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Why likes of Trump would not only survive but always thrive

Portrait of angry boss shouting at his secretary through megaphone who is indifferent to it

How not to get bulldozed by bully! Image source – flickr.com

Look at any country, company, community or family – difficult person or people always dominate and decent ones lie low. In a school classroom, naughty students are always noticeable and receive teachers’ most attention; but nice ones find themselves neglected.

In just concluded US Presidential race, it is widely believed that both of main contenders were difficult personalities; but then what made Donald to trump Hillary?

Few days back, a respectable Indian newspaper carried an article penned by a well-known writer about 2 drug lords – Pablo Escobar of Colombia in real life and Walter White in reel life. She narrated how impressed she was by their sheer dynamism and determination, sharp minds and wished that such unmatched talent could be channelized for good cause of our society. She is not alone in her thoughts of compassion and sympathy. Most of us are very fascinated by villain-heroes, who are on relentless pursuit and ruthless run for a cause they believe as fair but by flouting every law. What most or masses always mistake in understanding that massive energy and enigma of such heroes exist only because they are villains!

The seed for power and popularity

The seed for power, position and publicity is in man’s Ego. If level of ego in a person is above certain threshold, it creates uncontrolled desire and drive for name and fame, nurtures blind belief – “I am the one, who alone can be right and can do it.” Mind of such person gets shut from realities and respect for others.

If you have watched Donald Trump, he enjoys extra high level of ego, much beyond the threshold, when compared with his rival/s.

By-products of ego are arrogance and reckless run for one-upmanship and showmanship. On a larger platform in a country or company, ego and its by-products are often misunderstood – ego is perceived as esteem or pride; arrogance is projected as great confidence and reckless pursuit is pronounced as passion. It is more prevalent in developed societies, who like to gloss over qualities in preference to quantities. I have been privy to host of such incidences during my tenure with a US multinational company.

Spreading negativity and then making positive promises

It is very easy to declare things are bad; but it is difficult to say things are good since that would need intelligence and patience to substantiate. People easily get alarmed when they are told that things are going to be bad. It evokes their emotions and creates confusion.

Likes of Trump master the art of painting a dismal picture of present even if it is rosy, exploiting people’s emotions and manipulating those with positive promises. Therefore, the slogan “I would make America great again” has gone down pretty well with public, not knowing by which account USA has indeed gone down!

People sympathize with who they perceive as victim or powerless

We often misunderstand mindset of masses.

If you have noticed, throughout election campaign in USA (and that happens even elsewhere), rivals and media were busy exposing (bad) truths about Trump but never brought his myths in focus. He was smart enough to project himself as victim in the hands of media and party in power. He could translate it into public sympathy. On other hand, Hillary could never be seen as victim of allegations by her rivals, as she was once in powerful position and now backed up party in power.

Virtues of one in power can easily be translated into vices by the one who is powerless.

So, as long as we succumb to our ego and negativity especially fears, likes of Trump would always succeed and we will not be able to wield our true strength!

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When your Boss becomes your Bête noire!

This is a wakeup call for bosses. You may be a boss or would become one in future and have a boss in your organization. So, what we are discussing here is applicable either way. As long as you are a buddy for your sub-ordinates, it is all hunky-dory. However, if you become bête noire (disliked person) for them by virtue of your behavior or actions, it would unleash problems and pains! You may defend what you have done is right or take offense; it would not work in your favor unless you assiduously revert back as buddy, though you run the risk of leaving scars in your relationship with sub-ordinates!!

What is the trigger?

Falsehood of Bosses

It is rampant. More bosses sulk and suffer from falsehood than right hood. Right hood is blessing; but falsehood is a blunder e.g.

  1. I am always right.
  2. My command does not need explanation, just compliance; being right or wrong does not matter.
  3. I hate to be challenged.
  4. I have natural right to be respected.
  5. If I bend for my employees, they would make me bend more.
  6. If I give freedom, I would lose control.
  7. I have to have last say and win an argument with my team.
  8. Only my thoughts and wishes are fair, even if these clash with those of others.
  9. Being captain, success belongs to me; blames for failures have to rest with team.
  10. It is not possible to please everyone, so at least please those (blue eyed boys or girls, regardless of merit), who please me!
  11. I should appear to agree; but actually disagree.
  12. I am proud to talk of empathy for employees; but empty in my endeavors.

Many would be very subtle and disagree that they do the above; but that is the enigma due to Falsehood! 

When employee fall prey to fallacies

  1. Expecting prize without performance.
  2. Boss is a God, who can address all of his/her issues and itches.
  3. Getting influenced by boss’ position and not persona!
  4. Coming too close to boss would raise his/her visibility.
  5. Being in footsteps of boss blindly would be a blessing.
  6. Wishing that boss can compromise his/her interests in favor of employees.
  7. “Work life balance” does not apply to a boss.

Above fallacies create false notions and set undue expectations in mind of employees for the bosses!

What frustrates employee or team member

  1. When boss divides and rules.
  2. When boss selects his/her shoe (job responsibilities), with no regard to size of his/her foot.
    It would pinch either way, if it too big or too short!
  3. If boss reprimands employee in public or in presence of peers or pulls leg in front of spouse in a party.
  4. Boss makes promises; but does not deliver.
  5. Boss deprecates when employee is lagging; but seldom appreciates where he/she is leading.
  6. When employee discovers boss does not deserve to be a role model!
  7. Boss displays split personality/behavior before employees.
  8. Boss is not a source of inspiration; but a cause of fear and frustration.

How to be “Boss and Buddy” at the same time

Often people think that’s very easy and end up doing a shabby job both as a boss and buddy! It is not about pleasing all your employees or team members, which is popularly known in French as “Laissez faire” style. It is about playing 2 contrasting roles cleverly and sincerely! It is not difficult, if you do the following decisively:

  • What migrate you from a Boss to a Bête noire are your Ego and Misconceptions. If you drop your ego, you would gradually kill your misconceptions and illusions too. Please refer last post on CYI site about Ego.
  • This would lead you to love all; respect all. Avoid temptation to love and/or respect selectively.
  • It is the Love, which would make you buddy; help you to put yourself in others’ shoes and understand their problems, pleasure and perspective.
  • It is the Respect, which would keep you apart as a boss, understand employees’ “needs, strengths and weaknesses”, hold their hands to take them on road to growth and glory, and in this process also your company!
  • Take a full about-turn on your falsehood mentioned above.
  • Resist what would frustrate your team, while guiding them not to fall prey to fallacies.
  • You would get a highly prized catch – above would actually upgrade you to be a Leader and not Bête noire!

A Leader is not only both Boss and Buddy; but much more…..

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