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If you want to begin 2017 with a bang, put your faith on four fundamental equations

abcThere are 4 fundamental forces, which govern all what happens in our universe – gravity, electro-magnetism, strong and weak forces. Likewise, there are 4 basic equations that govern all what we do.

We spend days and decades doing our things; but most of us fail to see how things are interwoven or interconnected. There exist clear cut relationship between causes and consequences or events and effects.

Here below are 4 equations that are universally applicable from the strongest person to the weakest in our world and give you command on the results from what you do:

  1. You believe = What you perceive or conceive repetitively
    This equation is the mother of your ideas, beliefs, tendencies, traits or habits. It shows that beliefs do not come from blue; but you actually build them. Whatever you think or observe on a repetitive basis or you are made to do so, you would start to believe it, regardless it is right or wrong.
    This equation governs your learning in school, college or elsewhere. It builds your fantasies, fascinations, faith to fundamentalism or fanaticism.
    One of the far reaching repercussions of this equation can be observed across the world – humans are very prone to negativity; our attention is very quickly drawn by adverse scenarios or news. We tend to think, talk and see more of wrong or depressive things and in that process, we build up wrong beliefs or ideas resulting in our anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, doubts, depression or superstition.
    So, to develop good ideas or right beliefs, you have to perceive or conceive right things.
  2. You become = What you believe
    If you believe in dynamism, you are bound become dynamic. If you put your belief in leadership qualities, you can never be a laggard. You want to stand tall, nobody can make you small.
    If you believe that you can be a singer, engineer, professional or public icon, you would become that. All that you need is a belief, which is unquestionable and unshakable; which you would not doubt or dither, go back and forth. You would relinquish anything that comes as a roadblock; but not reverse that belief. Then, such powerful belief would automatically push you to pursue what you want to be, develop a passion and open door of opportunities to get there.
    This relationship works both way; so if you believe you cannot become someone you like, you would not.
  3. You get = What you give
    Often bosses complain that their sub-ordinates do not respect them; but then they are oblivious of the fact that they do not deal with them with respect. If you give smile, then it is not possible that people would not return it with smile. If you give trouble, you would necessarily get in trouble. You love someone sincerely; it is impossible that person would not fall in love with you.
    So, you get what you give. It is universally applied to all of your actions without exception.
    If we fail to notice such a simple cause and effect relationship, it is only because of our ego, biases or obsession, which blinds us to see what exactly we are doing or giving.
  4. You see = What you sow in your mind
    One morning, you wake up in great spirits and you find everything going great that day. But, another day, you get up with low energy and esteem, though nothing has changed externally.
    So, what has actually changed?
    It is ideas and images, which you have sown in your mind previous day, during dreaming or first few moments after waking up that have actually changed for good on 1st occasion and for worse, in case of 2nd.
    So, you would always see, what you have sown in your mind. Positive and negative aspects or angles of everything exist side by side. Depending upon what is in your mind, you start to focus on plus or minus or mix of the two and you fathom things accordingly.
    If you want to see things in order, you have to put your mind first in orderly state. If you like to witness happiness around, you have to be happy. But, if you have roped in miserable ideas in mind, you would only reap miseries.

So, these equations give you complete control on whatever you want to believe, become, get and see!

What else do you need in 2017 and beyond?

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Why likes of Trump would not only survive but always thrive

Portrait of angry boss shouting at his secretary through megaphone who is indifferent to it

How not to get bulldozed by bully! Image source – flickr.com

Look at any country, company, community or family – difficult person or people always dominate and decent ones lie low. In a school classroom, naughty students are always noticeable and receive teachers’ most attention; but nice ones find themselves neglected.

In just concluded US Presidential race, it is widely believed that both of main contenders were difficult personalities; but then what made Donald to trump Hillary?

Few days back, a respectable Indian newspaper carried an article penned by a well-known writer about 2 drug lords – Pablo Escobar of Colombia in real life and Walter White in reel life. She narrated how impressed she was by their sheer dynamism and determination, sharp minds and wished that such unmatched talent could be channelized for good cause of our society. She is not alone in her thoughts of compassion and sympathy. Most of us are very fascinated by villain-heroes, who are on relentless pursuit and ruthless run for a cause they believe as fair but by flouting every law. What most or masses always mistake in understanding that massive energy and enigma of such heroes exist only because they are villains!

The seed for power and popularity

The seed for power, position and publicity is in man’s Ego. If level of ego in a person is above certain threshold, it creates uncontrolled desire and drive for name and fame, nurtures blind belief – “I am the one, who alone can be right and can do it.” Mind of such person gets shut from realities and respect for others.

If you have watched Donald Trump, he enjoys extra high level of ego, much beyond the threshold, when compared with his rival/s.

By-products of ego are arrogance and reckless run for one-upmanship and showmanship. On a larger platform in a country or company, ego and its by-products are often misunderstood – ego is perceived as esteem or pride; arrogance is projected as great confidence and reckless pursuit is pronounced as passion. It is more prevalent in developed societies, who like to gloss over qualities in preference to quantities. I have been privy to host of such incidences during my tenure with a US multinational company.

Spreading negativity and then making positive promises

It is very easy to declare things are bad; but it is difficult to say things are good since that would need intelligence and patience to substantiate. People easily get alarmed when they are told that things are going to be bad. It evokes their emotions and creates confusion.

Likes of Trump master the art of painting a dismal picture of present even if it is rosy, exploiting people’s emotions and manipulating those with positive promises. Therefore, the slogan “I would make America great again” has gone down pretty well with public, not knowing by which account USA has indeed gone down!

People sympathize with who they perceive as victim or powerless

We often misunderstand mindset of masses.

If you have noticed, throughout election campaign in USA (and that happens even elsewhere), rivals and media were busy exposing (bad) truths about Trump but never brought his myths in focus. He was smart enough to project himself as victim in the hands of media and party in power. He could translate it into public sympathy. On other hand, Hillary could never be seen as victim of allegations by her rivals, as she was once in powerful position and now backed up party in power.

Virtues of one in power can easily be translated into vices by the one who is powerless.

So, as long as we succumb to our ego and negativity especially fears, likes of Trump would always succeed and we will not be able to wield our true strength!

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Is God elsewhere or everywhere?

The energy everyone has!

Energy that everyone has!

Most believers believe God is there but elsewhere. They don’t know where exactly this “Elsewhere” is. They often tend to look or point at sky, which is supposedly be having the heavenly abode.

Notwithstanding the above, believers seek God at the chosen places of worship; they search him is statues, figures, photos and other objects or locations. Ironically, it is a social taboo to ask a very pertinent question – when power of God is all pervading, how come then it can get restricted to specific or selected places or objects?

Their belief goes even further. It believes concentration of God or his power at individual level; some go further to consider it for their community and most expand it to boundaries of their country or a group of countries as if the influence of God’s power can be restricted like circle/s of a cell phone service provider! This is in direct contradiction to their overall belief that God and his power cut across whole universe. It clearly points to God being treated by most as their personal concept, though hardly anyone would admit.

What does enlightened preachers and holy books say

God is not someone’s personal property; he belongs to all and is everywhere. However, they don’t seem to address above predicament or paradox.

What do esteemed leaders say

You have power to make any and everything possible. Sky is your limit. Your power is limited only by the limits you set for yourself.

What is the Truth

Every proof points out to one fact – you have power, potential or perimeters of which can never be estimated or explained by you. Feature of this power is when you are positive, it presents itself and magnifies. But, when you are negative, it penalizes and pushes you down. This is what God is also known for.

Truth equally for believers or nonbelievers is – whatever name you give, this power or God is everywhere, in everyone and therefore, also in you. If you fathom its colossal meaning, you would only love and respect self and others; but never think of hate, hurt, fanaticism, fights, spreading fear/terror or encroaching on others’ freedom!

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Answer to often asked question – Why I am here?

Discovering "I"; Source: http://www.flickr.com/

This question does trouble minds of most people often, however, more painfully or prominently when they are either full of troubles or free from all troubles!

If you look at any faith or religion, you would find that there is direct or indirect mention of “why you are here and for what purpose”! However, my talks with several people, state in which our societies are and innumerable writings do not suggest that majority of people are satisfied with the answers given thus far for “Why I am here”.

So, let us try and find out the most logical answer to this significant question. A right answer can indeed revolutionize your life!

To start with, let us speak about unspoken reality worldwide. We have arbitrarily earmarked some areas and reserved same for God or God men. But no where you can ever find that such a reservation is done at the instance of God! Unwritten sermons are that these areas are prohibited for common public to even think about, leave alone a discussion. It is this reality that has given rise to false practices and perceptions about God. To get a right answer, we have no option but to peep into some part of these areas.

Next question then pops up – who decides that you should be here? There are only 4 possibilities:

  1. You are here by wish of God
    This is by far the most popular belief! In one of my previous articles “Two third cancer cases on a/c of luck..”, we have deliberated whether God is located somewhere in our universe in his heavenly abode or he is everywhere and hence resides in us also. Conclusion is clearly in favor of the latter i.e. God resides in us also.
    Now, it is very important to know that though God resides in trillions of trillions particles or living beings, he is one and only one. It is a different matter that mythology shows him in different images and forms. Why would God exercise his wishes on such a huge number of living beings?
    It also means that there is no space without God. So, to think that God would bring you “from somewhere to here” does not stand to any logic! 
  2. You are here due to nature’s cycle of birth and death
    This automatically implies that concept of rebirth or reincarnation is valid. Till date, it has remained only a conjecture, in absence of any scientific evidence.
  3. You are here by your choice
    All of us are familiar with biological process for conceiving a life prior to birth. Nothing like “I” or brain exists to make a choice. So, this option looks farfetched!
  4. You are here by chance
    Scientists in field of quantum mechanics, which is the basis of birth of all modern gadgets and artificial intelligence, would happily agree to this. There is randomness or uncertainty in saying that you are here by chance, which is what quantum theory advocates! But, there is no real scientific research conducted so far on what is life and hence it does not hold any water!!
    On other hand, spiritual leaders would be prompt to defer “chance” to heavenly hands, which is same as point 1 above!

You can see from above that all 4 possibilities fall flat on one count or another and leave you confused.

Demystifying and comprehending “I”

To understand “I” is most significant aspect of our life.

All of us know who we are and what we do. We recognize ourselves through our body and thoughts. Yet, we hardly know what exactly is “Self” or “I”!

Look at a child up to age of 4 years or so. She or he observes, recognizes and responds; but, does not know what I is! For her/him, “I” does not even exist, except for verbal use of this letter!! “I” takes birth in her/him, the day child learns to think or focus on her/his body.

It is absolutely important for us to know that it is journey from childhood to adulthood that we discover and then discuss “I” or “Self”! Before that “I” or question “Why I am here” is non-existent!! Once we start to recognize “I”, then we acquire analytical abilities. If we are too attached to “I”, it turns into ego and if we are just aware of “I”, it turns into esteem or pride!

More we are focused on external objects in terms of actions or thoughts for same, farther we go from “I” or self. We come closest to self, when we focus on our body or breath! But, it is a real paradox that you can never ever experience “I” by itself. “I” is essentially your consciousness, which you require to observe or experience anything! So, how can you experience the thing (i.e. I), which you need for that very experiencing?

To conclude, the question “Why I am here?” is totally irrelevant; ill conceived! If we are asking this question, it is only because we have not realized true meaning of “I”, which is now possible through this article.

“I” i.e. your consciousness is there (like you say God is there); but you can never say it is here!!

So, just be aware that (your)Self is there and see your world through this Self! Then your ego would wane automatically and your vision would widen dramatically!!

As regards “Purpose for which we are here”, please see 2.0 version of this title in the coming weeks.

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Mind Boggling Law – State of our Mind shapes State of things to come to us!

Don’t be surprised, this is indeed one of the greatest laws of nature! Scientists, philosophers, faith/community/corporate leaders or Gurus have yet not been able to get a grip of this law. Therefore, you would find sporadic mention of same but no systematic explanation and description through all means and media!!

Very often you would read that states of things to come are being shaped by Almighty, Destiny or Super Natural Powers. These are only perceptions and illusions embedded in our mind with no evidence or substance. Someone may argue that does it mean that mind is greater than God? No; if God is everywhere, which we all believe, then God resides in our mind. So, such question or comparison is obnoxious.

This law confers astounding power to the mind of each one of us; but it is equally astonishing that it has remained beyond the belief of most and some, who got sense of it, have not been able to fully comprehend and command it! If we refer to holy, history or mythology books, you may find mention that some saints were able to exercise such powers. Otherwise, this has remained a subject of fiction and fantasy.

Let us understand how this law functions and can facilitate our great success and strides!

How state of our mind creates the influence

All objects or particles in universe are entangled with one another. It may be difficult to imagine how that works or is possible due to vastness and distances in space, which we see; but this is a scientific fact. Hence, our mind is also interconnected with things around us. It is this interconnection or entanglement, through which state of our mind is able to connect with the state of things around us or under observation by us and create impact on the same. Vice versa is very much true i.e. things around us would influence state of our mind!

Can we identify state of our mind and control it?

This is most interesting aspect. Read and understand it carefully!

  1. We know we have a mind; but no one knows where it is located! It is believed to inside our brain; but our brain is not mind. No one has been able to observe mind directly; all that the most advanced technology could establish as of date is effect that our mind produces on parts of our brain and body. None of branches of science, including medical knows more than this!
  2. Mind controls our consciousness and body. Is there anything beyond our mind? Very unlikely!
  3. State of our mind cannot be static even for a moment; it is always dynamic i.e. changing.
  4. “Current state of our mind” and “our attempt to identify it” are 2 separate activities of same mind and hence cannot occur at the same time. These are mutually exclusive!
    Hence, we can only identify the image stored in our mind for the state, which existed before and not now!!
    Such image gets distorted, if we were thinking or doing something else or any of our emotions was present prior to our attempt to identify.
    Therefore, at best we can judge or identify state of our mind approximately but never 100% accurately!
    Saner and sincere you are to the core, closer you would be to 100%; but can never touch it!!
  5. Can we control it?
    Yes, we can; but coarsely!
    First of all, what you cannot measure or identify accurately, you cannot also control it accurately by design.
    Secondly, your state of mind is instantly affected by your emotions, ego, biases, past memories. You have to drop all these and keep in mind just only what you want to control, which is rare!
  6. Mix-up in your judgment on state of your mind
    1. You are feeling happy; but worry what your spouse might be doing (in so called sub-conscious mind).
    2. You are very focused on design, you are making; but asking your mind to keep it that way!
    3. You are very upset over your mistake; yet you are remembering that everyone learns from mistakes!
      Above are very routine examples (there are innumerable) and you would conclude that the primary feeling (starting part of these examples) is the state of your mind. It is not!! It is completely mixed and therefore, state of things to come would be in any mix or combination, making you believe that the law does not work. Actually, it is truly working!
  7. Mix-up in your control of state of your mind
    1. You are in state of disappointment over failure of your team and want to change it to one of courage to face your management. But, you cannot control your disenchantment with team. You are destined to fail, since due to mix-up, your mind and resultant communication cannot impress your management.
    2. You want people to prevent recurring mistakes; but nag and chide them!
    3. You want to inculcate leadership qualities and think that would improve your image!
      In above example, you bring unconsciously or may be consciously dual purpose and hence, defeat or negate your primary purpose by secondary one.
  8. Examples, where things really turn out, as per state of your mind
    1. One day, you get up in the morning with natural excitement and optimism. You would discover, you had no clash with your spouse, left for office well on time, most traffic signals were green and you could comfortably manage even your toxic boss!
    2. You went for a movie without advance booking and thought that if you get a seat, it would be great; otherwise sincerely no regret. Most likely, you would get a seat for the show.
    3. Your doctor prescribed you to undergo series of medical tests, since he is not able to pinpoint exact cause of your illness (nothing major). You start to worry what had gone wrong with you, since you do not have any major ailment. While collecting report later, if you do it with conviction that apparently nothing is wrong; but things do go wrong. If that be so, you would face it with grit. Most probably, your reports would not show any significant problem!

How best to plough power of your mind

  1. You can best plough power of your mind by being positive for all what you think and do. It is only then, that you would reap fruits with rich flavor.
  2. You can also misuse power of your mind by being negative. More people do this and they get thorns, which they cannot retain or sustain! They hurt and harm others and in turn self. If you believe it otherwise, most probably you do not know the real story of such people!
  3. You need to change or convert 5 things –
    1. Ego –> Esteem (for self and others)
    2. Biases –> Broad thinking
    3. Callous and complex character –> Clear conscience and consciousness
    4. Split-behavior –> Solemnly sincere
    5. Fastidious –> Focused
  4. Be always natural self and do not deliberately desire to influence things to come. You cannot influence that way.
  5. Keep state of your mind positive, happy or hopeful and then, observe things to come……

You are, now, bound to discover that you are Brilliant and Blessed! The Law lives by you!!

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