, he becomes master of Universe! “Blind worship of wealth” seems to be what today’s media tends to project! On the darker side, same man also runs a cast iron foundry shop, where he compromises on investment for proper safety gear to protect eyes of his workers from the molten metal in plant’s furnace! This fact has remained in dark so far!! You would notice time to time that CEOs or promoters of profitable organizations are being labeled as visionaries of world, leading lights of the country and savior of industries.

I was to take a direct flight from San Francisco to JFK Airport, New York around summer of 1994 and had a confirmed seat on a US airline. When I reached airport well ahead of reporting time, I was told by airline staff that the flight is overbooked and I need to wait a little bit until he sorts out the mess; but he promised that my seat being confirmed would not be a problem. I followed up couple of times; but got similar answers from the staff, until only 30 minutes were left for the flight departure. I again walked up to him and told him angrily that now nothing doing; give me the seat. He looked into his console and told me “He is sorry, all seat have been allotted and flight is closed. He is putting me on another flight 1 hour later via Memphis and would give me additionally a free return ticket from San Francisco to JFK Airport”. I got wild and told him “This is simply not done. I care a damn for free return ticket. I am going to miss an important meeting with a customer and my company is going to lose a major contract.” He told me coldly that is what he can do, he is very sorry though! A US citizen was watching this episode. He approached me and told “Gentleman, if I were you, I would sue this airline and am sure to get couple of hundred thousands of dollars as compensation!” Later on, I learnt that airline was declared as the best US airline of the year!!

In most developed countries, I have observed that if you could not sleep through the night due to bug in the bed of your room, hotel staff would proudly buy you a free evening drink! Forget the quality of what you post on social media; you can buy likes and followers by paying a fee and make your post a super hit!! Money can put the virtues and vices in the same bracket!!!

And we call it our intellectual renaissance!

When money is the motto, maladies are bound to mingle!

Yes, money is important, indispensable; yet it must not become your motto. Unless you treat money as only one of the means, you are bound to get mired with maladies. Like it or not, one day or another, these very maladies would overtake you and make you to lose same money.

When money becomes your motive, following would surface, go under wrap; but hurt you in due course:

  1. Money brings perk of Power, Position, Popularity and/or Publicity. It can also be vice versa, when these Ps bring money.
    All of these Ps become poison, when money drives your motives!
  2. Arrogance
  3. Poor quality and/or content of your communications
  4. Paucity of empathy and plenty of envy.
  5. Malfunction of your psychology, wardrobes
    and what not!

When service and satisfaction of stakeholders become primary…

Mistake me not; you need money! Flow of money is a sign of your doing it right. But, you can only do it right, when you make service and satisfaction of stakeholders, customers included, as primary purpose of what you do. Make sure that you are sincere and focused in this purpose. It is only then that money would come to you as a by-product, come in plenty and would become your blessing!

Our main problem is lack of our belief in above, even though we may know it, poor patience and passion.

Generations have tried to earn money through fair or unfair means; but it eventually failed to fructify or fly. Money can bring prosperity and peace of mind, when it comes as a consequence of service and satisfaction of your stakeholders.

So, take a call now and if you do, please do it sincerely!

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What makes you to Excel in Adversity!

After World War 2, economic and living conditions in Germany and Japan were in shambles. People and some leaders of these 2 countries excelled in the face of extreme challenges and achieved what is labeled as mystical and miraculous recovery. That catapulted both countries to be among top 5 economic power houses of world then.

Gentleman, who founded Apple Company in 1976, Steve Jobs was himself booted out in 1985. He defied human weaknesses and history, came back in 1997 stronger, only to lift Apple from ashes to make it the most valuable company of world!

Towards end of 2008, Ford Motor Company was nearly written off by most of its founding family members, when it decided to spurn US Congress offer for its bail- out and instead save itself through own efforts, a huge risk though! Its courage paid off. The iconic company achieved what is labeled as Epic Turn-around!

History has witnessed time and again that several path-breaking inventions, discoveries and revolutionary ideas became realities at the time battles or wars or crisis and that too in record time!

So, what are the secrets behind astonishing excellence in the face of adversities? 

The Secrets

Crisis or conflict, especially if of major nature, drives you to the brink. It brings worms out of the can, dirty linens out of the cupboards and hidden agendas out in open. It clears clouds and hence, clarity emerges on horizon for you with only binary options

“You can rise again or fall further, you can go good or burry in bad, you can swim or sink”.

If you push for the plus side, adversity would prompt and promote the following:

  1. Appetite for risk; because aversion to risk is even riskier at that point
  2. Boldness and buoyancy
  3. Courage to take challenges
  4. Determination and desire
  5. Eschew conflicts in interests
  6. Focused mind, as your singular motto is to come out of crisis
  7. Good team spirit and cohesion at work, if it is company or community or country with common goal/s and vision
  8. Hopes
  9. Inspire imagination and innovation

Some or all of above 9 elements “A–>I” enable you to excel as individual or group.

Why everyone does not excel in adversity?

There are 2 sides of everything, nature has created. Adversity can trigger either positivism or negativism. If an individual or a group is struck with negative side, then following elements would descend and dominate:

  1. Delusion
  2. Disbelief and despondency
  3. Desperation
  4. Depressive feelings
  5. Dogmatic ideas
  6. Disparate approach
  7. Defeatist thoughts
  8. Dictatorial leanings
  9. Directionless mind

This scenario and 9 Ds would be a drag, drain or even devastating. History is privy to the fact that when a person, company, community or country did not dare to remain positive, follow wiser counsel, adversity only brought crippling and debilitating impact!

Do you need adversity to excel?

No! Not all!!

Look at A–>I elements. These are real and relevant without adversity. Adversity only prompts and presents these very prominently to you. You have a clear choice to learn and live, embrace and execute these any time anywhere without waiting for adversities to befall and trouble you initially. Many successful persons and companies do this proactively all the time and keep crisis or conflicts at bay.

Real problem with most people is the inertia and inhibition to implement what they know as good. During normal life, they like to be busy with routine ruts and rituals, flick between good and bad, right and wrong and do not decide, which way to go, until they are hit with adversity. Some would then wake up and win by excelling and others would sleep or suffer.

So, what are your Choices?

Advent of adversity invariably brings binary options for you.

Note, no situation in human life is as clear and conspicuous as adversity! You have 50% chances to go on right side and balance 50% on wrong side. So, your choices are clear:

  1. Keep away adversity consciously and proactively by adopting “9 A–>I elements” as your singular choice, without compromise. Your performance would be Par Excellence. 
  2. Rule over adversity, if it comes, by choosing the right side. Pick one or more of 9 A–>I elements, you are comfortable with and stick around. You would be amazed to see how remaining elements would be automatically attracted towards you, make you to Excel and Dazzle.
  3. Get ruled by adversity. It would drive you to one or more of 9Ds above and then, you would be disgusted to see how balance of these would drag you deep down.

It is never too late to make Choice 1 or otherwise 2!


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