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Hints to identify your hidden talent and core competencies!

Making match of talent and opportunity! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

If you wish to excel in what you choose to do, than it is critical to identify your built-in talent, trait or core competencies early on in your life. However, it is no less important to know that it is never too late to discover same at any stage of your life or make corrections in the ones identified and pursued earlier!

Normally, people don’t make conscious efforts or there is lack awareness on how to identify their hidden taste, tendencies and competencies, in which they could shine. There are also cases, where some people are capable of finding out what their hidden talent is; but, they are unable to map or match it correctly to the career path. Therefore, often they end up following advice of friends, father or fraternity in selecting their career or brain, Beauty, profession. Some may still develop well; but most fail to do a good job. There are wiser ones, who rather than living a frustrated life, change their pursuit mid-stream and come out then with flying colors in the new profession.

Lot of school going students tend to follow hype created by their friend circle. They are cut to be artists or architects, but go for engineering and then struggle for success. Children of business families are inherently pushed by their parents to pursue family business, regardless of their capabilities or choices. I have come across host of employees, who were doing very well in their career as engineers but opted to pursue MBAs only because that would give them better career opportunities and salaries, even though they hardly had any flair for managing businesses! There is a kind of fear in minds of most young professionals to follow their hidden talent, lest they should fail and miss the bus of opportunities that their peers are enjoying by following text book rules.

Look at hidden talent of some well-known personalities – Hedy Lamarr, “Bombshell” beautiful actress of 1940s used to experiment at home for automated control of musical instruments and also received a patent for invention in this field. She wanted to be better known for her innovative brain than her skin beauty. Famed suspense movie director Alfred Hitchcock was a graduate from London County Council School of Engineering and Navigation. An engineer’s mind often gave his movies a cutting edge! Former US President Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer and engineer, before he catapulted to become top political leader. Super and successful model Cindy Crawford was nearing her graduation in chemical engineering when she firmed up her mind to fire into entirely unrelated field of modelling!

Where does your talent and tendencies hide?

What we can’t identify, we declare it invisible (hidden)!” As a matter of fact, core talent and tendencies of anyone are never hidden. These are visible through one’s behavior and responses all the time. Real challenge for most is lack of adequate knowledge on how to co-relate and collate these in a structured manner, as same surface in a random manner and moreover, these can undergo some variation over a period of time depending upon experience made by the person and his/her beliefs having undergone a change.

There are 3 aspects, through which hidden talent or tendencies come out –

  1. Type of original or primary thoughts
  2. What you do with those thoughts
  3. How you respond to a given situation

What you consistently or repetitively do nearly 80% of time in above 3 aspects is your talent or tendency.

Type of your primary thoughts is the seed for your talent!

Most important thing to know is that primary thoughts are the ones, which come on their own and come effortlessly. Please ignore thoughts, which are secondary, provoked or induced.

Categorize your primary thoughts as follows:

  1. Conventional or unconventional
  2. Positive or negative
  3. Old (repeat) or new
  4. Abstract, object, people or transaction related

What you do with your primary thoughts is how you nurture your talent!

This is a key to build your core competency. Watch out how you handle your primary thoughts:

  1. Ignore or discard
    This does not help in building any competency! 
  2. Investigate (analyze) and implement
  3. Implement straightaway 
  4. Improve and implement
  5. Innovate new ideas based on primary thoughts

How you respond to a situation determines your trait or characteristic!

It shows what kind of person you are or you would become:

  1. React
    This would take your talent in wrong direction.
  2. Accept but no further action
  3. Accept and offer help
  4. Define or understand it, decide on path forward or seek a solution
  5. Develop it further
  6. Dissect and debate

These 3 aspects can help you unleash your true potential

Understanding these 3 aspects in you can indeed boost your decision making power at any stage of life, since these clearly guide you to shoot it right – be it decision to plan a new career or change the existing one.

Don’t believe that your talent is hidden only in your DNA and that it can’t be changed. DNA only determines basic tendencies; but by practice, same can be altered. 

Once you know your current hidden talent, it empowers you to alter if you discover that better opportunities lie elsewhere. But, before you embark upon any opportunity, you must make sure that your core talent is aligned to it.

Hiring manager can take advantage from knowledge of these 3 aspects how to frame their questions and understand the talent of candidates being interviewed from answers given by them.

Examples of matrix for areas, you would score the best

Remember you need to pick only what you tend to repeat most of times, ideally 80% of instances:

Matrix to identify areas where you can excel!

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Biggest blunder in our world – dealing with “wrong” by going wrong!

When things go wrong! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

To deal with what has gone wrong, we tend to adopt wrong ways! Most of us feel justified in doing so and in that process, we go more wrong and commit more blunders!!

Above self-justification usually comes in 2 ways:

  1. No; we are not doing anything wrong by going wrong, since that is the only way a wrong person or thing can be corrected!
  2. We can’t help going wrong; after all we are human beings!

Justifying what one does is in our DNA. Therefore, we generally don’t care whether our actions bring right results or make things worse.

Open any chapter of history or observe current happenings; writing on wall is very clear –

“Whenever things had gone bad, people had lost their balance or goodness, resorted to bad means and hit the wall. Then either they had come to their senses to do right things and restore normalcy or continued to struggle with no sign of “bad or wrong attitude, approach, behavior or things” abating!”

This saga continues at all levels – from personal to companies to countries. If employees could not meet their targets, hell would be broken loose by bosses. If some sub-ordinates are weak in performance or personality, first thing that a supervisor would do is to ignore or avoid communicating with them. If a profit center in a company has incurred losses, heads would roll. If a kid or household help has broken a glass, we will break lose our temper.

Let us look at what happens when there is conflict among a group of people. Emotions and temper would run high. Conflict escalates. But it ebbs, when counsel by one wise person within the group or from outside prevails on wisdom of the rest and if that does not happen, the conflict would only engulf many more!

Take fanaticism or fundamentalism in several parts of world at this time. Some people are imposing their doctrines or dogmas at global level through terror and killings. To counter or suppress that, some countries use their weaponry technology, power and money muscles, resulting into more killings and further maligning and multiplying those, who are already malignant!

When something goes wrong with our health – common cold, catch in the legs to cancer – most manage to mess it up further. We would become pessimistic, sad, irritated…, though every doctor would advise – be cheerful and hopeful! No doubt, treatment would do its job to cure/heal; but all researches show that evergreen advice of doctors and a good frame of mind would accelerate restoration of health and/or make it much less painful!!

Simplest problem like being in rush, majority mismanages to do everything (avoidable) to go in reverse gear! 

From above examples, it is very clear that wrong approach can never mutilate wrong; instead, it would help it mutate and multiply!

Why nearly all of us go wrong in dealing with wrong

Here is the deal:

  1. Action on basis of 1st reaction of our mind is the easiest thing to do!
    Majority confuses 1st reaction of mind as their instincts and that is a worse gaffe!!
  2. Above spontaneously satisfies our ego and that gives birth to our biases and a feeling of being justified in our actions.
  3. It then leads to cementing the thoughts at the back of our mind that what we perceive as bad or wrong things must be dealt by giving back, pointing fingers, banging, anger, accusation or shouting to physical harm in worst case.
  4. Negativity always sits on our nose and hence is handy; whereas positivity needs patience and peace of mind that we find difficult to practice!
  5. Our history and hormones have inculcated hero cult in us, which gives us sadistic pleasure of seeing offenders or villains being thrashed out verbally or bodily or even finished.
  6. It is for above reason that we feel compelled to retaliate against wrong doings!

Why only “right” has possibility and power to root out “wrong”!

We seem to ignore the simplest analogy or logic, nature has beautifully presented to us:

Identical polarities or charges repel each other e.g. two negative or positive charges would move apart and can’t impact each other; therefore, the two survive individually. But, a positive and a negative charge would collide and cancel each other. By the same token, a wrong or bad can be corrected by right or good, but never by another wrong or bad action! It is also precisely for same reason that wrong brings reaction and retribution, whereas right bestows reconciliation and restoration!!

Unfortunately, aforesaid 6 points create illusion in minds of most what exactly is wrong or right. Clearly, wrong is what creates reactions, raises emotions or temper, conflict or controversy and interference with others.

Right is clearly what creates solutions initially or eventually and would result in:

  1. Evoking tolerance, patience and positive vibes
  2. Eliciting understanding and acceptance of the way others are and why they do things in consonance or contradiction to your expectations
  3. Encouraging open communication on your part
  4. Ebbing or Erasing past memories of your prejudices
  5. Evolving your response, action or judgment without fear but with fairness and frankness

So, if you can rely on what is right as above, you can comfortably deal with or manage what is not right or conflicts, controversy, crisis or even crime at personal, professional or public level, regardless you are employer, employee, supervisor, sub-ordinate, buddy or bête noire!

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Two third cancer cases on a/c of luck – a chance, coincidence or command of heaven?

Looking for luck! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Scientists from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have recently concluded that 2/3rd of world’s cancer cases are a direct result of bad luck rather than faulty life style or defective DNA! They have found that 22 types of cancer could be largely explained by bad luck factor of random DNA mutations during cell division and other 9 types of cancer with higher incidences are a combination of bad luck and environmental/inherited factors!!

So, luck looms on everyone but no one knows, including most brilliant scientists what luck is!

One popular medical practitioner confided in me that medical fraternity terms those ailments, which cannot be diagnosed, as allergy or IBS! Likewise, it looks like that what scientists or common man cannot comprehend would defer it to heavenly hands or luck!!

Since scientists are talking of most types of cancer as matter of luck, it becomes crucial that we make logical sense out of it. After all, it is a question of millions of lives!

There are 3 possible scenarios:

  1. Luck is controlled by commands from heavenly hands!
    This is the most popular belief and for many, it is taboo to discuss or challenge it.
    Let us ponder following aspects:
    1. No one knows where heaven is located in our Universe!
    2. Even if we assume that it is somewhere, no signal from heaven has ever been detected.
    3. How do 1 or 2 pairs of hands in heaven control luck of billions of people on earth? What is the motivation behind such control?
      If there are aliens living on other planets, what happens to their luck? Then, is their heaven same as that for humans on earth?
    4. By assuming heaven is located elsewhere in our Universe, we are separating God from ourselves. This is completely contrary to popular belief that God is everywhere and therefore, God resides in us also!
    5. So, if we believe God is within us, then control of luck is also within us!!
  2. Luck is logical!
    No one would agree it.
    If luck was to be straight forward and logical, rules governing it would have been discovered long time back.
    In some preaching and holy books, luck is assumed as direct consequence of karmas from previous your life and hence considered logical. But, this is just a conjecture, since there is no proof that previous life and reincarnation exist! Even if we assume that previous life had existed, there is nothing whatsoever found how karmas over lifelong span are recorded, stored and carried forward to the next birth!!
    However, there are some real life examples, which everyone experiences and are worth to evaluate. In majority of cases, things happen, when you don’t want them to. This is also a corollary of Murphy’s Law! Reverse is also true that things don’t happen when you want them to. Both cases are contingent to how genuine is your want, which is generally gray. Most people go back and forth on their wants. But, if you are really anxious or obsessed for things to happen like you have to win a lottery, then reverse would generally be a reality! And then you would call it a bad luck. There are lot of people, who are least bothered about a win and then they win. We term that as good luck!
    Further, there are practices like Feng Shui, Vaastu and others, which are believed to bring luck. Then, there are lot of superstitious beliefs to avoid bad luck. Protagonists of these practices staunchly believe that these work, which is not whole truth. It has been observed by me time and again that it works for the people, who develop beliefs but back it up with their sincere efforts.
    Above suggests that there is a kind of systematic pattern of luck, which is actually linked to state of our mind!
  3. Luck is random!
    It is most widely experienced that luck has random pattern! Since luck seems to follow no rule, no one is able to regulate it!
    Randomness means uncertainty and uncertainty plays a very vital role in how nature functions. Current electronic revolution, which has brought in internet to mobile phones, note pads and computers, has emanated from uncertainty principle! What it means in layman’s language is “in much less than billionth of a second, everything is possible – biggest explosion to deepest hole; but that can never be directly observed by us, nor does it affect our routine life”.
    Why such uncertainty? Science is totally blank about it. Though it has exploited it for amazing technological advancements, it has no idea how uncertainty principle works on our mind or in our life! After all, our brain constitutes of same sub-atomic particles as an electronic chip!!
    My research has so far revealed that there is certainty within boundaries of uncertainty principle. Nevertheless, randomness of luck directly implies randomness of effects that our mind experiences!

Reining in Luck

We can now conclude that:

  1. If luck is in heavenly hands, then it is also in your hands!
    When you are happy, blissful or fully focused, you get godly feeling! You feel you have experienced what you perceive as God. This is when luck loses its meaning to you!
  2. If luck is logical, then it falls within reign of your mind!
    Positive state of your mind is the best mean to rein in luck.
  3. If luck is random or uncertain, then you need to rein in uncertainties in your mind!
    You can best do it by focusing on single thoughts.
  4. Factually, anything that happens or does not happen relates to luck!
    So, chose what you want as luck. Everything? No, then wealth and health? Make these 2 as your goal and run after it; possibility are then high for even cancer to run away from you.
  5. To align luck to your like, click and look at how to do it…!

So all in all, luck is game of your mind! You can learn to play as above to be lucky!!

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Secrets behind why happy-go-lucky people are usually healthy!

Being Happy-go-lucky! Source: http://www.flickr.com/

By happy-go-lucky people, I don’t mean those, who are thick skin, carefree, care-the-less or who appear to keep themselves aloof from pain but not from pleasure! I am referring to those people, who keep themselves happy and able to manage their stress well!

I am sure that you know some happy-go-lucky people. To understand what they do and what works for them, let us first look at following examples:

  1. Doctors rarely fall prey to diseases they treat!
    Practicing doctors rarely fail to attend to their duties. They usually do not pick-up infections from the patients they treat. Popular belief is that by getting exposed to infections repetitively, they become immune and that they take precautionary measures like washing their hands after checking their patients etc. But, many doctors are not known to take such precautionary measures. Then, there are several social workers, whose pursuit is to meet patients, spend time with them and boost their morals. Even these noble workers hardly get impacted by illness of patients!
    There seems to be no scientific explanation how frequent exposure to infections enhances your immunity! But, one thing is strikingly similar among doctors and social workers – they don’t get disturbed and distracted from diseases; for them, it is just a routine!
  2. Why doctors’ evergreen advice in every illness “Be happy; you would be o.k.”?
    You must have noticed this! Doctors do try to create optimism and hopes in their patients!! I have witnessed many, who have faith in their doctors, recover much faster than those, who doubt them. Why?
    It is certain that optimism and hopefulness help your health!
  3. Military people invariably enjoy and sustain sound health!
    Fitness exercises and hard work definitely help maintain good health. But, there are lot of civilians, who are health freaks but don’t seem to benefit as much as military people do. What is worth noting is that military people are healthy; but not necessarily happy!
    There is one stark difference military personnel have as opposed to civilians – they are much focused and don’t allow themselves to get distracted in normal course!
  4. Saintly people are seldom sick!
    They are calm, less complicated and have minimum conflicts of thoughts! Their wants or needs are very little. The net result is a stress free life and that seems to be key to their good health.
  5. During exciting time, excellent health endures like that of bride and bridegroom at time of their wedding!
    When you are truly excited or having a hearty laugh, your body releases such hormones, which make your immune system stronger. At such time, you suddenly find yourself very focused and free from worries!

Now, signs that happy-go-lucky people emit

Compare the above examples with the clear signs, happy-go-lucky people reflect:

  1. They are free from stress or manage their stress well.
  2. They don’t overtly get disturbed by distractions.
  3. They are optimistic and hence dislike company of pessimists.
  4. They strike good balance between work and life.
  5. They are not perfectionists.
  6. They are able to minimize struggle with self.
  7. They take on the life as it comes.
  8. They avoid being furious or frustrated.
  9. They don’t allow dust of doubt and rust of past to set-in!
  10. They never nag and always enjoy what they eat!!

So, we can safely conclude that happy-go-lucky persons are unique combination of unique qualities of medical practitioners, military men to saints and stimulated ones! We often confuse with superficially happy-go-lucky ones, who are complacent, care free or careless, casual or enjoying being in comfort zones! Such people have misplaced happiness.

It is noteworthy that happy people are invariably healthy; but healthy people are not necessarily happy and therefore, eventually they lose good health!

How to be happy-go-lucky!

  1. Gainfully engaged mind brings wellness; whereas idle mind triggers illness!
    As a matter of fact, mind can never remain idle. Typically, when we say idle mind, we mean no physical activity; but our mind is actually busy with conflicting thoughts. A gainfully engaged mind would automatically drive you to do productive work!
  2. Cut down unproductive thoughts and tasks.
    At least half of what we think and do is wasteful. Please look at earlier article on “Want to free-up your time by 50%? Follow just 5 tips fiercely!” Very significant to know here is if you do something wasteful, it is bound to bring associated worries.
  3. Acceptance of “what it is” and feeling gratitude for “what you have” are two great mantras to keep you away from disappointments and dejection.
  4. Welcome problems but work for solutions.
    You may find it difficult to welcome problems; but points 1 and 3 above would act as great enablers.
  5. Whatever happens has both positive and negative built-in. If you tag along with positive, you would be terrific; otherwise it can be terrible!
  6. It may be very surprising but true that full focus and faith in what you pursue is key to “full-of-fun life”!

Being happy-go-lucky surely boosts your immune system and more importantly not allow you to become unhealthy!

So, if you are not happy-go-lucky by destiny or DNA, you can definitely be so by design!!!

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How serious you are, when you say sorry?

Sorry indeed? Source: http://www.flickr.com/

One of English words most extensively used by most people is “Sorry”. This word does a great job in deflecting problems faced by them, albeit temporarily!

People use “Sorry” for a variety of reasons:

  1. To express regret or remorse for a mistake committed.
  2. To convey repentance for what you don’t think is a mistake; but other person sees it as a mistake!
  3. To pacify an angry or agitated person, you are facing.
  4. To avoid an argument or further discussion.
  5. To justify what you have done e.g. sorry, I did that; but I did not mean it or wanted to do it!
  6. To intentionally hurt someone (usually verbally) first; but use sorry to soothe his/her wound!
  7. To show helplessness e.g. sorry, I got delayed or I could not do that.
  8. To solicit a favor, help or consideration e.g. sorry to give you trouble; but could you do that for me?

Are people really serious, when they say sorry or they do it for serving self? A study shows that 8 out of 10 persons are not serious while saying “sorry”, merrily though!

Amazing rule of “1-2-3 & Go” applies very well to “Sorry”

I have come across several instances, when a person has said sorry for same gaffe or slip consecutively 3 times and on 4th instance i.e. Go, invariably he/she has stopped saying sorry! Such incidences vary widely in degree of importance like responding to an important e mail to delivering what is promised; but result of the rule “1-2-3 & Go” has been consistently same! I am sure, if you observe closely, your experience would not be any different i.e. after saying sorry 3 consecutive times, person does not feel sorry at all! He/she stops even communicating to you!! At the 4th incidence, person goes in reverse gear. Rather than feeling sorry, one starts to feel sour!

So, watch out this rule attentively; it can have colossal impact on your character and charisma!

Start to worry, if sorry is not accompanied with seriousness!

Absence of seriousness speaks poorly of your persona. If a person does not mean his/her words, then it implies that:

  • He/she is casual by character.
  • He/she lacks attention to details.
  • He/she is insincere.
  • He/she would not inspire confidence of others.
  • His/her credibility would be poor.

Those, who do not take their words seriously, are usually mediocre or conversely, mediocre people tend to speak casually.

Strong people have to use “Sorry” sparingly!

You would observe that effective, impressive or strong people would always weigh their words and convey same with a purpose. This habit is part of their DNA. If they have to say sorry for a reason, they would say it spontaneously; but they would follow it up to make amends or correction, so that they do not have to say sorry again for the same mistake or situation.

History has witnessed several wars, triggered by spoken words. On other hands, calibrated and well-crafted words have brought-in several negotiated settlements and peace.

Weighing your words has another great advantage. When you weigh your words, your mind starts to witness “Now”! It brings consciousness and makes you cool!! You may then speak the word/s or may skip same.

So, conscious silence and calibrated speaking can make you very congenial person! On other hand, casually spoken words or sorry can cause at times irreparable damage!! 

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