Why likes of Trump would not only survive but always thrive

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Look at any country, company, community or family – difficult person or people always dominate and decent ones lie low. In a school classroom, naughty students are always noticeable and receive teachers’ most attention; but nice ones find themselves neglected.

In just concluded US Presidential race, it is widely believed that both of main contenders were difficult personalities; but then what made Donald to trump Hillary?

Few days back, a respectable Indian newspaper carried an article penned by a well-known writer about 2 drug lords – Pablo Escobar of Colombia in real life and Walter White in reel life. She narrated how impressed she was by their sheer dynamism and determination, sharp minds and wished that such unmatched talent could be channelized for good cause of our society. She is not alone in her thoughts of compassion and sympathy. Most of us are very fascinated by villain-heroes, who are on relentless pursuit and ruthless run for a cause they believe as fair but by flouting every law. What most or masses always mistake in understanding that massive energy and enigma of such heroes exist only because they are villains!

The seed for power and popularity

The seed for power, position and publicity is in man’s Ego. If level of ego in a person is above certain threshold, it creates uncontrolled desire and drive for name and fame, nurtures blind belief – “I am the one, who alone can be right and can do it.” Mind of such person gets shut from realities and respect for others.

If you have watched Donald Trump, he enjoys extra high level of ego, much beyond the threshold, when compared with his rival/s.

By-products of ego are arrogance and reckless run for one-upmanship and showmanship. On a larger platform in a country or company, ego and its by-products are often misunderstood – ego is perceived as esteem or pride; arrogance is projected as great confidence and reckless pursuit is pronounced as passion. It is more prevalent in developed societies, who like to gloss over qualities in preference to quantities. I have been privy to host of such incidences during my tenure with a US multinational company.

Spreading negativity and then making positive promises

It is very easy to declare things are bad; but it is difficult to say things are good since that would need intelligence and patience to substantiate. People easily get alarmed when they are told that things are going to be bad. It evokes their emotions and creates confusion.

Likes of Trump master the art of painting a dismal picture of present even if it is rosy, exploiting people’s emotions and manipulating those with positive promises. Therefore, the slogan “I would make America great again” has gone down pretty well with public, not knowing by which account USA has indeed gone down!

People sympathize with who they perceive as victim or powerless

We often misunderstand mindset of masses.

If you have noticed, throughout election campaign in USA (and that happens even elsewhere), rivals and media were busy exposing (bad) truths about Trump but never brought his myths in focus. He was smart enough to project himself as victim in the hands of media and party in power. He could translate it into public sympathy. On other hand, Hillary could never be seen as victim of allegations by her rivals, as she was once in powerful position and now backed up party in power.

Virtues of one in power can easily be translated into vices by the one who is powerless.

So, as long as we succumb to our ego and negativity especially fears, likes of Trump would always succeed and we will not be able to wield our true strength!

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  • Ravi Athalye
    Nov 21,2016 at 3:03 pm

    Dont like your definitive title ‘ Why likes of Trump would not only survive but always thrive’.

    Trump one by a slim margin because of the women who did not express their views during polls as they were embarrassed to admit their immigrant fears.

    Knowing this it is a stretch to generalize as you have done in the title.

    The sway of such egotist on people will change by the level of education and awareness of facts of a particular situation.

    I would not like to empower such personalities type by saying their method is the winning way.

    • Nov 22,2016 at 1:35 pm

      I respect your comments and views. May I request you to please review the post once again – it is not justifying or glorifying Trump or likes of Trump at all. It brings out the bitter truth of our world, especially the political world that difficult people dominate and decent ones lie low. Therefore, you would find that there are far more number of wrong people at the right places. Do you believe that real leaders like what you find in Industry would ever venture into politics anywhere in the world?

      We have clear evidence that Americans, though educated and well aware, have elected Trump; whereas they should have not. I am not sure whether masses don’t confuse ego as pride or self-esteem and several other qualities as mentioned in the post!

      Why such a thing happened in USA, as much as such things do happen elsewhere is in conclusion of the post in last –

      “So, as long as we succumb to our ego and negativity especially fears, likes of Trump would always succeed and we will not be able to wield our true strength!”

  • Nov 16,2016 at 2:19 pm

    Dear Murli ji,
    I read with interest your well articulated comments. I think it sums up the reality of his victory which seems to have taken the world by surprise. I feel the world (means the masses of a country) goes by promises of radical changes even when most of the times, those have no basis or strong foundation. I agree with your notion that it is easy to criticize just anything or everything, but requires a positive mind with logical ability to reason out the good things. The public in general is swayed by promise of changes but fail to realize the limitations of the politicians and the political system for them to be get done.

    • Nov 17,2016 at 3:37 pm

      Many thanks for your precious comments, which reflect your intellect and maturity of thoughts.

      Yes; masses normally make mistakes on a repetitive basis. It is a well known fact that one who talks a lot and that too recklessly can never walk his talk; but they tend to believe him.

  • Rudra
    Nov 15,2016 at 12:34 am

    Money does buy everything Sir!! Chances would have been less, if he was not a multi-millionaire!

    Excess of anything or money can let anyone sustain and sustain with ‘alleged’ pride… only to fall facedown!!

    • Nov 15,2016 at 4:44 pm

      Thanks for your comments!

      Not sure whether money can buy everything. Donald Trump had contested US presidential election some years back; but withdrew from the race because his chances were reportedly poor. He was billionaire at that time too. Lot of money plays a role in US election and Hillary had more funds raised from donors than Donald; but that did not work.

  • Vilas Pathak
    Nov 11,2016 at 10:08 pm

    Story of Politicians, Negative speaking people dominate the show. Typical Indian show.

    • Nov 12,2016 at 1:20 pm

      I am thankful for your valuable comments.

  • Kunal
    Nov 11,2016 at 7:55 pm

    Best of analysis on Trump victory.

    • Nov 12,2016 at 1:18 pm

      Thanks a lot for your precious feedback!

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