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Change under crisis or constraint is compelling; but it is costly n chaotic!

abc“Change” is the most celebrated term in corporate life, leadership circles, professional and personal lives and even in country governance across the globe. Most people take pride in speaking for change, but fall short is imbibing and implementing it. Many talk about it but don’t know what to do with it.

An aspirant gets a new job of his choice and hence he loves it and puts in hard work. Years pass by and his conviction gets consolidated that he would never like to leave such a job. His management starts to perceive him as a liability; but he believes in his loyalty and one fateful day, he faces termination.

You develop a taste for sugar coated donuts and get hooked to eating couple of them every morning. You believe you are young with no family history of blood sugar problem; so, why not enjoy it. In time to come, you discover alarmingly high level of blood sugar and then you start spending time and money on medical experts and medicines; at the same time, you find it painful to miss taste of donuts.

Look at the iconic companies like General Motors, Ford, Siemens, BlackBerry and many more. These organizations did not change in or with time and hence faced blow to their businesses or serious crisis, resulting into painful restructuring, sell offs or even closure of several of their units.

Rise of right wing voices or parties in USA, Europe and Brexit are clear indications of ruling parties giving a cold shoulder to changing their policies in time and now their people are forcing them to change albeit in wrong direction.

Is it not a clear indication that waiting for crisis to come and then change is very costly and complex? Very often, changing under constraints may not be a blessing but a bane.

Why “Change” receives more of lip service than living examples

It has become a fashion to talk about change; but hardly anyone is willing to walk for a change. Celebrities proudly pronounce “Change is the only constant in Universe”, not knowing what exactly it means. Change is a continuum; not a constant. Universe actually has no constant.

Then, we are ever ready to pass our sermons how and why others should change, forgetting that if we want to change others, that change has to first originate from us. A step ahead, people talk about grand changes in systems at company, community or country level; but most prefer to be spectators and fight shy of becoming part of system. Unless you become part of change, bringing change is only a pipe dream.

In more than 90% of cases, it is a decorative word in speeches and essays, until crisis descends.

Biggest confusion is “Why and what change”

Homilies aside, herds hardly understand correct definition of change!

Nothing is static around us. We and our environments are continuously changing. So, change is nothing but adjusting to changes happening internally and externally to us with time, so that we can accomplish our short and long term goals in least time and resistance.

So first of all, to talk of change without your goals in mind is foolhardy. Then comes, identifying what incremental changes have happened in and around you, followed by planned steps to effect the change.

Crisis comes out, when accumulated changes crash the system

By and large, people like to be inert to changes, because of inertia that they develop from their comfort zones.

Changes not made but accumulated over time burst out in form of crisis or even conflicts. You or people at large than have no choice or time but brace or face changes thrust upon you. You like it or not, such forced changes are bound to be painful; some of these may be right but a lot would not be. You would react against such forced changes; but would have no recourse left and hence, these become chaotic.

Changing by choice is indeed chaste

Very fact that change is continuum tells us that we must live side by side of changes that are arising and align with them in time. This alone can make us very efficient, ebullient and agile.

Changing by choice makes the Change a pleasure and not pain; it can be a nice asset but never liability.

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Discover how to defeat your Disappointments n Depressive feelings!

Discovering a solution; Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Great leaders’ sayings, golden quotes, good advises, tested truths or terrific experiences carry no value for those, who are disappointed or depressed! Disappointments and depressive feelings are like hunger, when any talk about which food is healthy or harmful loses its relevance; a hungry person just wants food to eat!! In both the cases, emotions are overwhelming; but people often fail to differentiate what they do to resolve. The solution to problem of hunger is to eat food and that everyone does. On the other hand, while facing problem of disappointments or depressive feelings, person rejects the very solution! Is not it ironical?

Why is that?

The problem lies in the way we have learnt to perceive a problem!!!

Most perceive that a problem is pointless and has to bring pain!

Since childhood, it has been drilled in our mind that problem is a bad word. If we created a problem in our early hood, we were punished. We have been taught in schools how people reacted against problems; how problem makers were suppressed or penalized. That is not wrong or right; but one adverse impact is most of us have harbored habit to react negatively when faced with problem. A problem invariably invites negative emotions in us; it could range from frustration to fury, disenchantment and disillusionment to distress and depressive feelings. As it is, human mind falls prey to negatives far in excess of positives and hence negative emotions sucks you more into negative spiral, which could turn into wild thoughts and/or actions.

It is because of above, when we face problem/s, we simply sink! We don’t want to heed to anything sensible. Our senses prevail, only when it starts to hurt our conscience or creates damages, which instill fear in us. It is then that we start to take corrective actions to address the problem!

Our paradigm that problems are pointless must undergo a shift! It is not necessary that a problem has to bring pain or evoke our negative emotions!!

Treat problems as part and parcel of life!

If anyone claims on this planet that he/she never faces problems has serious problem! Everyone from strongest person of world – US President to wealthiest ones like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have their share of problems. If you still see them smiling, it is because they treat their problems differently.

Pluck following low hanging fruits to change your perspective on problems:

  1. Don’t have phobia of problems. If problems have to come, they would and hence, offer no resistance. It is your resistance to problems, which creates pains!
  2. Once a problem is before you, you would react. But, never act upon 1st reaction of your mind.
  3. More than 80% of problems are self-made!
    Your preset expectations, envy or comparison with others, desires/obsession, clash with your ego or comfort and conflict with your biases account for these, which invariably lead to negative emotions. So, you are focal point, from where most problems emanate!
  4. Recognize a problem; never reject or gloss over it.
    Once you recognize and accept, you would not waste your energy by recapitulating and repenting for efforts you made. You would realize something you did was not right. You need to find out what it was.
  5. A problem is called a problem, only when it has a solution.
    Solution is what you now have to find out by yourself or with help of others. Something, that does not have a solution, becomes sacrosanct as truth.
  6. Once you know the solution, don’t look back; simply implement even if that means radically different route to take.

Dare your disappointments and depressive feelings (Ds)

Here are some golden rules:

Rule # 1

Only when you dare, you can defeat!

Rule # 2

Value of efforts is far higher than the effects (results)!

So, if you made your sincere efforts, never feel dejected if effect or result did not fructify. Results only determine the direction. But, never refuse to follow, what result directs you to do.

Rule # 3

Rule 1-2-3 & Go always applies!

If 3 consecutive attempts did not get to your goal, quit making such attempts. One of the 2 things must change – your approach or goal, since either of 2 is not worth for you. Don’t wait or feel depressed; just make a radical shift.

Rule # 4

Consequences of conscious choices made are not meant for grumbling but for learning!

Don’t think – what’s wrong in grumbling; you would definitely goof in learning!!

Rule # 5

Setbacks provide best opportunity to learn and succeed! 

If you put your faith in this, you can’t be disillusioned or depressed!! Setbacks, irrespective how many, sting only when you don’t consider those as opportunities.

Rule # 6

Problems or failures don’t pull down heaven; but negative emotions emanating from those do put you in hell!

Rule # 7

Negative emotions swell when mixed with negative ones; but sink completely against positive ones!

Eventually, only way to survive and succeed is to counter your Ds by evoking your positive emotions or thoughts.

So, consider your classical notions about failure as opportunities; then opportunities would chase you!

While penning above thoughts and truths, I have been constantly wishing if I could help you, if faced with disappointments! What do you think?

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Do you want to be Part or Standout of Crowd or be a Crowd-puller?

Everyone lives his/her life anyway. But, it is important to ask ourselves – do “we want to make a difference and leave our legacy behind” or “just live and leave uneventfully”!

We have 3 choices in our professional, personal and social life – (a) do like others do, (b) do better than what others do or (c) do it differently than others! Very often, we do not make a choice or we do not know the choices to choose from. This leads us a lackadaisical life.

So, it is very essential to make a choice upfront and give direction and purpose to our career and life!

Being part of crowd

Ignorantly or intentionally, majority falls in this category. No harm to be there; but be conscious of the same.

It is convenient and comfortable for most to look at others and to be alike in thinking and doing. Classical characteristics of this category would be:

  1. Conventional, conservative and contended.
  2. Envy and emulate.
  3. Grumble and fumble.
  4. Live others’ life; not your own.
  5. Lot of aspirations; but little of perspiration to accomplish those.
  6. Talk tall; but walk timid.
  7. Prompt in making promises; but pathetic in making delivery.
  8. Fear of failure; but have fun through community feeling!
  9. Perceive that own ills and illusions are someone else’s making.

However, this category has its own relevance and significance. It is essential to accept and respect it, because that is what masses would tend to do. This group creates the base structure; forms back bone of the organizations and constitutes real work force!

What can make you to Stand out of Crowd

Some aspire to be visible and recognized. Aspirations need to catapult into actions. Here are some offbeat ideas to stand out of the crowd:

  1. Be an eternal enthusiast and optimist.
  2. Never say No to any work or responsibility; but that does not mean to say Yes to everything.
    Listen to what you are being told to do. If it is not feasible or correct, do not reject or refuse; instead take a neutral position and explain “Why”, even if it is your boss asking for it.
  3. Never complain or criticize anyone, be in bedroom or boardroom.
    There can be issues; but treat them as challenges. You can then find a way to tackle.
  4. Accept to do, what others are averse to.
    Always look for areas, which other people tend to avoid. You cannot imagine how it can bring you in lime light and new dimensions.
  5. First 1 to 10 minutes are crucial before you get set to do anything.
    Must use those minutes to fathom and focus on planning and how to endeavor to make it more efficient in terms of time and efforts.
  6. Welcome difficulties, disagreements and defeats!
    If you don’t face these, then start suspecting that something is not right!!
  7. Devote at least 15% of your time to help people solve their problems including bosses and making changes in the things around you!

You don’t need talent, qualifications or experience to stand out; but stand out for a right reason as above. Excellent results would race towards you!

How to be a Crowd-puller

To pull the crowd, you need to pull yourself to a different paradigm:

  1. Unshackle yourself from conventions, comfort and crowd.
  2. Don’t do what masses do.
  3. Observe and learn what triggers imagination of people. Put that learning into your pursuits and practice.
  4. Don’t have fear of failures or frustration from setbacks. Failures and setbacks can be very enlightening!
  5. Be sincere to the core; keep no gap in what you think, speak or do.
  6. Love everyone; but don’t get attached to anyone.
  7. Be prepared to drop your notions and convictions, if these have lost their worth or proved wrong.
  8. Do what would address and alleviate problems and pains of people or make them more efficient, ebullient and energetic.
    Alternatively, work in areas, which are dark/deficient or where people face paradoxes and puzzles.
  9. Take pride in sharing and communication your ideas and imagination on point 8 above with people.
    Initially, people may not listen; keep patience, eventually they would.

So, your option determines outcome –

  • Opting for being in crowd – you would go 2 steps forward and may be 1 or 3 steps backward. Cycle of success and failure would keep you tied there!
  • Selecting to stand out – you would start to get successes up to a point, beyond which either you move forward with extra push to get in 3rd option or you would get pulled back!
  • Daring to be different – it is like throwing a stone with enough force to free it from earth’s gravity; then it would keep moving forward effortlessly.

World treats you differently, when you do it differently!!!

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A Dozen Facts that can Dramatically Change Your Life in 2013 for Good!

May be you already know these; but did not do anything. Then, do it now. Or you do not know these, then know now and act! Time is today. If you wait for tomorrow, you may only keep waiting!!

Here below are the facts, which can truly revolutionize the way you have been living your life; add glitter and glamour  freedom and fragrance! Factually, these apply in all seasons and all time. Since, we humans look for special occasions to kick start, let us use today, 01-01-2013 as an opportunity to imbibe and implement these!

  1. Your world starts from you and would end with you.
    So, only you are responsible for what you do and its consequences; not your gene, zodiac sign, stars, forefathers or luck! Your heaven and hell exist in your world, nowhere else. So you get what your doings are worthy of.
  2. Your world is exactly the way, you want to see.
    You want to see glass of water half full, you would see it that way (positive way); you insist on seeing it half empty, nobody can stop you (your negative way). You believe your world is beautiful; you would find thousands things that would make you blissful. You think it is ugly; there would be hundreds incidences to unnerve you.
  3. If God is everywhere, then God has to be inside you too.
    When would you realize your infinite godly power? If you don’t even now, you would be eventually nothing but goddamned.
  4. Your fortune is not fixed at any place in universe, by any of prior events that would make things happen to you in a predetermined way.
    It is a myth that it gets fixed by date and time of your birth or any sign or star. Never allow your confidence that “it is you, who is continuously shaping your destiny by what and how you do” gets shaken, regardless of crisis or conflicts, you may face.
  5. You get = what you give.
    This is the greatest equation of nature; you can’t defy it whatever you do. You often tend to misunderstand this and hence miserable. If you make someone happy, happiness would chase you. But, if you hurt, you would also get hurt. It applies to every aspect of your life.
  6. Rules of Nature are exactly same, regardless of your status.
    Nature can only identify “plus (+)” and “minus (-)” and it cannot differentiate or discriminate between strong or weak, rich or poor, famous or failed etc. Formers in each of these pairs do right or positive things and hence, Nature helps and latter ones generally do negative things, so nature hurts. The rules that apply to Bill Gates or Barack Obama, also apply to you.
  7. Unlike micro level (particle or sub-particle), at macro level positive thoughts or karmas attract positive ones and repel negative ones. Vice versa is also true.
    Therefore, hopes would bring you happiness; worry would only bring you woes. Why you often hear “love for all”, because then you would be liked and loved by all. Hate would only increase hatred.
  8. Our very existence is contingent to presence of positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong.
    These would always co-exist in pairs. Importance of pleasure does not come without pain; relevance of day light comes from darkness in night. Crucial is to hold positives and keep negatives away. You can manage this well, when you accept this fact, respect positives and don’t react against negatives.
  9. Your past memories consist of 2 components – information and emotions. It is past emotions, which is cause of your pains or problems.
    Past information is important to build your knowledge and intellect. Past emotions bring you envy, ego, anger, anxiety, lust, greed…
    A morning newspaper has tremendous value till you gather information and your emotions get evoked. You would retain information, since it is valuable; but you would trash newspaper after reading and that is what you need to do with your earlier emotions! Emotions are relevant only in the present!!
  10. Path, by which you go up, is always different than the path by which you come down or fall.
    Therefore, make sure that you are worthy, before you take upward journey. Choose your steps mindfully; otherwise your fall could be very steep.
  11. Your technical or hard skills are no more than computer hardware, which is only run by software of “your consciousness and character, moral and ethical values”.
    Normally, we focus on hardware, making software frail. So, most end up with keep applying patches and make it pathetic! Both needs to be equally strong, but with a bias towards latter and have to go hand in hand.
  12. When you excel, you get exposed to adversity! If you become gullible, adversity would grip you.
    History is privy to innumerable instances. Bill Clinton, at his peak during 2nd US Presidential term, Tiger Woods or Rajat Gupta could not escape this.
    But, you CAN, if you follow these dozen facts with all fervor and force!

So, life in 2013…

  • Presents to you infinite possibilities.
  • Helps you to make a real difference.
  • Tells you are uniquely empowered by nature.

Whether you believe or not, these facts are verified and re-verified and hence would stand tall. You make a Choice – whether you want to believe these and add life in year 2013 and beyond or otherwise, just add another calendar year to your life!

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Most failures come from first looking Forward and then Back; reverse sequence n see magic!

You often wonder why some people get successes after successes and others failures, despite putting same degree of efforts? Why some are very different and efficient than others, irrespective of having same intents and talents? Extensive study and observations show that there is a very fine dividing line; split second’s difference in the directions and decisions being made by those who succeed and those who fail! What is that, which makes such a dramatic difference?

It is “Looking/seeing first Forward and then Backward” as opposed to

“Looking/seeing first Backward and then Forward”

Former brings failure; whereas latter sequence brings success, even though both sets of people may have same core competences! May be it is difficult for you to believe; but it is true. Here below is “why”:

When you are mostly looking forward

Look at what happens, when you focus more on looking forward:

  1. You tend to ignore your current position or state.
  2. You are likely to overlook your limitations or constraints.
  3. You would pay less attention to what others have done or are doing.
  4. You would dilute importance of lessons learnt from your past experience and observations.
  5. You would get new or fresh ideas, which is a positive aspect. However, some would be workable or practical and some may be only good in theory and devoid of realities.
  6. You tend to be very optimistic; but a day dreamer.
  7. You might think out of box, trade on new paths, create something new and different or promote radically different ideas.

On the plus side of scale, people looking mostly forward, would be bold, imaginative, radical thinker, believer of metaphysical phenomenon and theoreticians. Depending upon the core qualities of such people, they may further branch out to be artists, painters, philosophers, path breaking or fiction writers, gurus and preachers in new fields.

On the negative side of the scale, people can be excessively self-believers, arrogant, argumentative, egoists, impractical, rude or too much out-going!

When you are mostly looking backward

  1. You would tend to focus more on past and your current position.
  2. You would be conservative and traditional.
  3. You would thrive on experience; but not on ideas.
  4. You tend to analyze a lot.
  5. You would believe excessively in realism.
  6. You are likely to lag in initiatives and have more of a pessimistic approach.
  7. You would pick more of what is not there, as opposed to what is there.

On the positive side for this kind of approach, people would be more disciplined, learn lot of lessons, respect rules and be God fearing. Based upon their core competencies, such people could turn out to be very good analysts, historians, doctors, mathematicians or priests. Negative side would make people inflexible, introvert, nagging, negative, laid-back and fundamentalists.

When you are looking forward and then backward in sequence

On the face of it, people would believe this is the right way to think or do. Actually it is not! Paradox is that most people tend to follow this sequence under the premise of being progressive! Regretfully, it is retrograding and regressive!!

Here below is what happens:

  1. When you are looking forward, you are having a new idea, new observation, fresh action or taking a new position. But, for a while you ignore or forget, what is behind, what has already happened or are there limitations?
  2. By the time, you are ready to look back; new idea/observation/action/position has already got fixed in your mind or memory.
  3. When you are now looking back, you would realize the realities of present and past. If these fit in your new perspective from point 1 above, it is good. If not, your troubles start:
    1. You may refuse to accept the realities and thereby react and rebel.
    2. You may gloss over or hide these realities or put problems under carpet and pursue what you already decided to do, while looking forward before.
    3. You may buckle down under pressure of these realities, get dejected and despondent.
    4. You may rig-up a solution, which would rile you later.
    5. It may evoke your emotions and evade learning lessons.
  4. In practical life, what has been observed time and again is that there is higher chance of your ideas or actions falling away from realities!
  5. In this category, you tend to have lot of ideas, so also illusions!
  6. You build new hopes on a routine basis; but when these fracture more often, you foster your faith in meta-physical forces and rituals.
  7. You swing between “Faith” for success and “Fate” for failure!!!

Majority of people live their lives in such sequence of thoughts/category. Some swim; but more sink. Hence, it makes them more spiritual, religious, ritualistic and conservative. Their productivity is on lower side. They survive more on hopes than holistic and realistic approach.

Now a turning point in first looking backward and then forward

Most successful people in the world follow this sequence, apparently unconsciously! My extensive search and research show that “human behavioral or medical” science or psychology or other branches of science have not been able to discover why performance of two persons equally qualified, experienced and exposed to equal opportunities would differ and deviate as much as by 180 degree! Finding no clue, people relate it to luck or genes or God’s hands!

So, you now have highly prolific secret behind successes –

“Split second’s difference in the sequence, in which you “think or do”, leads you to a sublime consequence – a key to success!”

Important points to note:

  1. In this sequence, it is crucial that while looking backward, you are just looking at information of “Now” and what has been done by others and just “Become Aware” without recourse to any emotional aspects.
  2. You need to switch from backward to forward, no sooner you accomplish point 1 above. If you hang around, you would run the risk of getting lost.
  3. This backward looking gives you all inputs, to make your ideas or action in forward looking phase practical and progressive.
  4. You not only learn lessons from backward looking; but live with those in forward phase! You can never do that, if this order is reversed!
  5. It could be beyond comprehension of many, how such a small step on a sustained basis has created famous Leaders and Legends!
  6. It is this sequence, which sows seeds for developing superlative properties and personalities in persons.
  7. You have a chance to be radically different and refined, if you have will to practice and wisdom to understand intricacies behind such a simple sequence of thoughts and actions.

In the last post, I have enunciated the rationale of why “western hemisphere compared to eastern hemisphere of globe at macro scale” and “opposite sides – west and east of a railway track in Mumbai at micro scale” are so different in their degree of development until date. I can now elaborate that this has directly to do with the above 2 sequences of thoughts and actions, with “Forward to Backward” in East and “Backward to Forward” in West, which have been prompted not by individual people’s choices; but by time zone differential and zero time line for a new day’s cycle! The effect, which we witness, has come about thru collective actions mainly in line with above sequence by large no. of people in large areas over a long period of time!

So, above fact corroborates what actually works for success is –

“Create consciousness by looking back and then look forward, move and continue with this cycle”!!

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