Do you want to be Part or Standout of Crowd or be a Crowd-puller?

Everyone lives his/her life anyway. But, it is important to ask ourselves – do “we want to make a difference and leave our legacy behind” or “just live and leave uneventfully”!

We have 3 choices in our professional, personal and social life – (a) do like others do, (b) do better than what others do or (c) do it differently than others! Very often, we do not make a choice or we do not know the choices to choose from. This leads us a lackadaisical life.

So, it is very essential to make a choice upfront and give direction and purpose to our career and life!

Being part of crowd

Ignorantly or intentionally, majority falls in this category. No harm to be there; but be conscious of the same.

It is convenient and comfortable for most to look at others and to be alike in thinking and doing. Classical characteristics of this category would be:

  1. Conventional, conservative and contended.
  2. Envy and emulate.
  3. Grumble and fumble.
  4. Live others’ life; not your own.
  5. Lot of aspirations; but little of perspiration to accomplish those.
  6. Talk tall; but walk timid.
  7. Prompt in making promises; but pathetic in making delivery.
  8. Fear of failure; but have fun through community feeling!
  9. Perceive that own ills and illusions are someone else’s making.

However, this category has its own relevance and significance. It is essential to accept and respect it, because that is what masses would tend to do. This group creates the base structure; forms back bone of the organizations and constitutes real work force!

What can make you to Stand out of Crowd

Some aspire to be visible and recognized. Aspirations need to catapult into actions. Here are some offbeat ideas to stand out of the crowd:

  1. Be an eternal enthusiast and optimist.
  2. Never say No to any work or responsibility; but that does not mean to say Yes to everything.
    Listen to what you are being told to do. If it is not feasible or correct, do not reject or refuse; instead take a neutral position and explain “Why”, even if it is your boss asking for it.
  3. Never complain or criticize anyone, be in bedroom or boardroom.
    There can be issues; but treat them as challenges. You can then find a way to tackle.
  4. Accept to do, what others are averse to.
    Always look for areas, which other people tend to avoid. You cannot imagine how it can bring you in lime light and new dimensions.
  5. First 1 to 10 minutes are crucial before you get set to do anything.
    Must use those minutes to fathom and focus on planning and how to endeavor to make it more efficient in terms of time and efforts.
  6. Welcome difficulties, disagreements and defeats!
    If you don’t face these, then start suspecting that something is not right!!
  7. Devote at least 15% of your time to help people solve their problems including bosses and making changes in the things around you!

You don’t need talent, qualifications or experience to stand out; but stand out for a right reason as above. Excellent results would race towards you!

How to be a Crowd-puller

To pull the crowd, you need to pull yourself to a different paradigm:

  1. Unshackle yourself from conventions, comfort and crowd.
  2. Don’t do what masses do.
  3. Observe and learn what triggers imagination of people. Put that learning into your pursuits and practice.
  4. Don’t have fear of failures or frustration from setbacks. Failures and setbacks can be very enlightening!
  5. Be sincere to the core; keep no gap in what you think, speak or do.
  6. Love everyone; but don’t get attached to anyone.
  7. Be prepared to drop your notions and convictions, if these have lost their worth or proved wrong.
  8. Do what would address and alleviate problems and pains of people or make them more efficient, ebullient and energetic.
    Alternatively, work in areas, which are dark/deficient or where people face paradoxes and puzzles.
  9. Take pride in sharing and communication your ideas and imagination on point 8 above with people.
    Initially, people may not listen; keep patience, eventually they would.

So, your option determines outcome –

  • Opting for being in crowd – you would go 2 steps forward and may be 1 or 3 steps backward. Cycle of success and failure would keep you tied there!
  • Selecting to stand out – you would start to get successes up to a point, beyond which either you move forward with extra push to get in 3rd option or you would get pulled back!
  • Daring to be different – it is like throwing a stone with enough force to free it from earth’s gravity; then it would keep moving forward effortlessly.

World treats you differently, when you do it differently!!!

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  • Rudra
    Jun 11,2013 at 6:48 pm

    Of-course I would like to be a crowd puller… 🙂 but not an attention seeker for sure… there’s a very thin line between these two!! 😀

    Well, can I add one more choice to your 3 list of choices, that is – do it your own way!!

    Your 9 points regarding “How to be a crowd puller” are worth trying!!

    Good read!! 🙂

    • Jun 11,2013 at 8:32 pm

      Thanks a lot for your valuable comments! Real crowd puller would attract attention; not seek it!!

      Please convert your desire to drive to be a crowd puller. You have potential!

  • Priya
    Jun 11,2013 at 1:30 pm

    Marvelous !!!!!! We need some extra ordinary guts to stand out of the crowd. Dreams are millions but why are we so restricted sir? Family, friends….. the things we love come across. Also sometimes money matters?? how can we give up such hurdles?? Yes fear of failure will lead you no were. Until we try we may not know if we were capable of doing it 🙂

    • Jun 11,2013 at 8:20 pm

      Your comments and questions are adorable!

      Problem with most is that they like to dream; but don’t dare to drive in real life!! That’s why we feel restricted. Often, we are unable to differentiate between love and obsession. It is the latter, which creates hurdles.

      • Priya
        Jun 11,2013 at 8:56 pm

        Yes you are absolutely right 🙂 love and obsession very different things. Live your dream 🙂 🙂 that’s what the message 😀

        • Jun 13,2013 at 12:45 pm

          Very true! You have a great understanding now; please keep it up!!

  • Murli Lohia
    Jun 7,2013 at 3:24 pm

    From: Mehul Agarwal []

    Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 11:29 PM

    To: Murli Lohia

    Subject: Re: Do you want to be Part or Standout of Crowd or be a Crowd-puller?

    Sir, this is very nicely written.

    • Jun 7,2013 at 3:26 pm

      Many thanks for your feedback!

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