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Why vices go viral; but virtues get stuck in spiral!

Success after success is not what impresses people; but failure after success or success after failure does! No story makes sense to people unless it is sensational, emotional or for worst, sexual. Look at wardrobe malfunction of celebrities; it would go viral in no time and attract anywhere near million clicks. But a sane script or scene would go a begging for even sixteen likes!!

Winston Churchill had his own vices; but those became virtues when given charge to manage crisis. It was World War II, which shot him to fame like never before. People highly respect and remember economists – Nouriel Roubini and Dean Baker for predicting doom from US Housing bubble and 2008 economic crisis; but not those, who have foretold or are predicting the boom times ahead!

Negativity sits right on our nose

If we get a call early in morning from our loved one, first thing that would occur to us something might have gone wrong! That is how negativity rules our mind!!

Nature appears symmetric; but it is not! To lose temper is easy; but not the opposite – to keep cool. All vices – anger, worry, frustration, corruption, obsession, rhetoric or greed are easy to pick and grip. These are like cache memory of a computer and would appear on a click or flick.

Rule of nature is that positive prompts a positive and a negative clicks the negative! The difference is as much as what is between prompt versus click. Prompt requires a further push to be there; whereas a click would just get you there.

Even so called golden age in human history was not free from villains and vices. It seems that we need them to understand the significance of heroes! It is not that most of us don’t understand that all of our problems – confusion to commotion come from our vices; yet we find it convenient to click same for making it viral. Then, why do we beat the chest and cry hoarse, when things go haywire? Is it not a normal part of our life?

It is precisely for above reasons that most believe – talking about (not taking to) virtues tantamount to washing away vices!

Poor sustainability while being positive

On other hand, when you are positive or virtuous, it brings success, gives growth and powers you to prominence. What is extremely important to know here is that getting success makes you also vulnerable! Your vulnerability comes from a simple fact that success brings you on the cross roads – one road, which requires constant push to remain positive and other one looks lucrative but turns you negative. Since vices are easy to follow, you fall or lean on the latter.

By and large, people have poor sustainability, when they start to get fruits from being positive. Look at innumerable names – Tiger Woods, Britney Spears or Rajat Gupta, they could not keep pace with the very virtues, which brought them to hallmark of success and fame.

So, it is this poor sustainability, which is the sole reason to put the virtues into spiral or spin. That is why, leaders turn laggards, confident ones become arrogant, being big becomes a bane and heavy-weights create hell for themselves! The cycle would reverse, if one pushes back for positivity.

Shattering the spiral

What you don’t crave, you tend to carve! That’s what we do, when we fall prey to our unconscious mind. This leads to living in the spiral of positives and negatives, highs and lows or ups and downs. If you wish to unshackle yourself from these, think of doing the following:

  1. Shun 1st reaction of your mind.
  2. Observe and evaluate 2nd and 3rd reactions or thoughts and then Go!
  3. Don’t do the mistake of following masses.
  4. Overdoing or multiplying positivity is actually negative! But, you can multiply negativity to become more negative!! Is that not interesting; but true?
    Just remain positive. Most mistakes happen, when you overdo or under do.
  5. When your past memories make you emotional, believe it or not, you are negative.
  6. When you are neither offensive nor defensive, it is then that you are positive.
  7. Heaven may fall on the earth; but never believe that positivity can ever harm or hurt you.
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We are killing our Innovative & Creative character by living in silos!

Everyone has or can develop creative and innovative elements in her/his character; but these come to surface depending upon how strongly or loosely she/he is shackled in her/his paradigm. To be creative or innovative is fundamental to our success; we seldom realize this! From housewives to heads of corporates and countries need these, if they want to live a life, which is easy yet eventful; fun but fruitful!!

In corporate world, we have a common catchphrase or cliché – thinking out of the box or thinking outside of the box. It more refers to think differently and seek new and novel solutions. This very much needs innovative and creative nature; but, here we are talking of a major step forward – do it most time and see how life gets transformed! The need is to get out of whatever you want to call it – the box, compartment, cell, shell or silo – for good.

Some argue that how can we get out of the box, because there is no space outside. The moment we talk about a box, we logically or scientifically imply that there is space (in present context, not physical but a mental one) outside! It is this space, which gives us understanding of the shape or psychological feeling of the box; otherwise it would be something undefinable!!

What inhibits us to be Innovative and Creative!

There are no few factors –

  1. Hallmarks of our habits.
  2. Parochial personality.
  3. Needling notions.
  4. Hard perceptions.
  5. Throttling traits.
  6. Compartmentalized thinking
  7. Preconceived ideas.
  8. Rigid faith.
  9. Our obsession and possessiveness.
  10. Our doctrines and dogmas.
  11. Our anger and anxieties.

All of above push you into your own paradigm or silo.

Watch, who can drive you towards silo!

But, never blame them, because eventually it is always you who decides to get in silo or not.

  • Autocratic and dogmatic bosses.
  • Masters, who believe in creating “not masters”; but “followers”!
  • Ideologists.
  • Celebrities, who become your idol/s.
  • Seniors, who create fear factors.

Why your life needs Innovation and Creation

Life is all about Change. If you are dormant to Change, life would degenerate. The other option is to remain dynamic with life and then it would start to change dramatically. Believe that this would automatically induce you to be innovative. You would start to think differently; think a new and novel.

Another important aspect – you cannot be truly successful without being agile. Your agility would automatically lead to becoming innovative and creative. If you don’t, your perception that you are agile is false.

We can classify people in 3 categories:

  1. Dormant
    They are immune to Changes. They suffer from either stagnancy or hyperactivity within their silos. This gives rise to 2 extremes – docile or dictatorial classes of people.
  2. Dynamic
    They are most amenable and agile to Changes. Rich dividends chase them. For them, life has no boundaries. They truly enjoy freedom of thoughts and hence, are inherently innovative and creative in every sense.
    This category leads to development of real talent – artists, visionaries, change agents and innovators.
  3. Dithering
    They swing between dormancy and dynamism. They mostly live in the silo /cell of their paradigm and occasionally come out of it to show their solidarity for Change, Innovation and Creation. Then, they go back into their cell. This category produces mostly mediocre.

World has vast majority of category 3 and least of category 2.

What to do to abandon your silo!

  • Don’t do, what most do! Most are apparently mistaken; otherwise, they would have been free from failures or miseries.
  • Being innovative and creative is critical to your sustained success.
    Many times, you may hear “Oh, it is not necessary”; just ignore because it only reflects ignorance of who says so!
  • Innovativeness and creativity are not privileges of just few by virtue of their genes or genius! You CAN and should do it!
  • Key to these qualities is “not to live in silos”.
  • You need to have WILL; do not waste time to open the silo, just smash it in 1st attempt!
    If you cannot do in 1st instance, you would find it difficult to do it in 2nd or 3rd attempt. See “1-2-3 & Go”.
  • You would then have:
    • Freedom of thoughts!
    • Thinking big outside of the box!!
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