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Divide between successful & less successful, strong & weak would keep widening, unless….

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A successful person moves from strength to strength, opportunities chase him (no gender bias) and his accomplishments and material gains increase multifold! A strong performer would always be a front runner. So, success multiplies for a successful person. On the other hand, success gets divided for a less successful person; he is generally laden with problems, left behind and the returns from identical efforts made by him dwindle!! If you look around, you would find this story repeating time and again world over. It is also driving divide between successful and non-successful, performer and non-performer, rich and poor to increase continuously.

Reason for such a contrasting performance is very clear – when you do it right, you are bound to get success, results, prosperity and greater strength! On the other hands, when you do it wrong, you are bound to be left as a loser, weaker or poorer. Majority of people do it partly right and partly wrong. If net sum is positive, person moves forward; but slowly and if it is negative, he would go backwards. Many tend to attribute successes and setbacks to stroke of luck or nature/god’s reward or retribution; but that is a poor excuse.

However, there is a major consequence of above – growing inequality between the 2 sections of people. History shows that it is this high inequality in families, communities, companies, countries and at international level, which is always a bone of contention, cause of several conflicts and social revolutions!

Recently published and New York Times best-selling book of French economist Thomas Piketty – “Capital in Twenty-First Century” has taken the debate on inequality by storm in USA. Book essentially focuses on gap between rich and poor, which is larger than ever before. This is a reality. Several reasons are being assigned to such inequality and suggestions being advanced like levying of wealth tax, lowering taxes on labor, socialistic model of governance etc. It is doubtful that any of these can ever address such a problem. On the other hand, such measures would lead to other sets of problems including inefficiency, corruption or loss of entrepreneurship!

So, what is the remedy?

Reorient purpose of aids and charities to uplift competence of individuals

Globally, individuals, institutions, corporations and country governments spend huge sums to help underprivileged or weaker section of people. Aids or charities given to such people are more to provide them missing means with no focus to uplift their competency levels. In the process, such aids or charities function like crutches, without which these people have difficulty to survive. Many among them might have talents, which actually get leashed by such assistance.

Therefore, there is dire need to reorient the purpose of spending such sums. Main objective should be to educate and engage them. Make them gainfully occupied, self-reliant and unleash their hidden talent. Hold them accountable to demonstrate results from such assistance.

Making true sense of Entrepreneurship and Leadership!

Our popular understanding of entrepreneurship or leadership is very parochial and outdated. It is all about securing success but not about sustaining it! It glorifies monopoly, kills competition and breeds autocracy!

Further, most lack sound knowledge why leaders and legends eventually languish; why setbacks invariably follow successes; why children of a brilliant entrepreneur are seldom equally or more brilliant! It is obvious that we are missing something very important!

Therefore, it is imperative that an entrepreneur or leader understands and puts unflinching faith on following:

  1. Your differentiators have to be:
    Not wealth but wisdom
    Not money but merits
    Not means but morals
  2. Your strength lies is your ability to create contemporaries!
    If you don’t or can’t create contemporaries, you would only create adversaries!!
    Many leaders fear that having contemporaries mean losing relevance; it is actually rewarding.
  3. If your success can’t inspire others to succeed, it is superfluous.
  4. What you share only solidifies what you have.
  5. If you preach what you practice, then it perpetuates what you possess!
  6. If you would ignore inequality, it would only invite instability.
  7. You excel, when you help others to emulate you.
  8. What you get during your journey, give back to source in one or another form.
  9. Monopoly is a malady, you must save yourself from.
  10. Competition only promotes your qualitative performance and competitiveness.
  11. Judge your performance not merely by no. of times you got success; but also by no. of people you helped them to be equally successful.

So, it is time to redefine your leadership and entrepreneurship; junk the old defunct definitions. You would then revolutionize your profession, organization you serve and society you live in! This would also completely dilute the issue of ever widening inequality between doers and non-doers, performers and non-performers, rich and poor!!

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What can bring you in Limelight?

Let me quote real life example of Peter M. (name changed), who started his engineering career 23 years back with a multinational company. He was ambitious, technically sound, sincere and diligent. His qualities saw him growing well in the organization for first 12 years. He was happy the way he was and with his accomplishments. He was put through leadership development programs. These did create impact; but limited. He used to be too busy with his routine duties and did not find time or could not fathom what he can do to bring incremental change in his qualities and character.

From 13th year, Peter’s growth started to taper down and 2 of his peers surpassed him to take up key management positions. He did not align well with his management assessment of these peers, though he knew that they are more visible, better respected by management and employees alike. He became very frustrated; however, determined to figure out how to come in the limelight and achieve a faster growth. But, his preference to focus more on his routine work brought him only limited results. Though he is now holding a management position; but his grouch is growing on being treated at par with rest of peer crowd and gap is widening with his earlier 2 peers.

Do you want to be like Peter M. or be Different and Distinguished?

Hopefully, you do not want to spend 9 to 5.00 p.m. stereo life and do desire, dare and dream to stand out. You do aspire to leave a legacy behind you, which generations would remember and revere?

10 myths and misconceptions to be discarded

  1. It is destiny, which determines my destination.
  2. I cannot influence others.
    Although we ignore how we are constantly getting influenced by others.
  3. I am not gifted like great people, who have/had God gifted talents.
  4. I cannot be very different than what my Zodiac sign suggests.
  5. I know enough; why should I break my head to know more.
  6. I have no choice, but to live with my limitations and inhibitions.
  7. If I am happy with what I am and I do; I do not need to change or take initiatives.
  8. It is more important to work for comfort than to work on constraints.
  9. It is impossible to solve all problems.
  10. I cannot drive my seniors.

10 point resolution

  1. I need to be in limelight not for popularity; but for a purpose.
    When you get it, popularity would come as an automatic consequence.
  2. If I want to be different than the crowd, then I ought to do things differently.
  3. Ideas should not remain merely in mind or as words on lips; but should become way of my life.
  4. I have immense possibilities to explore.
  5. I would have hopes for myself and heart for others.
  6. I would help; but not hurt anyone.
  7. I would not be judgmental or develop any prejudice against anyone.
  8. I would be positive.
  9. It all starts from me and ends with me.
    Hence, successes and failures are all mine.
  10. It is foolhardy to assume that my path would not be rough; but I would remain on course.

10 points to come in Limelight

  1. Be in limelight for right reasons and not for wrong ones.
    You may get tempted to be visible by raking or engaging in controversy, conflict, crisis or culpable acts; you would get thrill but troubles also!
  2. Be aware that whatever you do, it is always possible to do it differently and more efficiently. Keep exploring these possibilities; you would find one and share such info or knowledge with all stakeholders.
  3. Best differentiator for you is to innovate or create values in what you do!
    You may feel inertia or inhibition to do that; but push yourself and pursue till you get it. Set a goal for yourself that be it small or big, you would create at least one value in your work in one week. It can be as small as changing format of documentation partially for better clarity. Once you do this, you would automatically feel motivated to do more and more.
    It is important that you share and spread these with your seniors and colleagues. It is desirable that you reach wider audience through publication of these ideas and public speaking through media and other forums.
  4. Be consistent and credible in your behavior and care about comforts of your colleagues.
    It matters a lot and gets noticed.
  5. Be ethical by choice and not by fear.
  6. Bring elegance and élan in how you carry and present yourself every time!
  7. Be interactive and helpful to as many people as you can.
  8. Be composed, when you face conflicts or setbacks. Use your emotional intelligence and not emotions or ego to manage and learn from these.
  9. Be a problem solver; not a problem creator or narrator.
    People have natural tendency to do the later part; trash it.
  10. Be efficient by giving more for less – more output in less efforts or time, more meanings in less words, more love even if you get less and so on.

Believe it that if you wish to be different and distinguished, it is within your reach and realm! It is just 3×10 – 10 I’s to Ignore, 10 I’s to Imbibe and 10 B’s to Implement!!

This would be a sure shot to hog in and hug Limelight!

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