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Can your future n fortune be predicted or planned n prepared?


Prediction can go wrong but not planning for future!

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are busy taking out dirty linens from each other’s drawers in public, pollsters and respective supporters are agog and busy predicting fate of their candidates in US presidential campaign.

During annual examination, a student is always eager that someone could correctly predict whether he/she would get through or fail. Many people, who have not been successful in their previous job interviews, visit astrologer or tarot card reader to know whether they would get through in next interview.

But, we seldom think, what would happen, if we know our future in advance. If a student knows that he/she would get thru in examination, he/she would stop to prepare. If a sportsman knows ahead of time that his team would be defeated, he would have no heart to play. There would have been no need to spend billions of dollars and bloodbath of words, if the two contestants in current US election knew their actual fate.

So, correct knowledge of our future can instantly kill our thoughts, talent, thrill … and lot more; yet most of us incessantly keep searching or worrying about our future.

Is your future and fortune predictable?

There are modern methods and tools to predict things in advance – surveys, statistical algorithms, mathematical models and now Big Data.

Then, there are age old practices of astrology, horoscopy, palmistry, numerology and many more, practitioners of which insist that these are based on science though some surmise it is divine driven. That is not true. Science is always in black and white; whereas these practices thrive on what is gray. As regards divine hands, it is a clear case of what we fear but can’t fathom, we tend to defer it to domain of faith or god.

All of above tools or techniques are fundamentally governed by law of probabilities. If prediction of fortune teller is closer to higher probability, it has higher chance of coming true and turns out to be false, in case of low probability.

For a variety of reasons, we are saddled with one or more of following perceptions:

  • Our future gets defined by our birth time or zodiac sign.
  • Our future is predefined and stored somewhere, which keeps rolling in – how? Not known.
  • Our fortune has been written on our forehead – by who? God or genes?
  • When we think or dream of future, we are actually dipping into same.
  • When past time vanishes, future is already waiting with its wings (where?) to become visible.

None of above is true. Even science has failed to define correctly what future time is.

When you think or dream of future, you actually do it on basis of past memories or images. Past time is what gets stored as your memory and present time is what you witness now. Frame of present time keeps changing based on what happens now and we perceive it as future. Truly speaking, future is nothing but “Next Now” in relation to “Current Now”!

You can plan and prepare your future; actually you have been doing that!

Surprised? But, it is true that you have been always making your future rightly or wrongly albeit being unaware. Look at last 2 posts on this website –

One on Schrödinger’s cat brings out the fact that anything that has not happened has 50% chances of happening.

Second post illustrates that things around you closely track your thoughts.

To build your future and bring fortune, all that you need is to follow following 4 mantras or mandates:

  1. Become capable of earning without clamoring for it.
  2. Be committed to growth without being greedy.
  3. Be competent to hold and handle without hoarding it.
  4. Be dynamic without doubting or dithering.

World generally follows only left highlighted part of above 4 mantras but that can push probability only little above 50%. If you want to make it 100%, additionally follow right parts of these mantras all the more rigorously.

Then, you are set to enjoy fabulous future and fortune!

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Burden of being beautiful!

The Beauty! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Is it not true that “Beauty is bliss”, “Beauty is blast” and “Beauty signifies the good”?

Being beautiful is undoubtedly fascinating and a positive aspect – be it beautiful personality, physique, product, place to visit, phenomena of nature, characteristic or any other body/being! Look at advertisements of any product or service in print or social media; pictures of beautiful models or to a lesser extent handsome men are indispensable for glamorizing and catchy campaigns to a large extent. If a model is more appealing, the advertisement would correspondingly attract more views, likes and higher sale of products. It is unthinkable that a new model of car can be launched without attractive models beautifying it from its sides. Be it cheer leaders say for soccer or cricket or be it front desks of hotels, beautiful looks and physique are prerequisites! If you are upset and calling a service center to register your complain, a beautiful voice coming from other end would soothe your anger!

So, a beauty is alluring and seductive. It attracts attention of most, brings in revenue, popularity and publicity. However, it can also break peace of mind, create controversies and even wreak havoc. History shows that beautiful piece of land or looks culminated into wars in olden time. On the other hands, present times bring worries for beautiful things of different kinds.

So, reality is that being beautiful is a blessing as well as a burden!

Universal effects of a beauty

What is beautiful would always bear following effects, be it a person, place or product:

  1. It attracts too much attention.
  2. It evokes emotions among observers.
  3. It creates illusion in minds of onlookers.
  4. It instigates feeling to get involved or indulge.
  5. It encourages rivalries and/or competitions.
  6. It is pricey; at the same time not easy to maintain.
  7. It loses its freedom and security to an extent.
  8. It becomes gullible.
  9. It gets too exposed to remain free from errors or cracks.
  10. It converts the biggest strength into the biggest weakness.

Beauty and balancing act of nature!

When beauty stands out, it runs the risk of succumbing to nuances of nature. The way it is difficult to sustain the spree of successes, it is also not easy to preserve beauty in its original form. Anything at elevated level requires extra efforts, in absence of which, it would be denigrate to a lower and sustainable level. It is often termed as balancing act of nature; but, truly speaking it is set of our acts only!

Here below is how beauty evolves or devolves:

  1. A beautiful person would tend to become:
    1. Difficult, because of popularity, praises, publicity and premium that person commands
    2. Sensitive or short tempered, because of emerging ego or arrogance
    3. Demanding, since the person becomes passionate for distinction and differentiation
    4. Emotional, since it is difficult for a beauty to be rational
    5. Insecure and vulnerable, because of high image and exposure
    6. Obsessed with beauty of self, which can lead to depression or even recourse to rehabilitation center
  2. A beautiful place is likely to be:
    1. Difficult in access like Fly Geyser, Nevada in USA, Mount Roraima near border of Brazil and Venezuela or many other amazing places
    2. Secluded
    3. Serene, unless it is a water fall
    4. Expensive, until it is commercialized; but then it starts to lose its beauty
    5. Risky
      Beauty of such place would degenerate, if accessibility and affordability increases!
  3. A beautiful product loses its sheen, when it becomes immensely popular like it has happened with iPhone of Apple. Its beauty inspired lot of competitors, main one being Samsung with its Galaxy range. Implications are – premium drops, margin diminishes and whole organization could face unbelievable challenges, like Apple Inc. is facing now. To sustain beautiful products, you have to be truly innovative as well as creative.

Beauty of the message

To be extraordinary requires extraordinary set of contradictions to be managed. So, message that emerges for beautiful things or persons is:

Remain grounded, while flying high in minds of people! Be humble, while harboring high ambitions. Be firm but flexible with the fans. Keep the eyes on; but, hands off. Remain glued to your goals, while being greedy for getting attention.

Very significant is also to make your choice between “skin deep beauty” and “beauty in depth”. Former may not be in your hands but latter is; former can fail but latter always flourishes!

If you follow the above, then a beauty can be less of a burden and more of bliss!

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